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Upcoming Event - Flash Mob

Be a part of the WAVE Flash Mob Event on Friday the 28th at 08:00 (EST)/13:00 (GMT)  o'clock! We will all meet at the Union Square Cool

Flash MobFlash Mob

















What is a flash mob?

A large group of people who gather in a usually predetermined location, perform some brief action, and then quickly disperse.




We need YOU!

Do you absolutely love Smeet? Would you like to be a part of the Smeet team and help organize cool 3D events? Then now’s your chance!

Everyone’s familiar with our Guide and OP roles but there are sooo many other ways you can get more involved! We’re looking for the following roles:

-          Gossip Queens

-          Astrologists

-          Movie Master (new!)

-          Sports reporters

-          Match makers

-          Comedians (new!)

-          Radio DJs

-          DJs

If you’re interested, send an email to events [at] smeet [dot] com! Make sure that you’re creative in your application!

Looking for new Star Sign Pictures!

Hey Guys,

we need more star sign pictures of YOUR avatars for our "Daily Horoscope"!!!

So, if you have an idea, dress your avatar according to your favorite star sign and respond to this blog entry.


A few examples:

AquariusAquariusTaurusTaurusJoin the competition now!

The winner will become Fridays Teaser Image! :-)



Daily Horoscope: TAURUS

Daily Horoscope: TAURUS

Mars stimulates your ruler, Venus, today and this brings activity, movement, and passion to your life, Taurus. You are in a period in which you take things more deeply, particularly affairs of the heart.Depth and intensity are craved in your interactions, even if you typically prefer more peaceful or simpler feelings, and even if you don't realize it. This can give you a provocative energy, particularly today.


Daily Horoscope: AQUARIUS

Daily Horoscope: AQUARIUS

An old friend you haven't seen for a while could suddenly reappear, and you might view this person in a different light as a potential business partner, source of inspiration, or even a romantic possibility. If this is your inclination, Aquarius, don't write it off without giving it some careful consideration. Partnerships formed today are likely to lead to success.

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