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The king has finally arrived!

The last lion cub, Phineas, is finally online! He’s not just any normal house pet though- he gives just as much as you do! By helping Phineas grow to become the king of all animals, he’ll not only give you Fame Points but also special presents. Along the way, you’ll collect future animal kingdom royals. Once the last house pet is fully grown, you’ll venture to Phineas’ African kingdom! Curious? Start taking care of Phineas now to see all he has in store!



Hey Smeeters,

We’ll be holding a Smeet Fall/Winter fashion show on the 25th August and need some models! We’re looking for 6 boys and 6 girls to be our models in the upcoming fashion show. What do you get?! Free clothes for your avatar!

There will be a model casting on the 18th August in the Catwalk room. Users who present the best reasons as to why they should be in the fashion show will be chosen!

Good luck!
Your Smeet Team

NEW ROOM: Bakery

Hola smeeterinos!
We have a new room, and a new game, for you! In the Games Zone, you’ll find our game- the bakery challenge! The bakery challenge is kind of like ‘Crack the Vault’ challenge, however, this time, the items are spread out all around the Smeet world! Keep a sharp eye out to find the items and see just how fast you can complete the cake!

Happy hunting,

Your Smeet Team



Featured Room: Techno Bunker

Oh, how I love rooms with video screens. Knowing you have the chance to showcase your favourite songs, movies, tv shows or basically anything you can think of to the sMeet public makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

sMeet’s Techno Bunker is one of those fuzzy rooms. It resembles a nightclub you’d usually find underground, where the party doesn’t stop until the crack of dawn, and everyone has no choice but to enjoy themselves to the full extent. Sounds like heaven, really.

This may seem a little odd, but even though I was in the room on my own at the time, i was enjoying my music more than i would if i were listening to an ordinary CD. The techno bunker just provides that lively, upbeat atmosphere that is becoming rare in today’s society.

The screen is located in the centre of the back wall. Surrounding it are a huge DJ Desk, a dancefloor, some huge speakers and some strobe lights. If you’re still not convinced that this is the ideal party atmosphere, check it out for yourself!




I do, do I? Get married in 3D

I do, do I? Get married in 3D

Our Priest Captain Slapead conducted a beautiful ceremony in the last two weeks leading Missbabyspice, Mikelovesgirls, Sammy, Nobel_Rockstar, The ShinningStar, EmoMonsterx, Ccool dude and Philip the Crazy in holy sMatromony! Are you next? You can shop for the wedding attires for the bride and groom, invite your friends to attend the ceremony and host an after party in your 3D garden or our romantic beach.

Our Smeet priest is often on Smeet helping users out with any of their problems and is also offering a fun Smeet ceremony in the  Church

The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. Henry Youngman

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