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Movie Tip for the Weekend!

Some of you might remember it and some of you might soon have a new favorite movie, because this is a pearl for those who like fantasy and love movies!!!

Check out: "Ladyhawke" a fantastic fantasy film from 1985

Ladyhawke The MovieLadyhawke The Movie 















Short Plot Summary:

In medieval Europe a thief called "The Mouse" escapes the dungeons of Aquila, setting in motion a chain of events that may save or destroy a beautiful woman and a brave captain. The two lovers are doomed to lifelong separation by a demonic curse invoked by the corrupt and jealous Bishop of Aquila: by day Isabeau is transformed into a hawk, while at night Navarre becomes a black wolf. Imperius, the monk who drunkenly betrayed their love to the Bishop, has found a way to break the curse, but only if he and the Mouse can get them back into Aquila to face the Bishop.

Daily Horoscope: CANCER

Rebelliousness, recklessness, impatience, a sudden burst of anger or your need to break free from rules and restrictions may create a lot of disruption in your life right now. Also, you can't seem to settle down or focus on one task for any length of time. Though you are unusually energetic, it is hard for you to get anything done. You tend to fly off the handle and to scatter your forces. You are happiest now when you do something creative and daring, and that doesn't require cooperating or conforming to others' wishes and needs.

Cancer by missy.sousaCancer by missy.sousa


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´Memba Them?!

For eight seasons, Candace Cameron played D.J. Tanner - the oldest daughter on "Full House".

Candace CameronCandace CameronCandace Cameron todayCandace Cameron today






















Today, Cameron is 34 years old, a devout Evangelical Christian and mother of three children! Holy Moly!


Daily Horoscope: GEMINI

You’ve got high ideals, and you need to make sure that you’re sticking to them. Today is a good time for you to step up and tell the world what you will and won’t take from it — loud and proud!

Gemini by missy.sousaGemini by missy.sousa

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