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Paula’s Pet Store Opening Party!

Paula’s Pet Store Opening Party!

Come celebrate the grand opening of Paula’s Pet Store! Take a look around, play with the adorable cat and feisty little puppy, and mix and mingle with lots of other Smeeters! Just be warned: these little pets are so cute and cuddly, you might not be able to say “no” to taking one home! ;)

Where: Paula's Pet Store

When: March 1, 2011, 17.00 (Europe), 11am (EST)


Chickles' Gossip: Katy Perry's Rock'n Concert!

Our new Gossip Queen Chickles is ready to get us the dirt on all our favorite celebs and Smeeters ;)

Here's her first blog:

Katy Perry can really carry a tune!

At a recent concert she sang Rhianna's "Only Girl in the World", JayZ's "Big Pimpin'", and Willow Smith's "Whip my Hair." Even though she couldn't hang out with her BFF Rhianna on her 23rd birthday, she still gave her a major shoutout.

Way to go Katy!

Happy Birthday, Rhianna!

Click on this link to watch the video: eature=player_embedded&v=Fp6UB Hcb-HU

Top Event!

Hi Guys, don't miss our next upcoming Top Event on Sunday! Mr Sunrise is our latest entertainer and will host a radio show this Sunday at 1pm (GMT+1) in the Smollywood World - Flamboyant Bella Room.

____________________________________________DON'T MISS MR SUNRISE!!!__________________________________

Mr SunriseMr Sunrise

Jaguar's Pets

I want to invite everybody to visit me and my Pets - Rambo and Maya. I would love to introduce you to each other! They are also looking forward to be cuddled. You will love them!

Jaguars PetsJaguars Pets

Finally!! The Pets are Here!!

Finally!! The Pets are Here!!
At long last, you can have one or two (or even more!) pets without your parents complaining! You can cuddle them, create great outfits for them, give them delicious treats, and teach them lots of tricks! If you train them well enough, you can raise their levels - these adorable critters can learn up to 10 different tricks! After they reach Level 6, they will even follow you throughout the 3D world... that means you can take a stroll through Union Square with your furry companion or watch him or her perform tricks on the beach! You'll be amazed!
So what are you waiting for? Get one of these cuddly pets today! They are available for purchase through the 3D shop in your user room!
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