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Daily Horoscope: AQUARIUS

This is a very good time to go to the theatre, an art exhibit, or social gathering. You want to see beautiful things and exchange pleasantries with others.Put aside a couple of hours to experiment with Jackson Pollack style art by throwing paint wildly about. ( Don't forget the plastic sheet so you don't give the walls a face lift though. ) In fact, matters of the heart are on your mind too and you may want to play match-maker now.

Aquarius by MVeePAquarius by MVeeP

'Memba Them?!

'Memba Them?!



















Latifah graduated from Frank H. Morrell High in 1987, wearing Joe Pesci's "My Cousin Vinny" wig.


















Before the Oscar nom, hits albums, endorsement deals and armies of hair and makeup stylists, Queen Latifah aka Dana Owens, was just another Jersey girl with a dream.

Room Renaming

Hi Guys,

we are looking for new room names and need your help!

Our Café Corner needs a change of name. Please vote for your favorite!!!

1) Corner Café

2) Daily Buzz

3) San Fran Grind

Change of nameChange of name

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Love Poem of the Day!

The Man I Used to Be

written by Mark R. Dakin
for Shaylene Mae Crane

Love PoemLove Poem









When I was young and full of hope
life was fun like it should be.
I saw the good in everyone
and they saw the same in me.
That's the man I used to be.

But somewhere along the years it seems,
somehow my life has changed.
Bad luck, worse loves have built a wall
between that man and me,
and that's not how I wanted it to be.

So I hike in the mountains, hang out in the bars;
do most anything that I please...
still there's an ache deep in my heart
that just won't seem to ease...
there's an emptiness in me.

Now the beauty's all gone and the sun don't shine
like it did when I was young
and I'm afraid to open up my heart
to get hurt by anyone...
even those I'd grown to love.

But since the day I first met you                                        
I've come to realize
that beauty my heart cannot deny
is right before my eyes.
Can I believe my eyes?

Now like Gabriel at Jericho
you're blowing down my wall
and with everything you make me feel,
I don't mind at all
and I'm standing 10 feet tall.

Every time I look at you,
more than beauty is what I see.
And every time you're close to me
I'm the man I used to be...
that's what you do to me.

Other girls come around and try to catch my eye
and all I do is be polite,
'cause they don't make me feel the way
that you did from first sight.
I'll always remember that night.

And when you look at me that way
my breath is hard to catch.
That's ok, I don't want to blow you out...
you're my perfect match.
There's just one little catch.

I know I may be too old for you...
that's something that I can't change,
but if I could I surely would
have already rearranged...
that one thing that I can't change.

You might not believe that I love you
but in my heart I know I do,
'cause there isn't anything that I could have
I wouldn't give up for you...
I'd give anything for you.

Now this world is such an amazing place...
there's so much to do and see,
but the sweetest thing in the world must be
when you look with love at me...
to see love in your eyes for me.

That's my song, I wrote it for you
and I hope you understand
that I'm thanking you for making me
the man I used to be...
it's because of you, you see
I"m the man I used to be.

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