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Life's a Party!

In early March, MrSandman69 hosted a fabulous costume party! There was even a costume contest. 1st place was a tie, going to both Cougargirl and Coupedeville. 2nd place went to MikexxBrady, and JoeyAngel won Most Original!

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to MrSandman69 for a fun party Cool

Remember: if you host a great event, take pictures and send them to us! We love to feature your events here!

New Registrars on Smeet!!

Spring is here, love is in the air, and Smeet is happy to announce 3 new registrars!


Our registrars will be:


Cassie Daniella


Screenshots below.


If you want to get married, contact one of these registrars! Each one will be holding two wedding dates a month, which will be announced on the blog. Keep an eye out for these announcements! You and your sweetheart will each have to post a Declaration of Love in your profile bubbles - the registrars will choose couples to marry based on how original and dedicated these Declarations are!


We look forward to these new registrars spreading the love on Smeet!


3D Room Contest: South Sea Island

Since summer is just around the corner we’re holding a new 3D Room contest for the coolest South Sea Island! Get into the tropical spirit and decorate your South Sea Island in the funnest, most imaginative way you can. We’ll pick three winners and they will get some cool prizes.


1st Prize: Exclusive Luxury Yacht Room worth 210 coins, a Smeekie and a beach outfit of your choice!


2nd Prize: A Smeekie and a beach outfit of your choice!


3rd Prize: A Smeekie!


To enter, just send a screenshot of your room to events [at] smeet [dot] com

The deadline for entries is Tuesday March 29th.  Good luck, and happy decorating!

South Sea IslandSouth Sea Island

Last Call for Nickname Changes!

Dear Smeet User,

Unfortunately, we are no longer taking name change requests in Smeet. We decided that it is better for all Smeet users if everybody has one nickname that identifies them. It makes it easier to get to know people and it also makes Smeet a safer place to hang out.We hope you can understand this decision.

If you want to change your nickname for the last time send an e-mail to support [at] smeet [dot] com before next Wednesday! Changes won't be possible afterwards!!!

Happy Smeeting!

Kind Regards,
Your Smeet team

Meowww...purebred Siamese Cat!

High-Born New Arrival

Sophie is a purebred neat Siamese Cat from very noble descent.

Of course she is well aware of that and she is also a bit stuck-up while demonstrating her sophistication. Yet she is very cuddly , needs a lot of attention, and she simply loves trendy clothes.


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