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Gossip Thursday

Hi Guys,

guess what!!! Yeah, it's Gossip Thursday again and today it is all about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

You might have heard that they were seen together in the Caribbean, where they rented a mansion that cost 3.000$ a night!

What do you think: Are they actually dating or is it just a fake relationship?

What's your favorite song?

Do you absolutely love music? Can't get enough of new songs on the radio? Which of the following do you prefer:

"Hold It Against Me" by Britney Spears or  "Firework" by Katy Perry?

Music QueenMusic Queen

Daily Horoscope: GEMINI

This can be an exciting time of meeting new and different people. You are attracted to those who break the mold and can stimulate you with new values, tastes and ideas.This is a good time to enjoy new activities, leaving behind the old routine. You can learn that you have the right to be different and to be yourself, yet still be loved and appreciated.


Daily Horoscope: ARIES

The positive side of this pattern is the possibility of connecting with people who help you learn to act with greater sensitivity and compassion.You may discover a degree of artistry in yourself that you have not seen before. But it is equally possible to meet people whose needs drain your energies, waste your time, and leave you feeling tired and used. Give to others with care and compassion, but monitor the energy that you are expending.


Upcoming Event - Mask Ball

Be a part of SMEET's Mask Ball! The event will be on Thursday the 27th at 08:00 (EST)/13:00 (GMT)  o'clock! We will all meet at the "Gothic & Space" room.

So, dress up and show up!

The Lady in GreenThe Lady in Green

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