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Get a 3D Reptile House!

Check out our cool new range of reptile themed furniture and clothes for you and your 3D home in the store now!

Do you love our cold-blooded reptile friends and fancy giving your 3D home and yourself a more exotic feel? Well, we have just the thing for you: a cool new range of reptile print furniture and clothing! We took inspiration from natural reptile patterns to design this exclusive furniture/clothing range with a jungle twist.

Don’t worry, though. It’s all made from synthetic materials so no reptiles got hurt! In fact they approved!

Reptile HouseReptile House

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South Sea Island Contest WINNERS!!

WOW!! You guys gave the Smeet admins a lot of work to do with all your great entries!!! Thanks for making our Wednesday morning full of island-y fun, now we can't wait to really hit the beach!

So your winners are.......... drumroll please.......


Honorable Mentions go to Swimmer4Life101 and bobbysnotty!!! Bobbysnotty made us laugh by telling us his room has a theme: the "stranded" feel. It got a mention for originality. Golden Rule: you make admins laugh, you might get a prize ;)

Swimmer4Life101 South Sea IslandSwimmer4Life101 South Sea Island

Bobbysnotty South Sea IslandBobbysnotty South Sea Island























Third Prize goes to _cake_!

_cake_ South Sea Island_cake_ South Sea Island




















Second Prize goes to Sandgirl69.!

Sandgirl69. South Sea IslandSandgirl69. South Sea Island


















and finally....... First Prize goes to MrSandMan69!!!!!!!!!!!

MrSandMan69 South Sea IslandMrSandMan69 South Sea Island

















Thank you to everyone for your great entries! We can't wait until the next contest Cool

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Love is the Air - March Weddings Begin!

Love is the Air - March Weddings Begin!

Our March weddings kicked off with a lovely ceremony between CeeDub and _cake_! These two have known each other for 6 years!! Smile If you see either of them around, make sure to give them both a big Congratulations!!!


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