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Looking for new Star Sign Pictures!

Hey Guys,

we need more star sign pictures of YOUR avatars for our "Daily Horoscope"!!!

So, if you have an idea, dress your avatar according to your favorite star sign and respond to this blog entry.


A few examples:

AquariusAquariusTaurusTaurusJoin the competition now!

The winner will become Fridays Teaser Image! :-)



Daily Horoscope: TAURUS

Daily Horoscope: TAURUS

Mars stimulates your ruler, Venus, today and this brings activity, movement, and passion to your life, Taurus. You are in a period in which you take things more deeply, particularly affairs of the heart.Depth and intensity are craved in your interactions, even if you typically prefer more peaceful or simpler feelings, and even if you don't realize it. This can give you a provocative energy, particularly today.


Daily Horoscope: AQUARIUS

Daily Horoscope: AQUARIUS

An old friend you haven't seen for a while could suddenly reappear, and you might view this person in a different light as a potential business partner, source of inspiration, or even a romantic possibility. If this is your inclination, Aquarius, don't write it off without giving it some careful consideration. Partnerships formed today are likely to lead to success.



We're looking for a whole series of new and exciting hosts, who'd love to perform a show on a regular basis in the Smeet World!

 Have you been dreaming of becoming famous and being a big star? Then this is your chance to enter the spotlight!

You might already have an idea for a great show- PERFECT! We'd love to see your performance this upcoming Monday!!!

If you want to become a host - THIS WEEK we are looking for a Gossip Queen, who keeps the Smeeters updated on the latest celebrity news, as well as the Smeet World News.

If you have a webcam and if you just love to chat about celebs, fashion, make-up, music and the latest news, then this is your big chance. Just send a short e-mail to events [at] smeet [dot] com explaining why you are right for the job!

"Puppy Love"

Pris Smilton and TinkaPris Smilton and Tinka


Hey smeeters,

Almost every celeb has a cute litte puppy, that they absolutely adore and, sometimes, even use as an accessory, e.g. Pris Smilton.

Tell us a story about you and your pet:

What kind of pets do you have? Tell us the most endearing, hilarious or scary story involving you and your pet. There's no criteria as to what it has to be about, it only needs to be creative!

Kitty Cat fighting an evil Watermelon ManKitty Cat fighting an evil Watermelon Man

 Do you have crazy or cute pet clips?!?? GREAT!
 Then simply attach the link to your story and we'll upload the fifteen cutest clips tomorrow.

 We're looking forward to reading your stories and watching your clips!!!

  TEASER: Y'all can look forward to our fantastic new pet collection which will be released at the end of February. Oh yeah! :-)

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