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Sunny the lioness!

SunnySunnyThis is Sunny, our beautiful lioness! She is Sam's companion and a very caring lioness who loves to see everybody happy and joyful! She will be  very happy when you visit her in Paula's Pet Shop!

Check her out now and become one of her first friends in Smeet!


Don't miss out on Smeet's latest Limited Super Offer! It is simply amazing! Top up for only $5.00 and get 300 COINS + 30 DAYS VIP status!

This awesome offer only lasts a very short time and is only available by clicking on the banners in the 3D world! So, get it NOW!!!


Anti Nuclear Power Demonstration!

We’re Clear, No Nuclear!

Due to the recent catastrophe in Japan Smeet will be holding it’s first 3D protest against nuclear power!

This will take place on Monday, 6p.m. (GMT+1) in Union Square. For this occasion we are selling very special protest banners for your 3D home for 100 coins, all the proceeds from sales will go to UNICEF aid efforts for Japanese children. To help get your message across on the day you can also get protest t-shirts and placards FREE in the Smeet Store. So, come one, come all, and let’s make our message clear, that Smeet is anti-Nuclear!


P.s. Smeets datacenter works with green electricity!


Can YOU name the animal?! Weekend Contest

What in the world...? Do you have any idea what this animal could be?? Be the first to correctly guess and you will WIN a fuzzy yellow prize from the gift shop!!

Radio Show

Here's a message from your fellow Smeeter, Bobbysnotty!


Believe it or not smeet has got it's own radio show. Yes. as hosted bybobby snotty the show is held every tuesday at 6:15 UK time!

There is always an announcement about it in the events calendar because the location of it changesevery week.

In the show we have fun music as chosen by YOU, a special guest chosen for YOU, sometimes a challenge to help YOU and finally a competition for YOU!!!!!


Sounds awesome! Cool We can't wait to join!! Make sure to ask bobbysnotty about it if you want more info!

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