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Your virtual Pet: a first glace!


The other day JaguarShoes was walking through the big Smeet World all by herself. On her journey she found a mysterious garden. Suddenly, she heard a whimper. It was very faint at first but the the noise kept getting louder. Then, next to a Hollywood swing she saw two little Pets resting in the smooth grass! JaguarShoes was immediately delighted by these two cute little animals and approached them cautiously. But there was no need to be afraid, the Pets were really friendly.The little cat was so excited that it wanted to be petted and cuddled all day long!

JaguarShoes discovers the Pets!JaguarShoes discovers the Pets!
















 Within the next few days, we’ll reveal one of the biggest Smeet secrets!!! As soon as the Pets are big enough, they’ll com to you too!

Wanna Party?!

Don't miss Crazy Party with DJ me16!!!

DJ me16 is doing his radio show today starting at 17 o'clock (GMT)/11 o'clock (EST) in the Catwalk Room!

Don't miss fabulous techno and 2011's dance hall hits!!!

Check it out!

DJ me16DJ me16

Party Room me16Party Room me16

Room Renaming

Hi Guys,

we are looking for new room names and need your help!

Our Quiz Mania needs a change of name. Please vote for your favorite!!!

1) Trivia 101

2) Brain Game

Quiz ManiaQuiz Mania

What's your favorite outfit?

Hi guys,

our Smeet Fashion Designers need YOUR help! Spring is coming and we need your inspiration for a unique Smeet Spring Collection 2011!

Please send us a picture of your favorite outfit or a screenshot of your favorite Smeet Outfit, which you might like to have in a different color. You can also send in drawings of your ideas for individual outfits!

Be creative Smile and upload the pictures on our facebook fanpage:!/sMeet.english


We will redesign several outfits for Smeet and the winners will get those very unique outfits for free!

We are looking forward to your ideas!

Fashion ContestFashion Contest

Monday's Super Single!

Our Super Single on Monday is pete1918!

Pete is 18 years old and lives in Bromley, Greater London UK.

He goes to college doing the air cadets training and is planning to be in the Royal Air Force. Pete is a tall and strong athlete, who enjoys running.

His eyes are green and his hair is brown. Pete is looking for a loving and careing girlfriend, who is his own age but not younger than 16 years.

He loves to go to parties with his friends but also enjoys watching 'Wild at Heart' as well as reading 'Harry Potter' books.


If you live anywhere near Kent, Pete would love to get to know you!

You can contact him via his smeet profile pete1918. Just send him a private message!


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