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Room Renaming

We are looking for new room names and need your help! Our "Pop Disco" needs a new name. Please vote for your favorite!!!

1) Pop Rocks

2) Pop Mondial

3) Funky Kitchen Club

Do YOU want to get married?

Hi Everyone! AlyssaMaria here. Greetings from the Smeet Offices in Berlin!

I will be overseeing 2 special wedding dates at the end of March!

Wednesday, March 30 - I will be available from 9am - 3pm (15h) Central European Time

Thursday, March 31 - I will be available from 6pm (18h) - 8 pm (20h) Central European Time


I will be selecting two couples for each day. If are interested, post a comment HERE or on FACEBOOK with your username and the username of the person you wish to marry. You should then post a "Declaration of Love" in your profile bubble - I will read them and the ones that are sweetest, most loving, and most dedicated will win the wedding spots! Remember, your future bride or groom should post a Declaration of Love as well!


I will be accepting applications until March 24.

Can't wait to help Smeeters in love say "I do"!!!!!!!! Laughing

Searching for Priests/Registrars!!!!

Hello Smeeters!!

It seems that love is in the air in our 3D world, with many users looking to get married! We were lucky to have MrSandman69 as our Smeet registrar for a little while, and would like to thank him for his service. However, he has stepped down so we need someone new to help Smeeters tie the knot!!!


To be a Smeet Registrar/Priest/Priestess:

- You must be able to perform wedding ceremonies 2-4 times a month.

- You will receive many requests, so you should not be annoyed by large amounts of mail.

- You must be fair when choosing which couples you will marry. Couples will write a "Declaration of Love" in their profile bubble and you will have to read them and choose the Smeeters who are most dedicated to one another.

- You should be experienced in using Smeet, know the rules, and have interacted a lot with the community.

- We are searching for at least one registrar in the US and one in the UK!!


To Apply:

Send an email to support [at] smeet [dot] com telling us how you fulfill all the requirements. We look forward to naming our new registrar/priest/priestess!

Mardi Gras Room Decorating Contest WINNERS!

Drumroll please... it's time to announce the winners of the 2011 Mardi Gras Room Decorating Contest!!!


First prize and a prize package from our home store worth 500 coins goes to Belle Michelle! Money mouth

Her colorful room really makes us want to party all night long!



Second prize and a prize package from our clothing shop worth 300 coins goes to TWEETUMS! Laughing

Third prize and two cute Smeekiez will be given to *(-:ViкiLоsаng:-)*!! Cool


Congratulations to our winners, and thank you for all the entries!!!

Be sure to check these great rooms out for yourself, and give these savvy interior decoraters-in-the-making a pat on the back! 

Your Smeet Team

New Game - Seal Saver

Seal SaverSeal Saver

Our newest online game is called Seal Saver. Help the seals get back home to their icebergs. You'll need to get them across the shallow river while avoiding the sharks, then hop on the moving icebergs in order to cross the sea. Save all 4 seals to reach the next level.

Try it out now!

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