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Garden Party Room Contest

Hi guys, we are having a new room contest. This months topic is *Garden Party*. Design a nice Party Garden, invite all of your friends, send in screenshots of your garden party and win a cool prize! 

The 1st prize will be 250 Coins

the 2nd 150 Coins &

the 3rd 50 Coins

From now on we have super stylish rattan garden furniture in hip organic forms in the shop! Whether for a nice barbecue or a rich garden party, there is something for every occasion!

Send your screenshots to events [at] smeet [dot] com until May 8th! We are looking forward to your party pics! Smile


Garden PartyGarden Party

Smeet 3D Dream Wedding Auction

Hello Smeeters! As everyone knows, the Royal Wedding is just around the corner and we are just so excited! Because of that, we decided that every world will host its own Smeet 3D Dream Wedding Auction


You bid Coins for the chance to have a super-special wedding, held sometime in the next few days. Your wedding will be the ONLY one held on that day, and you can tell us all the details that will make your wedding perfect: the room, the music, the vows, and anything else that will make your special day even more special. We may just throw in our own little wedding surprises!


The auction will be held TOMORROW (28 April) at 18.30 (Central European Time) in the Catwalk. If you won't be awake or can't make it, you can send an email to support [at] smeet [dot] com with your bid. Remember: your bid will only be considered if it arrives before the auction begins!


It's time to make YOUR dreams come true! Smile

How was your weekend?! (and very cute bunnies)

How was your Easter weekend?? Did you do anything fun? Just relax? Eat lots of chocolate? Spend lots of time in the 3D World?

We want to know! Smile

Bunny Hop!

It’s time! The flowers are blossoming, the sun is shining and the Easter Bunny hops around busily. The Smeet Team wishes for you: Easter baskets filled to the brim, good luck with the egg hunt and of course, Happy Easter!

Hidden Beach Quest!

Hey, there is a new hidden beach quest online! Try the beach, talk to the monkey and see what happens!


Beach QuestBeach Quest

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