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Advice for Anyone Looking for Love!

by Smeet Matchmaker King Crawler

Love is only a click away. That is if you know me. My name is King Crawler
or King for short and I am a Match Maker for Smeet. You may have
heard how hard love is in the real world. I am here, though to tell you all
about love in the virtual world. Some things may be hard to understand at
first but by the end of this you will be up and ready to be the next couple
in Smeet to get married. I have a few tips for you to get you on your feet.

Tip #1 - Always wear your nicest clothing when talking to the
Laddies/Gentlemen. Remember you only get one first impression.
Tip #2 - Friends are forever if you send gifts.
Tip #3 - Never assume in any situation.

So I now have given you 3 Different tips. Now I wouldn't be a good matchmaker if I
didn't explain what these tips mean.

So Tip # 1 is based on what you already
know hopefully. When starting out in Smeet you get 1 set of clothing. Lucky
for you though you can buy more clothing in the Smeet store with your coins.
The object of buying Clothing is not to look "Cool" but to look good. So try
to find something that matches. You Can find all your styles by opening your
Avatar page and clicking on styles. This is all taught to you in your
tutorial when you log in for the first time.

Now lets move on to Tip # 2.
This tip is based on being Friends or more then friends. I know for the guys
reading this that means you want to find a girl to give you the time of day
you should send them a gift to say how special they are to you. Girls I hope
you enjoy that perk.

Last but not least is Tip # 3. Its exactly what it
says. Even if you think you like/love someone just ask the person instead of
assuming. So that's it for now. I hope you found these tips helpful look out
for my next blog next week. Good luck finding love in the virtual world!

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Weekly Sports Report

By Sports Reporter Dj_Sparkz

Manchester United Vs Chelsea UEFA Champions League 3-1 Aggregate

Chelsea's night was a complete disaster when Manchester United took a sneaky goal
in the 45th minute scored putting Manchester United firmly in the lead.

The night just got even worse for Chelsea as Ramires was handed yet another 2nd yellow card by the Portuguese referee. A few minutes after the incident Didier Drogba won Chelsea's first goal of the night as he tore the ball past Edwin Van Der Sar this provided Chelsea with some confidence.

A few minutes after Drogba's goal Ji-Sung Park took the second goal for Manchester United which put them threw to the next round. Over two legs the final score was 3-1 to Manchester United. The man of the match was given to England Star Wayne Rooney forhis amazing performance.

Tune in next week for my Weekly Sports Blog. Hope you enjoyed it.

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