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Smeet Loves Summer!!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday Smeeters! It's AlyssaMaria again, thanking all of you for another fabulous party last night! The theme was Splish-Splash Summer Kickoff and in my opinion it couldn't have been hotter! There was lots of dancing to beachy tunes and showing off new summer outfits! 

















We also had a costume contest! The winners this week were:

3rd Place: Taylorhac

2nd Place: Zine_Rafik

1st Place:  TheShining Star



Last but certainly not least, I asked Smeeters to tell me in 2-3 sentences why Summer is the best season! Responses were all so amazing, I had to publish them here. For those of you who couldn't make it to the party, tell us in comments! Why do YOU love summer??


"Summer is best: a break from school, the late daylight, three whole months of Friday night, late hours on Smeet, wtih family and friends,a nd when AlyssaMaria has a contest, I don't care if I win, cause Summer is a present we all win each year, it renews our hearts and spirits too! I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!" Rubieteen

"Summer is the best because it's time to hang out with friends and have a great time. It's always fun to play with buddies in the heat. Plus, you can relax and get a tan!" devilswish

"Summer is great because you get to wear your favorite swimsuit, swim whenever you like, and lay out in the sun and tan!" Aliceknight201

"Summer is a shining time, like the summer vine, fun like the sun, SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER ROCKS!" Seagirl10

"The golden, warm sun is out and gives you a lovely golden tan. Warm weather makes you chill and relax with ice cream. Summer: relaxing, chilling with mates!" georgiabbyx

"Summer is a time I always looked forward too since the time I got the chance to see the Maldives.. its beaches enchant me with their pure white sands taht sparkle under the warm rays of the friendly sun. Set out on deep sea fishing expeditions into the ocean and gaze starry-eyed at the panoramic views that great my eyes. It's wonderful!" Taylorhac

"I'm from New England - the weather here is awful - so I learn to appreciate summer what it is: after the winter passes, summer is wonderful cause the weather is so great... it brings people together and you get to be outside forever!" Roxehart

"Hot, tan bodies making memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime..fireworks, picnics and summer romance, looking at the stars and kissing under the moonlight... it doesn't get any better than that!" Sweetest Sin*Angel

"Beer, bratwurst, blue skies, beaches, bikinis, boogey boards, best friends, and being in love with Sweetest Sin! How could summer "B" any more perfect??" Joey Angel

"Everyone loves summer! Here are some special reasons why: lazy mornings, summer movies, bright colors, traveling, learning new things, making those new years resolutions actually happen, and best of all: talking and hanging out with new and old friends! :)" EmilyK18

"Summer is the best because of beach bonfires, s'm,ores, and camping! It's the best time of the year to shop for the outfits you worked hard to get back into. and the best reason is that guys playing beach vollyball (like in the movie Top Gun) can't see you staring at them through your stylin' new shades!" touchofclass_101

"Summer gives us the best memories!" U.F.O.

Colorful Sea Stars!

Colorful Sea Stars!

The colorful sea stars in the aquarium are longing for a nice home! Take care of them and they will start to multiply! When the tank is full of sea stars, you will receive 400 Fame Points! And you can also get a matching user room for your aquarium!

Dino-Mania on Smeet!

Dino-Mania on Smeet!

Luxury Dino RoomLuxury Dino RoomBig footprints in Smeet! 3D dinos have been walking through Smeet for some time now and they not only want to be cuddled but are also looking for a nice home. But there is even more to come! Smeet now got a luxury dinosaur room! And if that were not enough, 5 luxury dinos gathered in there. You can not only save 25% compared to the single price but also rake in a huge pile of Fame Points!

Seize it and take home a dino strong offer!


Splish-Splash Summer Kick-off Costume Party!!!

The temperatures are getting hotter and the clothes are getting smaller - you know that summer is officially here! And what better way to kick off Summer 2011 than with a party???? Cool


This Tuesday, 17 May at 1pm EST/19h CET at the Catwalk, we will have our next admin-sponsored theme party - The Splish-Splash Summer Kick-off Costume Party! (Try saying that 5 times fast! Wink )


We'll have lots of beach tunes to dance to, and will also have another costume contest! Whichever user has the coolest, most creative summer outfit will WIN a very hot prize! So come dance, mix and mingle with fellow Smeeters, and show some skin at THE party of the summer!

Write this one down on your calendar because you simply cannot miss it! Can't wait to see you there!!!!!!  Laughing


Hi Smeeters! Want to get more involved in Smeet? Do you have a talent for organizing creative events, writing about sports, or helping people fall in love? We need YOU!


We are always searching for enthusiastic users to fill jobs and have some in particular that need filling! If you are interested in any job, send an email to support [at] smeet [dot] com with your username and the position you are interested in! We will contact you with further information.

Priest/Registrar: Help Smeeters tie the knot! If you are available twice a month, are willing to take time to make the weddings special, and are willing to receive (and respond to!) lots of messages from users, APPLY!

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As usual, we are happy to receive your apps for DJ, Guide, Teen OP, and OP as well. Please remember that we generally require users to be a Guide for one month before applying to an OP or Teen OP position.


We are looking forward to your applications!

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