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Something's Up at the Ice Fishing Cabin!

Climate Change has taken hold in Smeet!Bad news for our planet...great news for the fishermen!Bad news for our planet...great news for the fishermen!

That's right, people. Don't go thinking climate change only exists in the real's taking place in Smeet too!

Or it's the pesky Chinese, up to their old tricks, hoaxing the rest of us.

Probably not, though. Because that would be mental.

Anyway, after a week of hearing strange cracking noises in Smeet, we have finally discovered what it was! Maybe you've seen it already...there's a new ice hole at the Ice Fishing Cabin!

Now that it´s a bit warmer outside and spring is casting it´s net a little wider, a new fish is passing under our cabin! The Golden-Scaled Glider loves the slightly warmer water in the area and has moved there to find nutritious food and a new partner!

There's also this weird dude who has turned up. His name is Montgomery Pensworth IV, and he's addicted to all things gold. Naturally then, his favourite fish is the Golden-Scaled Glider, and he will do anything to get his grubby mitts on as many of them as possible.

So if you want to catch a load of them in order to sell them to Montogomery, you have to be quick! They will only stay around the cabin for about 2 weeks (until the 24th March, to be precise). After that, they´ll move on to pastures new.

So get a move on! Grab some warmer clothes, pick up your fishing rod, get some Golden Bait and get going! Please do be careful though, and remember the safety tips we gave you last time! Now that it´s a bit warmer, the ice can break even more easily! So mind your step and happy fishing!!

Rescue the Good Spaceship HMS Nightingale!

This vessel is in a little bit of a pickle...'Fix the radio whilst you're at it, will ya mate?''Fix the radio whilst you're at it, will ya mate?'

You wake up, feeling completely disorientated...

Where are you? What happened?

You press your eyes together because a flashing red light is hurting your eyes. Taking a deep breath, you try to remember what happened. can´t! Obviously something went very wrong, though, because everything is a complete mess. Everything around you looks destroyed!

You pick yourself up, wipe one hand through your face and hair, look around and sigh. Holy smokes! You are on a space ship and meteor shower must have hit the ship! After the initial shock, you try to focus on what´s important. You go from room to room and try to find out what´s broken and what damage you can find:

1. Several different pipes are leaking.

2. Something disgusting is spread all over the engine room.

3. The crew needs food to get the energy to get back on track.

4. The satellites need to be fixed.

With the fibre printer you can create some isolation for the leaks. That should shut off the red light. In the lab you can mix something that stops the “thing” in the engine room. But you will also need a bunsen burner. You do remember seeing one of those somewhere! You also need to fix the Nutrition Replicator. The crew needs food to be able to help you with the navigation. However, the most important things are the satellites. You can get the coordinates to navigate you home from them, which would be pretty useful to be honest!

You close your eyes, take a deep breath and go to work…!

Technical Issues on Smeet

The issues yesterday on Smeet have been fixed!Apologies for any inconvenience caused!Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

Dear Smeeters, the temporary failure at Amazon last night also unfortunately hit us!

The problem has been fixed but, as a result, further technical errors may occur in items or in rooms. Please report them to Support!

Thanks for your understanding! Further information on the issue can be found here:


Your Smeet Support Team!

Sayuri's Relationship Column!

ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER?Heed the wise words of the one and only Sayuri!Heed the wise words of the one and only Sayuri!

According to Dr. Sheri Meyer, a marriage and family therapist and author of:  Chatting or Cheating:  How to Detect Infidelity, Rebuild Love and Affair – Proof Your Relationship.  “Until a cheater has taken FULL ownership of their behavior, without blaming others, the behavior isn’t likely to stop.   If they blame their partner or lack insight into their actions, chances are, they’ll do it again.”   A cheater who feels little remorse for their actions isn’t likely to change, either.  Also, an unfaithful spouse who blames their partner for driving them to cheat isn’t likely to change.  Before a cheater can change, they have to work through the issues that drove them to stray.

Some interesting statistics, I would like to share with all of you:  According to the General Social Survey at the University of Chicago:   21 percent of married men and around 15 percent of married women have cheated on their spouses.

According to licensed therapist, Carin Goldstein:  couples who stay together after a partner has cheated, try to work their relationship issues.   However,  there is according to Goldstein, a simple way to know  if the person will cheat again.  (whether it is in their current relationship or any future ones):

“If the betrayer can take responsibility for what happened, usually after a  lot of individual and couples therapy, they tend to stay faithful.  They also need to acknowledge what caused the breakdown within their relationship and understand what factors pushed them to cheat.”

However, if the betrayer refuses to do this:  chances are they will cheat again.   Most importantly,  if a cheating partner/spouse looks inward and figures out why they chose to stray, the relationship can usually be saved.  Also, if recovery is going to happen, the betrayed spouse has to be willing to  FORGIVE  according to Liz Higgins, a Texas based therapist.  Also, it is extremely difficult for a couple to rebuild TRUST and for the individual  on  the receiving end of the betrayal to trust again.  Both partners must approach the problem with an open mind in order for them to both heal and move past infidelity.

Being in a committed relationship requires commitment, honesty, loyalty, trust, love---- without any of these, there is no sense in wanting to be in a committed relationship/or marriage.  Once TRUST is broken,  it is most difficult to get it back for the betrayed partner.

According to Psychology Today:  “Infidelity always has  a purpose to it, although most often that purpose is not known or understood.  All behavior is purposeful and people do not do anything without a reason for doing it.”

Psychology Today also says:   “Ultimately,    the consequences of an affair have more to do with how each partner responds to it than the affair itself.  As many couples have discovered, even in the midst of the most painful circumstances, when there is a shared responsibility, what may have previously seemed impossible can become a reality.” 

I,  personally, believe it depends on each individual person’s desire and intentions to salvage their relationship--- without   BOTH  partners having this desire and intention, the relationship would be doomed for failure.

It requires an extreme amount of effort and work on each partner’s part to want to save the relationship.  If a partner is not as enthusiastic or does not put in the required amount of effort and work to repair, heal and restore their relationship, it is muteless and doomed for failure.

Therefore, with all of this being said, I believe,  as human  beings,  we are all exposed to temptation(s)  in our daily lives,  but always  know  and remember that  there are consequences to every decision and choice we make .  Always remember this very important fact:  Once TRUST is broken, it has to be earned and is NOT automatically given to the betrayer.  Forgiveness is always the key in any kind of betrayal.  We forgive not for the other person who has intentionally hurt us, but we forgive them for ourselves.  Forgiveness, allows us to heal and move forward with peace in our hearts, spirit, soul and mind.  No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes.   However, the betrayer should always feel remorseful and want to change his/her ways and never go down that path ever again.   IF their relationship, in their eyes, has value and both feel the relationship is worth salvaging and there is still love between the two of them, and an intense desire on the betrayer’s part to truly want to change his/her ways--- then yes, truly try --with much hard work and effort to save your relationship/marriage.   Never give up at working hard at your relationship/marriage, if there is even just a glimmer of Hope to salvage it!!    Why?    Because, It is always so easy to just give up and walk away.     

So until the next time, keep smiling, keep dancing and keep meeting new people on Smeet.  Be kind to one another and always love each other.   <3

If you see me around on Smeet, please do not hesitate to say hi and if you have any kind of relationship question(s), please message me in private and I will be sure to answer it in my column.  Happy Smeeting to each and every one of you.   God bless!!

SAYURI, EN Smeet Journalist, ID# 13520497

EN Server Volunteer Callout!

Do you think you could play a role in helping to improve our Smeet Community?Which position would suit you best? Think about it carefully!Which position would suit you best? Think about it carefully!


It's Gossip Queens, Journalists, Sports Reporters, Officiants, Matchmakers, Entertainers and Guides we are after this time around!

Hey everyone! EN Smeet is looking for volunteers to fill in the available positions as listed below.


Before applying for the roles we are calling for, please make sure that you qualify before you send in your application:

• An EN server user with a good behavioural record on Smeet.

• Level 80 or above.

• Knowledge and experience in the Smeet 3D World.

• Ability to follow the Smeet "Code of Conduct" and set a good example for other users.


Please read ALL of the requirements for the position you would like to fill before applying. This is the most important thing we can emphasize, because you cannot resubmit your application once you've submitted it, so it's best to get it right the first time. PLEASE ONLY APPLY FOR 1 ROLE - DOUBLE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

If you apply for a writing position that posts to the Smeet blog you MUST submit one sample of writing on a topic relevant to the position in order to be considered.

If you apply for a position that involves holding events in Smeet, you MUST be able to meet that position's requirements; in the case of DJs and Entertainers, you MUST speak on microphone.

If you apply for a Guide position you MUST answer the 3 test questions that are listed below.


For ALL POSITIONS, your basic application should include the following:

  • Detail exactly which role you are applying for.
  • A short brief detailing why you think you would be good at the role!
  • Your Smeet name and ID number.
  • Your Facebook name.

Failure to include all of these will work against you in the decision process, so make sure you get it all in!




Officiants must have a willingness to throw wedding events for Smeeters aged 18 or over, host wedding events in their 3D Rooms (designed for weddings) and also submit ID's of the couples who wish to have the wedding badge and/or name change to the host. We also have friendship ceremonies. Officiants are required to be readily available to perform Smeet weddings, as well as to be available occasionally in either Daily Buzz or Party Plaza to answer questions, promote and schedule weddings. OFFICIANTS MUST BE AGED 18 OR OVER.



The role of Matchmakers in Smeet is to assist in bringing singles together. MATCHMAKERS MUST BE AGED 18 OR OVER.


1. Introduce singles to other singles in Smeet and keep a list of the Smeeters they have matched each month. These matches need to be turned in to the host.

2. Contribute articles to the blog, regarding matches they have made or events on Smeet. This is NOT mandatory.

3. Hold events (for example, ‘Singles Night’) and coordinate with an Entertainer or DJ if they wish. Again, this is NOT mandatory.



Requires throwing weekly events that all Smeeters can attend! Entertaining users, throwing super fun contests, and allowing Smeeters to have a good time is an absolute must! Essential requirements are ongoing participation (1 event every 2 weeks at least), a microphone and web-cam that work properly, good command of the English language, availability to collaborate with other entertainers and admins, as well as outstanding creativity and new ideas for events!



Requires tapping into your creative writing side! Journalists should write about any topics that are not already covered by Gossip Queens, and their articles will be published on the blog!

IMPORTANT: You MUST provide a short writing sample, demonstrating your ability to put together an article, in order to be considered for this position.

-Note: Please refer to past blog articles for an idea how to write a sample to submit for your application.


Sports Reporter

Another creative writing position, but sports-focused! Sports Reporters write every other week about recent or upcoming sporting events, sports figures and special accomplishments or records set in sport.

IMPORTANT: You MUST provide a short writing sample, demonstrating your ability to put together an article, in order to be considered for this position.

-Note: Please refer to past blog articles for an idea how to write a sample to submit for your application.


Gossip Queen

Gossip Queens regularly broadcast the latest gossip and events on Smeet. The articles could include interviewing people who were at an event or wedding, covering Smeet or real world gossip, admin interviews or Group Challenge reports.

IMPORTANT: You MUST provide a short writing sample, demonstrating your ability to put together an article, in order to be considered for this position.

-Note: Please refer to past blog articles for an idea how to write a sample to submit for your application.


Smeet is also looking for more users to become Guides in the EN Server! If you think you have the temperament, experience and know-how to become a Guide, you can apply now!

Guides need to be mature and responsible when on Smeet at all times. Please also only apply for Guide if you are capable of this, and you MUST be a regular user of Smeet, as Guides are required to log in frequently to help moderate.

Please submit your application detailing your Smeet name, ID and a brief explanation of why you would be a good Guide, and explain what you would do in the following scenarios:

1) A Smeeter comes to you and says, “please come here and kick this person, he/she is trolling the action box! You go to the Room and see that a Smeeter is trolling the action box with swear words. What do you do next?

2) A Smeeter whispers you saying, “Please kick this person, she is harassing me in whisper!” How do you respond to the situation?

3) A Smeeter is having technical issues with Smeet. What should you advise them to do?




All applications should be sent to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com. Please ONLY SEND ONE application - repeated applications will not be considered. The deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, 8th March 2017 - anything sent after this date will not be considered!

We look forward to receiving your applications! Good luck!

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