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Showcase friendship with the BFF Badge!

Are you and your best mate inseparable? Then this is the Badge for you!You got a friend in me!You got a friend in me!

Friendship is one of the most important things in life. Everybody has a special person they can talk to whenever they are really in need. You may also like the same things and laugh at the same jokes, but most importantly they are loyal and always there for you!

Now you can showcase your friendship in Smeet with the Best Friends Forever Badge! Just send your ID and the ID of your friend to Smeet Support and you can buy the badges for 200 Coins each!

Usability Improvements

Some changes to the navigation of rooms on Smeet!

Der Smeet Bio-BauernhofDer Smeet Bio-Bauernhof

Following the changes to the Groups Feature we have worked on a usability improvement. To make navigating public rooms and finding the most popular meeting spots in the Smeet world easier, we are replacing the six public room categories we have now (Downtown, Club District, etc…) with just two: Local and International. All the public rooms will be displayed under these categories sorted according to their population.

When you click on the globe icon in the upper left corner you are now able to choose between the local and the international categories, 3D homes of other Smeeters, your own rooms and your navigation history. The “Local” tab contains all the different meeting points of your specific domain. If you click on it, on the upper row you will find Party Plaza, the Daily Buzz, Players Avenue, Fifth Avenue and Central Park. Once you go to one of these “meeting points”, you can navigate through arrows to your desired public room that is connected to the meeting point. For example, if you want to go to the Flirt Café, it is possible to go to the Daily Buzz and go to the Flirt Café from there by clicking on the arrow.

At the bottom under “Popular” you can find the rooms were other users are located, sorted by population (highest to lowest), so it will be far easier for you to find other Smeeters. We want to emphasize that, even though you can´t always see each single room in the navigation tool (only rooms which have at least one user in them are visible in the navigation window), you can still reach them through one of the Meeting Spots as before.

It´s also easier to find the international rooms now. If you want to visit one of them, just click on the “International” tab and choose one of the international rooms.

The 'burbs category, and all the rooms under it, have been completely removed due to low popularity. With this change, we are aiming to bring all Smeeters closer together. Finding each other will now be much easier in the Smeet World as less popular rooms take a step back, while popular rooms are easier to reach.

We are excited to hear your feedback. If you have any thoughts you want to share, visit the Page on Facebook and leave a comment!

Your Smeet Team

Restore the color to Blub Village!

Some rascal has drained this beautiful place of its bright facade!I enjoy a White Party as much as the next man, but this is ridiculous...I enjoy a White Party as much as the next man, but this is ridiculous...

Colors play a very important part in our lives, even if we often don´t take the time to appreciate them. They help us separate things from each other, keep us safe (on traffic lights, for example), and can influence our mood or be used to describe a certain feeling. Pretty useful stuff.

A short way out of Smeet City sits a beautiful small village populated by friendly creatures known as the Blubs. Right now, however, our colorful friends are having a bit of trouble - someone has sabotaged the Source Crystal that gives Blub Village its vibrant, bright colours, stripping it down to a white wasteland! It's all a little plain and boring. NOT COOL.

The Blubs have never been known for their ability to remain calm in a crisis, and have become rather sad and afraid that they will never get their beautiful colors back. So it's down to muggins (that's you) to lift them out their funk!

If you can motivate the Blubs with Fuchsia Berries, they will give you some basic colors. Using these you will be able to create all the different missing colors and use them to paint the different parts of the village. Job. Done.

Or not! There is still one question left! Who sabotaged the Source Crystal? The pesky villain left colored footprints around the Smeet world. Follow them, track down the culprit and you will be well rewarded!

Good luck, Smeeters!

Vlog your way to stardom at the Fame Studios!

It's your time to shine!Get creative, wild and whacky online! Just keep it clean, yeah.Get creative, wild and whacky online! Just keep it clean, yeah.

There are loads of different ways to become famous nowadays. You can be a good actress/actor or singer, a superstar athlete, or just some reality TV nobody. Same thing innit.

You can also become famous these days by blogging or vlogging! You can find blogs about almost every topic: shoes, clothes, beauty, travel and food. Some of the stars you know today started their careers on YouTube or Instagram - Justin Bieber, anyone?

The new Fame Studios give you the possibility of becoming an internet star with three different video channels. Browse through the internet and search for some inspiration. If you have the right mixture of drama, inspiration and memes, you can start to create your videos and put it into the different channels. For every uploaded piece of content you will get views, thumbs up and thumbs down. A Community Manager can help you change the thumbs down into thumbs up. You can turn these and the views into tons of Dimes and Fame Points!

International DJ battle!

Smeeters! The Italian server has organized a DJ battle event, where the DJs of each server will face each other.Come join in the fun!Come join in the fun!

The main objective is to have a great time, watch the DJs of Smeet live, and have a great party meeting and dancing with Smeeters from all countries!

The event will be on Saturday, August 26th, at 21:00 in the DJ Throwdown of the Italian server, where there will be 5 hours of party music without interruption.

The DJs who will participate in this event are:  

  • мя ρσиу™ (Poland)
  • Kévin ™ (England and United States)
  • DJ.$¡я £єєÞτøŋ l·lα¡s Tєє (Italy)
  • LAMA Xeenowska (Poland)
  • Dj(+BooyailClown+) (Italy)
  • daniel.mou (Latino-Spain)

The representative of our server will be our DJ Kevin, so put on the colors of the USA or UK flag to support him. And let's have a great party!

Writers (CўJ)

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