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Smeet Weddings!

Smeet weddings are back and better than ever!

There's no waiting for auctions or special rooms, we now have Smeet Officiants, AdamAnsell, Diana Loreli Noble, or Spoda, who will help organize the event of your dreams. Just get in contact with them to start planning today!

If you'd like to publicly proclaim your union, you can also receive the Smeet Wedding Badge. Just send an e-mail to support [at] smeet [dot] com with "Wedding Badge" in the subject line and the usernames of you and your partner! Badges will be given to both Smeeters, and will be processed at 125 coins each.

The timing couldn't be better since we've just released the Las Vegas Wedding Collection. Have the bold and beautiful Smeet Vegas weddding of your dreams! Hurry up and visit the Shop, though, as items are already selling out!

For more information on Smeet weddings, please see the FAQ page here.

AlyssaMaria is leaving Smeet!

Hi Smeeters, AlyssaMaria here Smile


After almost a year with Smeet, I am moving on to different adventures... I have been awarded a grant for thesis research, which is very exciting for me!


I've really enjoyed being an Admin with Smeet! I will organize and announce a little farewell party, as I will be leaving at the end of next week.


I wish everyone all the best! Cool

New Features on the Way!

Hey Smeeters! We have some new features in Beta testing

...and we'll announce them when they're ready! There may be some hiccups here or there, and for that we apologize in advance

Stein Hats

You'll be the talk of the weekend parties, wearing one of these hats!  Only limited quantities are available!  Buy one before these cool hats sell out!

It's National Checker Day!

Yes, it really is! So how does one celebrate on Smeet?


Decorate a room with a checker theme:







Wear a checker themed tie:





Grab a soccer ball (football):







Share any other ideas you have!

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