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An Interview with Jeff Shibe and Smeeters Group

Hi, it's WillKane. Today we have Jeff Shibe, and we're going to get to know more about him and his group on Facebook called Smeeters:


(Q) So where are you from, how old are you, and how long have you been on Smeet?

(A) I was born and raised in UAE Dubai. I am 17 right now, and I have used Smeet since 2011 with a year's break during 2013.


(Q) I see on your Smeet profile and on Facebook you're into boxing and lifting weights. How much do you bench press? And what's a typical workout for you like?

(A) Oh I do love keeping in shape and boxing is my favorite kind of sport. Right now I bench almost 200 pounds give or take a few for one rep max, and my typical workout is bulking and shredding, although currently I'm in a beginner's state.


(Q) What do you like to do in your spare time besides Smeet?

(A) In spare times I mostly study, play video games or spend my time in the gym, mostly training to be a good boxer!


(Q) Here's my stupid question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

(A) Well, when I grow up, I want to either be an architect or psychologist because I have lots of interest in both of them!


(Q) I like the fact that you are all about friendship, but why is it you are not into online dating? What do you look for in a woman?

(A) I do like dating and I've tried online dating too! But I just don't seem to be very interested in it. I'd rather prefer dating in real. Well, a girl I tend to like is someone who is funny, friendly, intelligent and of course beautiful xD.


(Q) Who are your best friends on Smeet? And do you also see some of them in real life?

(A) I have a few best friends on Smeet, including Victor Majlund, Kris, Alex, Snooki, Kayla, Houssam Didou, Zaheer who is my older brother too, and the list goes on! Lol, but I don't know of anyone in real life besides my own brother.


(Q) If you can narrow it down to the best, most fun time you had on Smeet, what was it and who was all there?

(A) The best time I have ever had on Smeet was in a group party I had with a few friends. We all were using Smeet and Skyping together, and it went for a few hours. Unfortunately, most of them have left Smeet because of their studies.


(Q) You also have your own Facebook group called "Smeeters"? What caused you to start the group?

(A) Well as you can see, my Facebook group (Smeeters) is going quite well with about 116 members. I wanted to start this group for just a few friends I had on Facebook for about 4 or 5 of us but it grew really quick because friends of friends from Smeet kept on adding each other, so it went pretty well for me!


(Q) What is your Smeeters group all about anyway, for those of us who don't know?

(A) My Smeeters group is basically just connecting all the people on Smeet to Facebook so they can share screenshots, information or post events that occurred or will occur on Smeet.


(Q) What are some of the things you think are most important when a Smeeter on Facebook wants to be in a Smeet-related group?

(A) Well I have to be honest about that: it's not compulsory to join my group. It's more just to keep us connected about a few insights of what's to come on Smeet.


(Q) What are some things you want to see happen in Smeeters?

(A) The thing I want to happen in my group is that sometimes it lacks activity and I wish people were more social towards the group which includes more posting and sharing information.


So if any of you on Smeet want to be a part of a good Facebook group for all things related to the game, and/or want to get to know someone as a friend, feel free to contact Jeff! Until next time, have fun and Happy Smeeting!


10 little known holidays in November you can celebrate on Smeet

When people hear "November" they think of Thanksgiving and the leaves changing color before they fall, but did you know that November is World Vegan Month? Here are 10 little known holidays for November.

First on the list is on the 1st of November, National Cook for Your Pets Day! On this day, all animal lovers are encouraged to look at the nutrition facts on their pet food, and set aside some time to cook a loving healthy meal for that furry member of their family. So feed your Smeet pets the good stuff on this day!

Second on the list is on the 2nd of the month, National Deviled Egg Day. A culinary tradition that started with the Ancient Romans, Deviled Eggs are delicious, and on this day we make our favorite recipes and celebrate the brilliance of the ancient chefs that created this deviled treat. Celebrate by clicking your friends egg Smeekies!


Third we have National Looking for Circles Day, also celebrated on the 2nd. On this fun little holiday, we go out and spot as many circles as we can. Crop circles, tree rings, soda bottle caps, even the sun all count in this Eye Spy type holiday. Celebrate with your friends on Smeet by spotting all the circles you can find.


Fourth on our list is the 3rd of November, National House Wife Day. House wife day is a celebration of the important work housewives do every day. Appreciate your wife or mother by honoring them for all their hard work, thank them and take over their duties for the day. So for your housewives, kick back and relax by spending this day Smeeting with friends.


Fifth on the list and 6th of November is a dream come true for some women that cook, its National Men Make Dinner Day! If you’re a woman that does most of the cooking, this holiday is just the thing you need to get a night day off. Unlike most previously mentioned holidays, this one has some rules. Rule number one is it must be unaided, especially by the woman he is cooking for. Rule two is the meal needs at least five ingredients. Rule three is the man does all the dishes after.  Rule four is he sets and clears the table by himself. Celebrate by having the men in your house make dinner while you relax on Smeet, or buy wearing an apron and chef’s hat.


Sixth is another foodie favorite, celebrated on the 7th, it’s National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day. This yummy day celebrates dark chocolate and almonds. If you love dark chocolate, this is the perfect excuse to eat more. Buy and send chocolate gifts, there are dozens of chocolate treats in the shop!


Seventh on the list is just as delicious as the previous holiday, it’s National Indian Pudding Day! With Thanksgiving around the bend, it only seems fitting we have a holiday for the Native American Indians and their delicious pudding. Celebrate this holiday on the 13th by eating pudding and dressing up Native American style on Smeet.


Eighth on the list and also on the 13th, we have World Kindness Day. On this day, be kind to everyone on Smeet. Make a friend laugh, help a new Smeeter find his or her way, or use your helps to complete peoples objects. It doesn’t take much, but whatever you do, do it with a smile on this day.

Ninth on the list takes place on the 16th, its National Have a Party with Your Bear Day. This holiday is one of the stranger holidays on the list, it’s celebrated by having tea parties with your teddy bears. Break out the confetti and balloons, show us your Smeet teddy bears!

Last but certainly not least; Tenth we have National Cake Day on the 26th.  On this day people around the world pay their respects to one of the most favorite dessert items of all time. Celebrate this day by sending your friends cake interactions, and buying cakes in the shop!


So remember this November isn’t just about Thanksgiving, have fun celebrating these holidays on Smeet!





News from the Smeet's World!

Last news from the Smeet's World!:

  • The Lights have won the Halloween competition. Congratulations! You have won the option to earn the million Fame Points of the tree plus a small extra gift! It has been a very close competition, but in the last moment, the Lights made a big effort!
  • Tomorrow is the last day of our Tombola! Remember: this time, apart from the three usual winners, we have 20 extra prizes where you can win 10 000 FP!!


What are you waiting for? Log in and let the party begin!

Last news!Last news!

Week 11 NFL Pick the winner contest!

Hurry Hurry, the season is quickly winding down. You don’t want to miss all the weekly prizes as well as the 2000 coins grand prize. Enter weekly! The deadline to enter for Week 11 is Thursday, Winners will be posted on Tuesday mornings along with the week in review. This should give everyone a little more time to make their picks for the upcoming NFL games.

Click below to enter week 8 Smeet NFL pick-the-winner contest. Deadline for entry is Thursday, November 13th, at 2 pm central standard time. Enter now before it’s too late!

Any Questions or Comments please contact *Mia* ID # 20571398

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