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The Tower of Time is here! TIC TIC TIC TIC

Latest news! The Tower of Time is here! A Room full of mysteries where you must fix all watches before 30th October. What do you need for it? Gears , handles and Roman numerals. All the items you can get directly in the room, but you will need the help of Steampunk Smeekiez on the last weekend which will help you to fix the clocks quickly.

There are three floors , which must be completed before the end of the month , till then the clocks remain lost in infinite time . Get your room now in the store for the symbolic price of 12 Coins ! The users that fix all the clocks will be rewarded with more than 300,000 Fame Points and 30,000 Dimes! We recommend you to buy today because during the entire week its price will double every day. Hurry! TIC TIC TIC TIC

Some extra Boosts to start the Week!!

Dear Smeeters!

During the weekends we had some difficulties following the previous day's changes, especially with Boosts, but now everything should work fine!
Sorry for the inconvenience, but the technical changes usually have some side effects, we need a couple of days to fix it completely.

As an apology we send every Smeet user 1,000 Boosts. Check your messages in the game to receive the Boosts!

And now we would like to invite you to celebrate the new week in Smeet, with the new theme: Steampunk!!


Become an international brewer!

Dear Smeeters,

Do you like to produce beer but you are not happy about the fact that you can supply only to few people? We have the solution!
Go take a look in the Shop, you will find a Map of the world. It will allow you to export your beer internationally! Not only this, the best brewers will receive thousands of Fame Points, Dimes and an exclusive Badge!

Have you noticed something new in the Shop? Some items, such as the Map of the world, can be purchased only once!  You will know which objects can be purchased just once since they would have "Limited 1" marked on them.

DJ-hosted October Event Lineup!

Dust the cobwebs off Smeeters! These DJs are throwing it down especially for your enjoyment and musical pleasure for the colorful month of October! Need your fix of social engagement? Check out the following events on separate days! Still no plans for Halloween? Now you do! Below you can find a list of events hosted by none other than your talented Smeet EN DJs:

Thursday October 10, 2013 (see Smeet events for details)

Original artwork provided by тοиу×сяοѕѕ † ®ø¥αℓ яεđεмþŧıøŋOriginal artwork provided by тοиу×сяοѕѕ † ®ø¥αℓ яεđεмþŧıøŋ

From the DJ who brought you Bounce21, Takeover and Techno Base Takeover comes a new weekly event which will be known as, "Live From The Underground" This weekly event will take place in the Underground, a hidden Room located in Smeet which will be hosted by DJ TxXx who will be spinning some of the latest & hottest underground hip-hop mucic to date. The First installment of the, "Live From The Underground" series will kick off, Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 7:00PM EDT / 6:00PM CDT.

- тοиу×сяοѕѕ † ®ø¥αℓ яεđεмþŧıøŋ


Sunday October 13, 2013 (see Smeet events for details)

Image provided by JamallennonImage provided by Jamallennon

Club-opening in SmollyWood! Grand Opening is October 13, 2013

- Jamallennon


Wednesday October 16, 3013 (see Smeet events for details)

Original artwork provided by .·ч·._Ж• Pяιηgℓєѕ •Ж_.·ч·.Original artwork provided by .·ч·._Ж• Pяιηgℓєѕ •Ж_.·ч·.

Once again, your DJ .·ч·._Ж• Pяιηgℓєѕ •Ж_.·ч·. is ready to get on live and take the platines to play some good music for you! A freestyle party will be thrown on October 16, 2013 in the Techno Bass Room! All Smeeters are invited to join in - let's have some friendly moments full of joy, humour, and fun.

Let's Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

- DJ .·ч·._Ж• Pяιηgℓєѕ •Ж_.·ч·.


Tuesday October 22, 2013 (see Smeet events for details) 

Original artwork provided by Annoula81Original artwork provided by Annoula81

Hello, I would like to invite all Smeeters for the International Caps Lock Day on October 22, 2013. Let's make Smeet loud at this day and scream, shout, and listen to music played by Dj Annoula - Room to be determined (check Smeet events for Room). *event only applies to decided location in Smeet*

- Annoula81



Thursday October 31, 2013 (check Smeet eveents for Room)

Original artwork provided by $ωєєтєѕт $ιη HU$L@ZOriginal artwork provided by $ωєєтєѕт $ιη HU$L@Z

Location: The Raven

Its almost that time of year for spooky show casing once again... Halloween is upon us once more. Come in your best costume and have some fun with me live dj'in... IN a costume :P

- ρöρëyë●ƒℓαмє_Ǿţζüm

Smeet becomes a genie!!


Its time to reveal the names of those lucky Smeeters who have been granted their wish. The others do not be dissapointed, you never know when Smeet becomes a genie again. Congratulations to the winners:

ID 6812235          Tonya Moon Frogner           Smeet Elite Badge
ID 21851207        Brandy Arnold                    10,000 Dimes
ID 23915637        Roxanne Danielle Foross     Smeet Elite Badge
ID 21688120        Ipsita Pallai                       VIP for 1 Month
ID 6370386          Chrissy Michaels                 Alfie pet
ID 20640031        Kushtrim Uka                     Smeet Elite Badge
ID 9918650          Jessica Hayward                 Gold VIP- 15 days, 500 Fame Points, One Smeekie


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