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Become a Zombie!

Let’s conquer Smeet immediately! The number is our power! Grghggrrhrhrghahhhhhh! You can be invincible too! Go to the Hospital and talk to Mister X. He will help you become one of us and together we can fight Humans from the Occult Zombie Camp! We can plot our invasion together and spread until we take over every poor soul out there.


Don’t hesitate a second more as we reward the loyal ones! The first one to finish the Occult Zombie Camp will receive 2000 Coins, and second prize is 1000 Coins.


Help us take over Smeet! The time is NOW!

Help The Human Race!

The Zombies are coming! We must stop them before it is too late! Help Smeeters by going to the Hospital and finding Mister X. He will tell you exactly what to do and gift you your own Anti-Zombie Shelter when you choose to join the Resistance. There you will be able to work safely on the serum to fight the infection. Remember you can only make the choice once!


Be quick about it! Zombies are approaching and growing in numbers. Nobody is safe!


The first two bravest Smeeters who finish the Anti Zombie Shelter will get a prize! For being the first in the battle against Zombies and finishing the Room you will receive 2000 Coins, the second brave soul will be rewarded with the prize of 1000 Coins!

Help us save the Human Race!

The Ork Camp is Growing!

Orks are growing in power and now you can join them too! Three Camps are being build in Smeet. Build your own and get 53.000 Fame Points! You will need 503.000 Boosts, and a hoard is optional. After completing the room and being completely ready for the battle you will also get the Warriors Badge and respect among your Friends.

For the bravest of all we have a Contest: Be one of the first five Warriors to finish the Small Orc Camp in the next three days and gain extra 5000 Fame Points! Send us the screen shot and your ID number at: eventsen [at] smeet [dot] com. Don't wait! The Small Orc Camp gets 250 Coins more expensive every day!

May the courage be with you!

Lay Down Feature makes it easier to Relax!

The Time has Come! No longer it is acceptable to sleep in Smeet standing up or sitting down. With the New Beds you can lay down and relax properly. It's simple: Just get one of the stylish sleeping furniture and change into something more comfortable. Redressing your Avatar is mandatory, but you can put on anything you like. We suggest PJ's of course. Than click on the bed and voilà you are laying down!

You don't have to lay there alone. Feel free to invite a Friend to keep you warm. After all it is a social game.

To celebrate this special feature we have a contest for you: Decorate your Bedroom with the New bed and send us a picture of your Avatar laying with someone. You can send your submission to eventsen [at] smeet [dot] com till Monday July 15th, 2013. As always include your nickname and your ID number. The most glamorous Bedroom wins of course and the prize is worth the effort. Smeet is giving away an item from the shop up to 500 Coins value and a feature in the blog.

Don't wait and try the New Bed Now!

Win Prizes on The Smeetlionaire!

Welcome dear Smeeters to 'The Smeetlionaire'! Time to test your noggin on Smeet related topics!

Here's the scoop! : Once a week for the month of July we will be hosting a quiz inviting all Smeeters whom know the correct answer to let us know in the comment section of the according Facebook post! Cool prizes are guaranteed to be given out during the durtation of this exclusive month of July event!

Think you know a lot about Smeet? Want to see what the grand prize is? Then click here to see this week's question and comment the right answer to win!!

After this week's question, the grand prize will increase in value everytime!

Are YOU ready for a challenge? We think so!

P.S! If you are the determined winner of all 'Smeetlionaire' quizes - the prizes are phenomenal!

- The 'Smeetlionaire Badge'

- 500 Coins shopping spree in the Shop Kiss

Check out our Facebook Fan Page of over 800,000 incredible Smeeter fans to discuss the possible answer and find out the grand prize!

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