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Steampunk Generator!

Look cool collecting your Boosts with this ultra futuristic yet vintage Steampunk Boost Generator!You'll get 300 Boosts every 6 hours, and there are two ways to get it.

1. You can buy the complete Steampunk Room package and save big!

2. Or buy the generator on its own for 300 Coins!

Either way, it's a bargain so get yours now!

The Sales Have Arrived!

January's the best time to find the lowest prices on Smeet! It's true. To kick off 2013, we're offering lots of great items at incredible prices! So just remember if you have any leftover Coins after all your holiday shopping, now's the best week to treat yourself! Check it out in the 3D Shop now! 

Some Post-Holiday Magic!

Whew! Christmas and the beginning of a brand new year, and we're wiped out! So many parties and food and cake and friends and...actually we have no reason to complain - we love the holidays! But if you're feeling those post-holiday blues, here are some highlights to get you in a festive mood!

If you see any of these Smeeters around, say hi!

• мяѕ.яαωя!•υηdчιηg ℓє_вσѕѕ •
• мя.яαωя!•υηdчιηg ℓє_вσѕѕ •

And remember - we're going to announce the winner of our awesome New Year's Eve party room so stay tuned!

Christmas Offer!

Act fast and save 250 Coins when buying Mega Diamonds XXL, but hurry! This special price is only valid until December 24th. Then, all Mega Diamonds will cost 1,300 Coins!

Santa's Waiting!

Have you claimed your free gift yet?

Well what are you waiting for? Santa's waiting for you at Fifth Avenue via Shops & Sights and he's giving out free gifts!


We had some technical issues over the weekend and this is our way of apologizing. So make sure to visit Fifth Avenue every day to claim your free present!

Merry Christmas to all!

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