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The Christmas Market Is Now Open!

Start getting ready for the holidays! Check out the Christmas Market Public Room off the Green Oasis and start getting into the holiday spirit! This snow-covered room is adorned with a giant Christmas Tree so magnificent it rivals the Rockefeller Center evergreen, and full of items for you to get your own 3D Home ready for the holidays! So, persue the stalls or simply relax in this cheerful, Holiday room - all you have to do is click below to get there!

You Can Now Be As Glamorous As Paris Hilton!

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Paris Hilton, Smeet is offering YOU the full It-Girl package! Treat yourself to a makeover with fabulous clothes and the trendiest hairstyles. If you want a total makeover, Paris Hilton's face is available to transform you into a real star! Paris doesn't go anywhere without her little Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, so make sure to pick her up as a Pet to complete the look. She loves luxury as much as her famous party-girl owner!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Smeet!

Thanksgiving is a time to admire the changing of the seasons and spend time with those nearest and dearest to us.

While some of you may have a full Thanksgiving marathon planned, we wanted to remind you to also take a moment to celebrate with your Smeet family and friends!  You can create the perfect Thanksgiving atmosphere with fall-themed decorations, a special room bundle debuting later in the week, and even grow your own Turkey, natch.  So pull up a chair to the 3D dinner table and share some of your fondest memories with your fellow Smeeters! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday Special: Luxury Aquariums

These luxury Aquariums are sure to add some POP! to your 3D Home. Whether it’s full of Betta Fish or Jellyfish, these Aquariums will definitely be a talking piece that you don’t want to miss out on. For today only, save on the normal price of these luxury Aquariums – it’s smart shopping – and when you’re done setting up these centerpieces, you’ll be rewarded with Fame Points!

Luxury Aquariums are half-off only this Sunday!  Get this super deal before it’s done!

Holy Event Central!

Holy Event Central!

We had all sorts of parties today!

Today was filled with parties for the Smeet Community!  KalicoKat held a Hip Hop Fashion Party in the brand new Snoop's Crib in Smollywood, and there was also oldschool Snoop Dogg Trivia with Vespin, and Electrix held a more fanciful and storybook themed Peter Pan Trivia Party in the brand new Freaky Friday room (Rainbow Dream, available for purchase in the shop for a mere 250 Coins!)  Thanks to all the Smeeters who attended and congratulations to the winners, who were too numerous to name individually!

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