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Noisy Balloons? We've Got the Solution!

If you've been experiencing issues with a noisy balloon, we have the solution for you!


Hi Smeeters!

Due to Flash Player updates, some of you may have had an issue wherein balloons in your 3D home were continuously making noise. The fix is simple! Just take the balloon out of your room, then put it back in, and voila! back to normal.

As always, have a Smeetastic day!


ZooeyJ Radio HOUR - this Friday

Due to popular demand, ZooeyJ will be having an hour long Radio show this week!

Come to the Catwalk on Friday from 3:30pm-4:30pm Eastern US Time. Use the comments to leave song requests - if I play your song, you'll definitely get a shoutout! Tell your friends and invite new people, it's going to be a blast!

See you Friday!

Wooden Russian Doll Contest WINNER!!

The winner of 500 coins in our Wooden Russian Doll contest is........

brandon is a boss!!!

Congratulations on being the FIRST user to have all 4 Wooden Russian Dolls! You win 500 coins!

Don't these dolls look cool? They are our newest BOOSTER items, and you can find them in the shop catalog for your 3D home!

ZooeyJ's Radio Show - West Coast

ZooeyJ's weekly radio show will be today @ 4:30pm EST in the Catwalk!

And this time, the theme will be "West Coast" music. I'll be spinning pop, rock, hip hop, and everything in-between. Get ready! Meet me there at 4:30pm Eastern US Time!


Win 500 Coins!

Be the first to have all 4 wooden Russian Dolls. Be the first to have all 4 wooden Russian Dolls, and post in the blog comments here and you could be the winner of 500 Coins!  You carve the wooden dolls out of a tree trunk, and they reproduce.  This is our latest Booster item in the Shop!


Be the first to have all 4, and you could win 500 Coins!  Once you get all 4, post in the comments of the blog post letting us know you have all 4.  If you post saying you have all 4 and you do not, you will be disqualified, so make sure to post and let us know when you have all 4.  After you post send a screen shot of the dolls in your room to events [at] smeet [dot] com, including your username.  If you send a screen shot without posting on the blog comments you will also be disqualified.  Get it? Got it? Good!  Good luck everyone, and remember to have fun!

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