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Prizes for the Xmas SuperEvent!!!

Hello guys! Angiie here.

I think you guys are wondering what happened to the winners and the price? I know I'm late with the winners and the photo, I had a lot to do in real life the past few weeks. I will come back regularly like I used to when I can. Anyway, I think you are excited to know who the winners are? No need to wonder no more... Because here they're:

1st - ∞Ļΐѕΐana∞, ID: 22494523: Gold Medal
2nd - ·•†Jєѕѕ•®ø¥αℓ яεđεмþŧıøŋ†•·, ID: 9918650: Silver Medal
3rd - •.¸ Ãћ (м) ëđ ¸.•, ID: 23567071: Bronze Medal

Congratulations and great work with the outfits!

Super Xmas Event!Super Xmas Event!

Your own Coffee Shop is waiting for you!!!

Dear Smeeters, the Coffee Shop is now on Smeet, offer a coffee to your friends and let them help you in running your business!!!

Invite them to your new Room and let them click your new Social Boosters (the objects with the lifebelt icon), only them can activate them!!! With only a single click your friends may give you their Helps and help you in progressing faster, while earning Smeets for themselves. So what are you waiting for? Is everything clear? Well in order to put it simply take a look at these explanations:

What are Helps and how do I get them?
Helps are Items which you automatically receive as time passes by.
At the top of your screen you can see how many Helps you currently have next to the life belt icon. You will get another Help every 5 minutes.
You can use the Helps which you collected to assist your friends in using their Social Boosters.
Visit their 3D Homes and search for rooms which are marked with the life belt icon.
You will be rewarded with Smeets and other cool Items for your cooperativeness!

What are Social Boosters?
Social Boosters are special Boosters which require your friends’ help to be used.
For being able to use one of your Social Boosters your friends have to visit you in your 3D Home and spend their Helps at your Social Booster.
As soon as you have accumulated enough Helps for your Social Booster you can activate it in order to receive your fabulous reward.

Have fun Smeeters and enjoy your Coffee Shop!!!

The new Coffee Shop of Smeet!!!The new Coffee Shop of Smeet!!!

We are looking for Quizmasters!!!

Dear Smeeters, as you may have noticed, the questions in the Quiz Rooms hasn't changed that much in the last months. In order to have more exciting competitions we decided to invent a new role: the QUIZMASTER!!!

We are sure that some of you loves Trivial Pursuit, Who wants to be a Millionaire or Math and if you want to help and enjoythe staff of Smeet, apply for this new role!!!

Send us your application with 10 questions (with answers) that you would like to see in our Quiz. Then we will process all your applications and 2 of you will win the badge of the Quizmaster!!!

If you become a Quizmaster, what you will have to do, is collect questions and answers from all the Smeeters, regarding different themes and then send them to us monthly!!!

Do you feel ready and prepared for this role? We are looking for you!!!


Fame Points Happy Hour!!!

Dear Smeeters, Happy New Year!!!

We want to start this new fantastic year with a great surprise!!! We are talking about the famous FAME POINTS Happy Hour, which is valid only for today in the GERMAN TIME, and allows you to reach a higher level in a faster way!!! Don't lose this unforgettable opportunity!!! Remember that you have to be in the Top 500 Ranking!!!

Fame Points Happy Hour!!!Fame Points Happy Hour!!!

Best New Year's Eve Outfit!!!

Dear Smeeters, the winner of the New Year's Eve contest is ∞Ļΐѕΐana∞ and her perfect outfit!!! Congratulations you have received a great gift, go and check in your messages!!!

Thank to you Smeeters for participating, we love you and wish a year full of emotions and love!!!New Year's Eve best outfit!!!New Year's Eve best outfit!!!

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