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NEW Holiday Pet Items!

Get your Pet ready for the Holidays with the cool new items available!

Dress your Pet to impress and train it to follow you around, and then you can show off to all your friends on Smeet!

Freaky Friday: The Romantic Snow Garden

Freaky Friday: The Romantic Snow Garden

Surprise your Smeet sweetie with an evening of romance and music in a beautiful snowy setting. 

The Romantic Snow Garden bundle room provides an instantly amorous scene that’ll warm up many a cold winter’s night.  At 550 Coins you don’t want to miss this opportunity for romance. Available to Purchase by Going to your 3D Home and selecting ADD ROOM.  This special priced bundle is only available through the weekend!

A new surprise each day!

Spread the season's cheer! And be on the look out for chances to win gifts...

For the next 24 days there will be a new Smeekie released each day, hidden within the Shop.  Our special Gift Box will also be in Smeet at random times giving out the new Smeekie to special winners!

Stay updated on these exciting releases! Like us on Facebook, where we will be announcing our newest items and surprises!

LIMITED: Royal Smeekie Collection Room

This Room is filled with luxury, but only available in limited quantities, so don't miss out!

To BUY a new ROOM follow these steps:

Go to your 3D Home:

Select ADD ROOM:

December 1st is World AIDS Day – Show Your Support

One of the goals of World AIDS Day is to spread awareness. You can show your support with a free “World AIDS Day” shirt, which displays the red ribbon - a symbol of AIDS awareness. There’s also a special free shirt in the VIP section, and a 5 Coin shirt available to be given as a gift.

You can find more information on World Aids Day here and here.

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