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Smeanies Vs Smileys

In the battle of good versus evil, which side do you normally go for? It is that time again for that age old fashioned battle to emerge in Smeet. In this week’s topic, Monsters, choose between Good or Bad Monsters, more affectionately known as Smileys and Smeanies then help them battle it out.

How do I get the Room?

Head to the Smeekie Zoo public room and complete a simple task choosing a side the Smiley’s, the white monster (Good) or Smeanies, the black monster (Bad). The Room will now be unlocked and you are ready to fight for good or bad!!! 

The Smileys World

Smileys need honey and monster flowers to make them sweet. In order to get Honey and Monster Flowers collect them from the Bee Hives and the Flower Meadows. Feed both to the Smiley Nest and the nest will randomly produce a Smiley. Help them grow into Evolved Smileys and then send them into the portal to help them fight for good. When they have finished warping through the portal, they will reward you Smiley Points, the more rare the monster the more Smiley Points you get. Collect 100 Smiley Points and the Red Smiley Monster to finish the Room. 

The Smeanies World

Smeanies need Spiders and Monster Ooze to make them evil. In order to get them Spiders and Monster Ooze collect them from the Spider Nests and the Ooze Spitters. Feed both to the Smeanie Nest and your nest will randomly produce a Smeanie. Help them grow into Evolved Smileys and then send them into the portal to help them fight for evil. When they have finished warping through the portal, they will reward you Smeanie Points, the more rare the monster the more Smeanie Points you get. Collect 100 Smeanie Points and the Red Smeanie Monster to finish the Room. 

Cost Involved

The Room is free but you are only allowed to have one Room so chat with your friends and choose wisely. As both Rooms produce random colored Monsters with certain colored Monsters having only a very small chance of dropping you are able to buy the Monsters in the shop the most expensive Red colored Monster costing 100 Coins. The reward for finishing each Room is 100,000 Fame Points and 200 Smiley/Smeanie Points (depending on which direction you went).

After the battle is over the winning side will reap their rewards in the form of a Badge and a massive amount of Fame Points. 

Smeet Monster Room: Choose a side Smiley or SmeanieSmeet Monster Room: Choose a side Smiley or Smeanie

Smeets May 2014 Horoscopes by Collette


I know that change is hard for you, cutting strings is even harder. You always stand your ground! Do not be afraid of things that you can't change...kicking up your heels might be just what you need. Don't worry; the ground will still be there when your heels come back down.


You like the finer things in life. When you want something, you want it now...and all of it! Maybe, the cost of all of this is weighing on you. Lock horns, and dig in. Do not give up, and you will always accomplish your goals. I know you can do it.


A lot has been going around the mill. It is the mysterious duality of who you are. Ignore rumors...and do not create any, as well. Your wonderful resilience is better suited, when your dominant side is in control. It's time to put the evil twin to bed for a while.


Ah, springtime, a great time to go outside and play. All the new life, new beginnings, new flowers...let it all in, you have much to nurture. Many depend on you. Love this role you play, for it is an important one. There are many good times to be had, be cool, and let it happen. I see fun! I'm jealous of you, Cancer.


So many plans, not enough time. I think there are a million things calling out to you right now. You try to pounce, and play, but something else always ceases your fun activities. It might be it's time to slow down just a bit and smell the roses. Remember the little things. Everyone else might be having trouble keeping up with you. Your cheery moods and wonderful self can be enjoyed by others if, you give them a chance to catch up.


Now is the time that your gifts can shine! The power of your words, alongside your attitude and perseverance, can allow you to accomplish anything. You have the power to turn broken, in to other words, don't be afraid to spearhead the situation, for, it is possible to attain the victory you desire.


Keep your heart and ears open, good listener. Your ability to weigh all the options, makes you the perfect candidate, as a shoulder to cry on. Allow yourself to just take it all in, Libra, for we all need your open mind and neutrality, to help keep us grounded, in this crazy world. Let the facts speak for themselves.


All that glitters is so shiny, so wonderfully sparkly, and so expensive! Temptation, is also as shiny, as it is hard to resist. The best of the best, is already, step back and admire all of your treasures. Appreciate what you have right now, and perhaps, save up a few bucks ($) you might need those savings soon.


Thou are quick of tongue....and, sometimes it comes back to bite you. Go easy on yourself, dark horse, It is only because of the extreme passion you contain inside of you. This passion rules your big heart, that  is the root of your cause. It's all about what the heart feels. That big heart, and all your strength, will be needed by a loved one soon. Perhaps, lower your shield a little, don’t worry about being hurt, be the protector.


Dear Capricorn, this is a love horoscope, sorry, but, it's true. If you already have discovered your beloved, then revel in it! Plan a romantic date. If you are still a single soul, everything swirling around you right now is calling out to the universe. Keep your eyes, mind, and heart open! Do not be afraid to look for, or stake claim on your chance at happiness, and love.


This month, your ability to go with the flow, will be your salvation. You must try, to let your water find a way around what holds you back. Stay steady, stay constant, and you will find a way around the obstacle. Also, a dear one needs you, but, can't express it. Let your waves wash away their troubles as well.


Wow! It's your time, Pisces, as you will soon discover. Allow yourself, to spoil yourself! Allow yourself to bask in the awesomeness that is you! Give yourself some credit. All of your hard work will pay off. I see great moms, in Pisces right now. treat have earned it.

Happy Smeeting, Collette and the Astrologer Team

May's Horoscopes: Picture by ColletteMay's Horoscopes: Picture by Collette

Smeet Games Round 2

Congratulations to Spain for winning round 1. The Spanish domain managed an amazing 191 Smeeters in their Stadium Room. We on the other hand we managed a respectable 95 Smeeters. Thank you for every one turning up to the event and thank you to everyone who helped organize Round 1. The competition is still not over, everything is still up for grabs.

Let Round 2 Commence

This time round we have a clicking challenge. Located in Admin tyewil’s #24291497 Fan Zone Room is a Golden Ball, the competition is who can get to 9999 clicks first and document the evidence with a screenshot.

Round 2 has already started so as quick as you can enter our Virtual World, enter tyewil's 3d house and click that Golden Football.

Smeet Games Round 2: Click the Golden Ball in tyewil's Fan Zone.Smeet Games Round 2: Click the Golden Ball in tyewil's Fan Zone.

Amazing Sale This Evening

Between 6 pm and 9 pm Central European Time Smeet will be holding a very special sale. We have a lot of very special items that as time goes by they will become cheaper, however the items up for sale are limited so there are only certain amount available.

At 6pm you will be able to save as 20% on all limited sale items. At 7pm the items will be reduced to 50% off. In the final hour the prices will be slashed a further 80% off original price!! As stated before the items are limited so there are only a certain amount available so make sure you don’t wait too long otherwise you might miss out!

This is a great cheap way to add to your 3d house and improve your virtual world experience. So be quick and make sure not to wait too long to make your purchases!!!

Smeet Sale!!!: 20% Sale at SmeetSmeet Sale!!!: 20% Sale at Smeet

Special Gift for Gold VIP!!!

This month the gift for being Gold VIP is a fabulous Smeekie, Wellness-Coon: Wanja.

You are not a Gold VIP yet? Do you want to enjoy the many benefits that it gives you?

• 20% discount on everything
• A VIP badge
• Exclusive accessories and objects
• More styles for your avatar
• You can see who has visited your profile
• Exchange coins with other Smeeters
• Get Fame Points faster
• 1000 coins every month (for subscriptions through PayPal)
• A new gift every month

Do not waste time enhance your friendly virtual world experience and become Gold VIP! How? It's simple: on the top of your screen, next to your username, there is a VIP logo. Click on it and choose the offer "Gold VIP"! Payment is easy just!

Gold VIP on Smeet: May's Gold VIP Gift Wanja the Wellness-CoonGold VIP on Smeet: May's Gold VIP Gift Wanja the Wellness-Coon

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