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Freaky Friday Special: Instant Party Room

Calling all party people! This Freaky Friday we’re making it easy to spend less time decorating and more time hanging out with your friends!  Just add the Instant Party Room, put on your favorite video and get the party started!  The Instant Party Room will be gone before you know it, so get it now for only 625 Coins!

Winners from the Day of Gifting!

The Smeeters who received 500 coins each for giving the most gifts are...








Smeet's volunteer Guides welcome you to Smeet!

Top Tips for Account Security

Here are some tips on keeping your Smeet account safe and secure!  Think of your password like the key to your house, and don't share it with anyone!  After all, if you gave out copies of your house key and then came home to an empty house, who would be to blame?

  1. Don’t share your password with anyone.  Seriously, no one!
  2. Don’t share your email address.  Remember, to log in you need to enter your email address and your password.  If people don’t know your email address, they wouldn’t be able to get on your account even with your password.
  3. Don’t fall for free Coins scams.  You will NEVER need to enter your Smeet password for Free Coins.
  4. Don’t click links from people you don’t know.  Be wary of links and downloading things from people you don’t trust.

Happy Smeeting!

Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

So you wanna get married on sMeet?  Effective immediately, there will be two types of weddings available!
Smeeters can celebrate the marriage in a private or in a public room.
The Smeeters can request the "married" badge by emailing support [at] smeet [dot] com and agreeing to the fee of 200 Coins per badge.
The user can celebrate the marriage in a private or in a public room. The celebration should be done by an official Smeet "officiant."
The package costs 2000 Coins (in total) and includes:
-          “Married” badges for both the Smeeters
-          An official Smeet Certificate of marriage in pdf
-          1 special private room gifted to the couple

More info:
-          In the future, Smeters can win a free marriage (1 regular +1 premium) in a monthly event held by a member of the Smeet Team

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