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Become a Hotel Chef!!!

How is your virtual 3D Hotel career coming along?

Since you first started working at the Hotel cleaning rooms, making beds and fixing toilets, your boss noticed that you were too talented to be doing that sort of job. That’s why he quickly gave you the more demanding job of tidying and maintaining the hotel roof garden. He soon noticed that the job of Hotel gardener was still beneath your aptitude and natural flair as you were doing such a good job. So now he would like you to do a more rigorous and challenging profession at the hotel. He now wants you to become the Hotel Chef!

So do you accept the challenge?

Available now is the third Hotel Room. It’s your chance to become chef for all the guests staying at the Hotel. Using the fresh ingredients you grew in the Hotel garden and the top of the range kitchen equipment you can knock up some amazing taste bud tingling concoctions. Once you have completed the Hotel Garden and gained the Green Key Card click on the elevator and unlock the third Room. Once completed you of course will be greatly rewarded with masses of Fame Points and of course career progression and the next Hotel Room. 

Just one more step before you make it to that final Room!

Virtual 3d Hotel Kitchen: Become the Hotel Chef in your virtual 3d lifeVirtual 3d Hotel Kitchen: Become the Hotel Chef in your virtual 3d life.

5 Star Dream Job

The new Smeet Service Hotel RoomThe new Smeet Service Hotel Room

Dear Smeet

Have you ever dreamt about working and maintaining a hotel? Now’s your chance to work in your own 5 star dream!!! Available now is the first Hotel Room and its your first step in becoming a Hotelier.

In your first year of training you have to start at the bottom and become a room attendant and unfortunately the guests are a little bit messy. So like all new employees you have to do quite a bit of cleaning at first. So let’s get started! The bed sheets need changing, the bathroom needs cleaning, the windows need washing, trash cans need emptying and make sure those facilities are all in working order. Each time you complete a task you will be rewarded service points.Once you have accumulated enough you can claim your blue key card, 100,000 Fame Points and be able to progress to the second year of your training and on to the next hotel room. But what could the next hotel room be? You will have to progress to find out.

Let’s not forget the most fabulous part is its free!!! However it is limited to one per Smeeter. 

Smeet Team

Dj Battle Area (Polish domain)

Dj Battle Area (Polish domain): Come and join the party on the Polish domainDj Battle Area (Polish domain): Come and join the party on the Polish domain

Dear Friends

Users from the Polish domain cordially invite you to the “Event Integration”.

The event will be held on 16 March at 19.00 Polish time, in “DJ Battle Area (polish domain)

Especially for you:

- DJs from US English server

- DJs from Spain

- DJs from Poland

We will give you a few prizes

Would you like to know how?

After each DJ set, on the screen the Polish DJ will draw a number which wins a prize.

To participate in the lottery you have to do two things:- Be there from 19:00 to 19.30 (when the party starts) subscribe to the stream of user INFO ISSAE ID no.: 9039376.

Then you get a number

If your number is drawn, you have to whisper INFO ISSAE. REMEMBER! Dress up in national colors, the best couple of the domain will be rewarded.

Ps if you have any questions please email Annoula81

News Flash! Another Crashed UFO Spotted in Smeet!

A UFO has invaded Smeet!!: Come and visit new Smeet alien and welcome her to 3d lifeA UFO has invaded Smeet!!: Come and visit new Smeet alien and welcome her to 3d life

We have confirmed reports that a UFO has crash landed in the Smeet World. First reports indicate that she is uninjured but her space ship is very badly damaged.


First contact with the alien she states that she comes from Fame Points Galaxy and her name is Pooja the alien. She was returning to her favorite virtual world to visit a few old friends. When all of a sudden the gleam coming from the Smeeters new Stud clothes blinded her, she lost control and had to crash land. If that wasn’t enough she forgot to bring her space tools. So now she is stranded and needs to get home and she is willing to generously reward anyone who helps her out by fixing her spaceship.

The new Martian UFO is available in the shop now and cost 999 Coins and rewards the Smeeter who fixes the ship 100,000 Fame points. So make sure not to miss out on this amazing opportunity for a good Coin/Fame Points ratio.

Little Italy


Have you ever been to Italy? If you have or you haven’t, you may be aware Italy has some of the most breath taking architecture in the world. One of the more attractive beautiful master pieces is the Man Made Wonder, The Tower of Pisa!!!

Available to own in the shop today for the small price of 999 coins is the Tower of Pisa Room. Simply invest 999 boosts to complete the Tower and in no time you will have your very own little Italy available in your Smeet Home. For completion will also receive 10,000 Fame points and a badge.

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