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Smeeters Love Cash Back!

Wow guys! Thanks for your participation in our CashBack Weekend deal - it was a huge success!! Buy specified items, get a refund - what's not to love?

And if you missed out on this last weekend's deal, make sure you're around for the next one ;)

Hit the Dime Jackpot!Hit the Dime Jackpot!

What's Wrinkly With a Black Tongue?

Shar Pei's, of course! Shar Pei's are one of two breeds in the world with black tongues, and Rick is no different! Rick is the spunky little Shar Pei with a whole lotta wrinkles, and he's eager to please. Be generous to yourself and pick him up from the 3D Shop, or be kind to your friends and give him as a gift!

Sharing is Caring!

'Tis the Smeet season of giving!  Well it's not December yet, but we've decided to get a head start ;)

From today until the 21st of October, we're now giving you the opportunity to be generous with someone else! How?

Click on a friend's profile and click on gift. See something different on the top left? Now you can give your friend a very special gift, customized just for them! Rooms, friendship bracelets, exclusive Smeet brands - whatever you see fit for your friendship!

And remember, for the first time EVER and ONLY for this week, you can:

  • Give rooms to a friend, even if the room is no longer in the 3D Shop!
  • Peruse the Smeet aisles for fabulous new wedding gifts for your friends!
  • Awesome and beautiful new gifts, but only until October 21st!

So celebrate your friends and share with them!

Who Won the 16,000 Dimes Jackpot?

Woo hoo! After much debate at the Smeet headquarters, we've picked our winner!

A big congratulations to ●$ ѕυииу тнє нєℓℓ яαιѕєяѕ●$

She hit the jackpot with 16,000 Dimes and is riding all the way to the bank!


Roger? Roger!

The Secret Agent Weekend begins!

And to start off, we'd like to introduce you to Roger! We can't think of a better sleuth than a cat, and he's the best around! His interests include quietly spying, slinking around, and sneaking food when no one is looking.

With this purebred British Shorthair by your side, you'll have a faithful companion AND the best spy you could ever ask for!

Meet him in the 3D Shop now!

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