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Week 6 winners Announced. Week 7 Contest posted

Week 6 saw the very rare occasion when an NFL game ends in a tie. The Bengals and the Panthers ended the game with a 37-37 ending score. The Bengals had a chance to win the game with only second left but for the second week in a row, their kicker failed to deliver and missed a field goal.  I don’t want to sound redundant, however the top story again this week has to be the Dallas Cowboys.


The Cowboys have definitely silenced all the Dallas haters with another win bringing them to 5-1 for the season. The Cowboys showed they are definitely play-off contenders when they beat the defending Super Bowl Champions on their own turf. No other team has managed to beat the Seahawks in Seattle in years. Some of the top quarter backs haven’t even come close including Manning, Brady, Rodgers and Brees. In fact, the Seahawks have one the last 19 of the last 20 at home games. Dallas Cowboys Murray still remains the leading rusher in the NFL. 

Oakland Raiders have always been my least favorite team but Sunday’s show of un-sportsmanship conduct solidified it. The Chargers team bus was egged by Raider fans as they pulled into the stadium for the game. The two teams have always been huge rivals, but egging goes just a bit far. Just as the saying goes, People who create their own drama, deserve their own drama. The Chargers went on to be the raiders 31-28.

Now for this weeks winners:

1st Prize- Taylorman

2nd Prize-Scorpiion

3rd prize-Yellowdog


And click below to enter this week 7’s contest. Deadline for entry is Thursday, October 16, at 2 pm central standard time. Enter now before it’s too late!


Help Professor Wonderlich brew his elixir!

After many years of hard work, Professor Wonderlich, a renowned scientist and honoree of countless awards for outstanding accomplishments, finally fulfilled his life-long goal: To create a wonder-performing elixir! Some say the elixir turns stone into pure gold!


Unfortunately, Professor Wonderlich is getting older and older and sometimes, he confuses parts of his formula. He will need your help!
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The wonder-preforming elixir!The wonder-preforming elixir!

Interview to a member of the Smeet Team

Interview to the admin Benipe

• Questions about the company Smeet

Smeet is an international company, how is the atmosphere with the other employees?
We have people from different countries, especially in our department. It is very interesting, in a professional and in a personal perspective, because we all speak different languages. Some of us prefer to speak German, whilst others prefer English. It is funny, because we sometimes communicate in a crazy mix of languages to make sure everybody understands.
What is the funniest thing that you have experienced on Smeet?
I think we experience funny things every day. The creativity of our Smeeters seems to have no limit and they sometimes have very original ideas. For example, a few days ago a user sent me a picture of his avatar dressed as a French singer playing piano, his girlfriend (dressed as Marilyn Monroe!) was standing next to him as though she was singing. It makes us happy to see that Smeeters are so engaged in the game and are having so much fun.
• Questions about and around the game Smeet

How do you decide the topics for Facebook?
We have several kinds of Facebook posts.

  • We promote the latest news of Smeet so that everybody knows about it. For example, we inform our users what the topic of the week is going to be
  • We try to find funny and engaging contests which everybody might like, and in which the winner(s) may receive a cool prize.
  • We try to keep up to date with international and real life events. For instance, we recently celebrated the day of German reunification.

Smeeters would like you to be more present in the game, why don´t you do it?
We do our best to be as present as possible to help Smeeters in game, but it is not always possible because many of our tasks are behind the scenes. If a user has a serious problem, especially a technical one, the first thing to do is to write to support with a precise description of the problem.

Can you tell us exclusively what new stuff we are going to have?
We are planning to start a new Smeet Games competition. The most exciting upcoming event is Halloween! Of course, there will be also new content about Halloween in the next weeks so that you can enjoy it on Smeet. We are very excited about it and hope you are too!


A peak inside the Smeet officeA peak inside the Smeet office

Finding true love and friendship on Smeet!

Everyone enjoys unwinding after a long day, letting loose and kicking your feet up while having some fun with the friends you met on Smeet, but for some the bonds formed in these virtual rooms is much more than just online fun. Smeet is a great way for people to meet others from all over the world, from all different walks of life, and learn about their cultures. This melting pot has helped countless people create bonds that last a life time, bonds that go far outside of the internet and into the real world. Although meeting someone from a website can be dangerous, I’m sure we have all seen the horrors of meetings gone wrong in movies and on the news, but not every net-to-life connection ends badly.

In fact, Sarah, a working married mother had the pleasure of turning a few Smeet connections into real life friendships, and even a marriage. Sarah has been playing Smeet since 2011 and has made plenty of friends here since first creating her account, but little did she know two of these close friends would soon become even closer to her than she ever thought imaginable. It started out as another day on the Smeet beach, playing music and dancing with her friends, when a suave young man by the name of Tarek came in and caught her eye immediately. They hit it off, dancing and talking, making plenty of jokes as they loved each other’s humor. Neither one of them knew this was the start to something much bigger, something that transcends Smeet, and even crosses continents.  Soon after this date with destiny, they decided to become a couple and were inseparable. After almost a year of dating and talking every day on video calls, they decided to meet in real life with Sarah traveling to his home country of Tunisia. Their meeting wasn’t your typical high school love story, she was tired from her long flight and was struggling to find her luggage, when that same suave man came up to her and right away was able to sort everything out and rescued her suitcase. With the meeting out of the way, the couple was able to get to know each other, and a week after he picked her up at the airport they were happily married on their way to their honeymoon. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and Sarah returned to her children and her job two weeks after meeting the man she plans on spending the rest of her life with.

Distraught, Sarah came to Smeet to take her mind off her husbands’ absence, here she found a quirky, humorous new Smeeter by the name of Sabrina. She instantly brightened Sarah’s mood, they clicked so well Sarah even started feeling less and less lonely each time they talked. Through family emergencies, health scares, job crises, and child behavioral problems, Sabrina was always there for her. They talked every day and she spent all her time with her two favorite people, her best friend and her husband.  Sabrina, very culturally accepting, wants to travel the world and see all that there is to see, spoke of this wish to Sarah plenty of times, both girls saying where they want to go and what they want to see, but Sabrina had an interesting destination she wanted to go most of all, America. Since America is where Sarah lives she supported and encouraged Sabrina to come see the sights, she knew her friend would love it here.  Sarah had no idea at the time, but her best friend wanted to meet her and spend real time together not just video calls and phone conversations. While Sabrina saved up, they had their ups and downs, but they remained loyal and held on to each other like sisters. On December 22, 2013 Sabrina flew to America and met Sarah for the first time.

They met at the airport then went to Burger King, Sabrina’s first American meal.  They went sightseeing, ate out, spent plenty of time girl talking, they even spent Christmas together. After weeks of late night talks, and constant joking around, she had to return home. A day after New Year’s Sabrina returned to France with new fond memories of her best friend. Their story doesn’t end there, 6 months after flying home Sabrina flew right back to America, and to her best friend.  Sarah and her husband have plans for him to visit America now, while she and Sabrina also anticipate another meeting.

Good friends are hard to come by near or far, so when I met Sabri, I just knew, I knew she was a keeper!” says Sarah “If I just wrote her off as some annoying new person, my life wouldn’t be as full as it is today.” So remember to be kind to all you meet in Smeet, you never know who your Sabrina will be!

Sarah & SmeetersSarah & Smeeters

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