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Traffic Light Contest Winners!

The winners of the competition all receive 300 coins!The winners of the competition all receive 300 coins!Well, Sunday's Traffic Light Party was a huge success! We hope you all had a blast, met some great new people, and maybe even someone special! Thanks to all the organisers of the event, you did a superb job!


The winners of the contest have been decided, and each receive 300 COINS as a reward for their great dress sense.

The winners are:


RED: Mr. Love and gypsy rose!

YELLOW: †$єтн~иσвℓєz$† and MissyFab!

GREEN: Mr. Stuckup and Hathor!


Congratulations to you all on your well-deserved rewards, and thanks to everyone else for participating!

A Smeeter Interview to Start the Week!

Today's Smeeter interview is with Bri, a long-time player from exotic Hawaii!

Today's Smeeting interviewee, Bri from Hawaii!Today's Smeeting interviewee, Bri from Hawaii!


A. Bri, 37 yrs old from Big Island Hawaii


A. Horseback riding, roping, farming, canoe paddling, and fishing


A. I am open to all, but my favorite of is the 80’s


A. 4 yrs


A. I love interacting with people, and I like meeting new people around the world and getting to know people from around the world. This game is the first virtual game I played and fell in love and hooked on it since I started.


A. Funny, friendly and outgoing


A. Purple


A. Steak and shrimp


A. Humor


A. I’d have to say my son because he makes me strive to be a better person to be a good example for him.


A. Good communication skills, patience, and has to be funny and make me laugh


A. I’m not sure if I would change anything but it would be great to be able to have more contests where people can win coins, homes, clothes , etc., and maybe to have contests for people to design our clothes or homes.

This week's Sunday Suprise has gone extra BIG!

This Sunday we have not just one, but THREE lovely SURPRISES, including a Traffic Light Party offering free coins!

A great chance to win coins...and meet new Smeeters!A great chance to win coins...and meet new Smeeters!First up, we have amazing SALES on our best Wedding Room, so get ready! Tell your wedding planner friends, your personal Smeet officiant and your partner that Sunday is the perfect day to choose the appropriate scenario for the most beautiful day of your life!

And if you never have enough of love, sweetness, cuddles and tenderness then keep reading! We have another great deal set aside for this magic sunday! A magnificent "Just Married" Sports Car will be live with a ONE DAY ONLY great discount!!!

Finally, if you just want to have fun, don't miss the traffic light event that our matchmakers/entertainers are organizing for this sunday at 14:00 EST (20:00 CET) at the Catwalk!

Smeeters will dress up according to their relationship status: green for "looking for a partner", yellow for "single but not looking" and red for "in a relationship".

If you want to meet someone special, be it your new love or a really good friend, this is the event for you! It's also the perfect chance to combine your search for love with the possibility to win some COINS!

During the event there will be a selection done by our entertainers of the best guys and girls for every color!

So dress up with style, because on Monday the Admins will look at the entertainer's selections, vote for the best red, green and yellow couple on Smeet and give them an incredible prize!

Each one will be rewarded by 300 Coins!!! Choose your best style and win some Coins!

So enter Smeet this Sunday and don't miss any of these very special offers!!!

Blocked for starting a pillow fight!

Hey, what’s up everyone. WillKane again, and this time I’m interviewing Smugglediamonds

(AKA Rhoda Slacker on Facebook). Both of us put our best left foot forward for this one (see pic below):

Any guesses which foot belongs to which Smeeter?!Any guesses which foot belongs to which Smeeter?!

1)  So where are you from and how long have you been on Smeet? 

Answer: I am from the four season state of Michigan and wishing that there were only three.  I began Smeeting in June of 2013, as I have more time during the summer months to find trouble. LOL.


2)  Quick question before we get on with the rest of the interview:  Why did you start a poke war on Facebook with me before talking to me?  You realize you can't get away with that in real life, ha. 

Answer:  From early childhood, I had to learn obedience.  Hyper, compulsive and defiant gave way to compliancy.  I tend to do as I'm told...eventually.  Haven't you ever noticed that after you accept a friendship request on Facebook, they give you a list of "suggested pokes"?  Who am I to say no?  I'm just doing as I'm told.  And you just wouldn't stay poked.


3)  What made you choose Smeet in the first place? 

Answer:  First off, Smeet offers an interactive, social game that does not require a download of a gazillion gigabytes.  I tried one other social avatar game that slowed my laptop down to a crawl and I was constantly getting annoying spam, and EVERYTHING ran slowly with it downloaded.   I quit that game within a couple of days.  Smeet offers users a great amount of entertainment that does not require the purchase of anything or downloaded files.  It is a great social outlet, which brings me to my second reason for playing.  I was going through some difficult times and I needed people outside of my real life social circle.  Smeet friends also helped me immensely after the sudden death of my real life Dad in 2013.


4)  There are some Smeeters whose family and friends from real life also play the game, and I know you also have loved ones who play (you don't have to mention names of course).  How enjoyable and how different does that make being on Smeet for you compared to if they did not Smeet? 

Answer:  My husband, one of my sons and a daughter are all Smeeters and we can all interact on Smeet.  Smeet is a great family game with supervision, of course.  (I needed the supervision)   Like any other online activity, parents need to stay involved.  Having family members Smeeting with me kept me a bit "in check" and that is a good thing.  BUT...stay tuned for the episode of "SmuggleDiamonds Unleashed 2016". 


5)  What are the most fun times you've had on Smeet and who were they with? 

Answer:  I have made great memories with the profiles of  Hershall, Daylily, Cheeky11, SeanT, Phinneas, Queen, Class Clown, Hexen Tanz, Cajun Queen, Mallory, Wendybird, Greg, Jeff, SweetT, and countless other profiles that I will be sorry later that I missed.  Memories include being the "newb" and having a teacher, a confidante, a hero, a harasser, a flirt (or two or three), a close friend, a husband, and clubbing friends.  I know there were people that took advantage of the naive, gullible, and honest newb, but I laugh at myself now.  I have gained valuable knowledge about online adventure and have met some very wonderful, caring and supportive people.  I also have memories at the Country Bar, of too much wine and Bud Lite on my sofa during Mrs. Blue’s parties and touring EvaRose's wonderfully decorated Smeet rooms.  I'll also never forget getting blocked by several users for starting a pillow fight at the Country Bar.  Who knew???


6)  By the way, considering I wrote your fake obituary (with your consent), do you think some people will have a harder time believing if you died in real life, and what do you want to say to those people? 

Answer:  My close friends know that I try to live life stress free; I take good care of my health and try to stay active, so if I should die suddenly and unexpectedly in real life, call the MSP (Michigan State Police) and point to the ex-husband (LOL).  To those people that may have believed I really died..."Sorry.  I'm an @ss.”


7)  Let's forget about Smeet for a few moments.  How did you and your husband meet and what do you and your husband do for a living?  Answer: My husband and I met at our place of employment and as for what we do for a living, my closest friends know.  Just one look at my Smeet profile or Facebook comments and one might say...."OMG!  I'm never trusting one of THOSE employees again!"  But on the serious side, a lot of employment situations require a person to "put on a face" for the public, or act a certain professional or political way.  Smeet is my outlet to be the lighthearted, sarcastic, wild, idiotic and immature imbecile that I truly am.  We all need a place to "let our hair down" and be ourselves. 


8)  As some of us know, you and your family recently moved to a new home.  So as far as traveling and family traditions, where do you and your family like to visit on a trip?  What does your family like doing together, and who do you want to spend your free time/vacation time with? 

Answer:  Yes, Jonathan, my family and I recently moved to a home in a nearby town just 15 minutes from our old home in the country.  What was once considered solitude, became isolation and what were once hobbies, became work.  Life changes and people must change with it.  We are enjoying the convenience and hustle of a new community.  Thank you, Jonathan, for your interest in our new home.  We are loving it.

My family enjoys animals, the outdoors, bike riding, visits to Lake Michigan, exploring new cities, eateries and museums.  All but one of us enjoy camping (I'm a motel amenities type of person).  We love our yearly trip to Shipshewana, Indiana to observe the Amish work their fields, do things the old fashioned way and enjoy a simpler way of life.  I love the horse auctions there, which I have to now pass up as our new neighbors would frown on livestock.  My family enjoyed 12 years of providing an animal rescue home for unwanted and uncared for horses, goats, sheep, dogs, cats and farm fowl.  We've also taken in injured or abandoned wild animals including a baby skunk.  We have since come to the realization that, because of economic conditions, there are a lot of children with unmet needs, so our focus has changed a bit. 


9)  Besides writing (we know you as a former Gossip Queen, and a great one I might add), what other hobbies and interests do you like to pursue? 

Answer:  I love horseback riding, health science, gardening, natural remedies, feet, wine, art and history museums, comedy clubs, casinos, the beach, walking and visiting new places.  I consider myself to be a well-rounded individual and quite adaptive.  I can go gambling or "hang" with the Amish, LOL.


10)  A lot of us are very used to seeing the lighter, funny side of you from your past articles and just by talking with you.  On a more serious note, what or who is the most important thing you want to tell people about life in general (words of wisdom, if you will)?  And when people meet you, whether in real life or online, what do you want them to remember the most about you? 

Answer:  Yes, Jonathan, I thoroughly enjoy making light of and finding humor in all of life's difficult situations.  While people may consider Einstein to be a genius because of his "theory of relativity", I hope people will remember me by my "theory on negativity".   If we dwell emotionally and mentally on all that is negative, that negativity spreads like an infectious disease.  Life is a stage play and we all write our own scripts.  Please...write some comedy into your performance!

I also encourage everyone to study Maslov's Hierarchy of Needs, the eight-stage model that was formed in the 1970s, and notice that nowhere is there a need for material wealth.  Our goal in life should be to help others to fulfill their needs, because when everyone’s needs are met, we create a positive environment for all of us in which to work and play.  That would truly be euphoric, eh?


11)  A James Lipton question:  If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Answer: I differ only slightly here in my beliefs, but I'm sure my guide will say something similar to... "Welp, SmuggleDiamonds, not a bad job overall, but you definitely need some tweaking (not at all similar to twerking).  Therefore, we must have a confab and decide who and where you will be in your next incarnation.  You are not perfect yet, but d@mn close.  How do you feel about coming back as a Gypsy?"

I've also promised to haunt a few people, and I prefer to keep my promises.

By the way, who is James Lipton?  I'll have to Google that.


12)  Is there anyone you'd like to holler at, or curse at (don't worry, because admin will edit the curse words out)?  Answer:  Why yes, Jonathan.  Thank you for this opportunity.  This goes to one of my Smeet friends..."esad, kmrfa, rih, I loathe you, karma, but most of all, may your God bless you, my friend."


Until next time, have fun and happy Smeeting!

This week's Smeet Wedding Spotlight...

The marriage of Kevin and Smexy!The marriage of Kevin and Smexy!

This week's wedding Spotlight couple is Smexy (id#14488506) and kevinity (id#10220218), who got married on April 25, 2014. I asked Smexy the questions below...



Where and When did you and kevinity meet? We met while doing tasks over a year ago.

When did you get engaged? December 2013.

How long were you engaged before you got married?  About 4 months

What kind of things do you and Kevin enjoy doing on smeet? We enjoy having bible reading every Tuesday and doing our tasks together and sitting talking and dancing in our room.  And we also enjoy playing games together .

Where did you hear about the officiant that married you? I knew moonlite a long time. She has been a friend for a long time and now we are Smeet sisters.

What did you enjoy most about your wedding?  I loved the vows we had and the Wedding was wonderful and marrying my love one.

Is there anything you would have changed about your wedding ?  No I wouldn't it was perfect.

I see you have been married 10 months.  How do you keep the relationship going ? By sitting down talking we can work out little issues and neither one of us will walk away we always work it out. That is what makes a relationship stronger .

Any plans for your One year anniversary? We have a ship that we had our wedding reception and our honeymoon on and Kevin wants to go there for our one year anniversary.

 Anything else you would like to say?  Just if you love your husband just try do things both of you like to do it will make you both stronger each day.




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