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Special Red Shells for Pearl Farm!

Do you want to complete your Pearl Farm quickly?Then there is some good news for you- The Special Red Shells are available in the Shop which would help you to complete your Farm quickly. You certainly cannot ignore this offer because they are being available at an all time best price.

Hurry up to finish up your Exotic journey! 

New Room: Opera House Sydney!


Our designers have outdone themselves by creating one of the most beautiful Room in the complicated history of Smeet. An almost exact copy of one of most famous monuments in the world i.e. Sydney Opera House. It is a great work of art available for Smeeters who want to make their home look great and also get thousands of Fame Points, its ideal for those who have lots of Boosts and need a room where they make a good investment.

As a reward you will receive an exclusive Badge and over 120,000 Fame Points. You can also enjoy a magnificent panoramic night view when the Room is complete. We recommend that you hurry up because the price will rise in the coming days.

Smeet is having a Role-Call!

Attention All Smeeters!

EN Smeet is currently looking for Volunteers! Do you want to contribute to a fun and international community by volunteering to be one of our badge-holders? Look no further!

Before reading on to which Roles we are calling for, please make sure that you fulfill all of these standards before you send us your application:

• You have a a clean record (no kicks) as of the past six months.

• Level 50 or above (an absolute must for Entertainers).

• Knowledge and experience in the 3D World.

• Ability to follow the Smeet ‘Code of Conduct’ and set a good example for other users


Journalist - Requires tapping into that creative writing side!: Journalists love to write about all Smeet-related topics, and have a chance to get their writings published in the blog!

  • Requirement: A 'Read All About it!' article on the newest Collection in Smeet' or a recent event thrown (minimum of two paragraphs)

Officiant - Must pertain a willingness to throw wedding events for Smeeters 18+, host Wedding events in their 3D Rooms (designed for weddings), and lastly submit ID's of the happy couples whom wish to have the Wedding badge.

  • Requirement: If you have thrown a wedding before, please submit images and three Wedding Rooms you have prepared in your 3D Home. If you haven't thrown a wedding, please submit images anyway to eventsen [at] smeet [dot] com

Gossip Queen - Requires tapping into that creative writing side!: Gossip Queens love to write about all Smeet-related topics, and have a chance to get their writings published in the blog!

  • Requirement: Lighthearted and fun gossip (anything Smeet related, but non-harmful to fellow Smeeters - minimum of two paragraphs)

Astrologer - Requires tapping into that creative writing side! Astrologers have their sights set on the stars! Astrologers love to submit monthly Horoscope articles for the blog!

  • Requirement: Send us September's horoscopes with an image to include in the blog (the image must be self-created and not used in any way from the internet)

Entertainer - Requires throwing weekly events in which all Smeeters can attend, and are invited! Playing unique DJ sets, throwing super fun contests, and allowing Smeeters to have a good time is an absolute must!

  • Samples of your collection i.e, : YouTube videos on sets, musical mixes, creative ideas for events (contests included), images of succesful events thrown sent through eventsen [at] smeet [dot] com


All applicants must send in a sample of their work in order to ensure a complete application through our Support Form . Please include your User ID and Nickname! Additionally, please only send one application - repeated applications will not be considered. The deadline for submitting applications is September 1st 2013 - anything sent after this date will not be considered.

A respective Admin will notify you on an individual basis if you have been selected as badge-holder, and will proceed with directions from there on out.

We look forward to receiving your applications! Good luck!

The Smeets are here!


There is something new in your favorite 3D World: Smeets! These are points that you can get with a good social behavior and by being interactive. Smeet is a game focused on  socializing, so from now on if you are an outgoing person, you will be rewarded! We all know that the level is based on the number of Fame points, so we now have the Prestige (social level), based on the number of Smeets!

There is an entire range of interactions and activities that will put your social skills to the test. True to the motto, "Help others to help yourself" now your social conscience has something to contribute in Smeet.
Keep in mind that all actions do not provide the same number of Smeets. It is for you now to find out how often and how many Smeets does an action reward!
In order to help you a little, we have compiled a list of various actions that can get you Smeets:

- Feed the pet of another Smeeter

- Become friends with someone

- Add Smeet greets on the Stream of another user

- Vote in style contest

- Invite another player to play with you

- Send Gifts


These are some examples showing how to increase Prestige. You will see quickly that there are other ways to get your favorite Smeets in 3D World! Remember, not all actions provide the same number of Smeets. Some actions will give you Smeets repeatedly, for others you can receive Smeet points only once a day!

Enjoy the game with this new feature!

Are you good in Photo Editing?

Do you think that you have a Talent for Graphic Design. Here is your chance to get recognized.Smeet gives you the opportunity to show the world what Talent you possess. Send us a picture of your creation on the theme of our new Public Room: Country Music. The picture should be in the size 125x125 and should reach before this Friday to eventsen [at] smeet [dot] com!

Just make sure the picture matches the them Country Music. The best picture will be displayed as banner.

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