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The Vault is Back!

The Vault is back! This time it is with Dimes! You can get it now by going into Smeet and helping us find technical bugs. They will be hiding in the Shops and Sights crawling somewhere in the Money Bin. We appreciate your help with finding them and would like to reward you for your effort! The Free Dimes Vault will bring you not only a lot of Fame Points, a Badge, and a Medal, you will also get back some of the Dimes you invested in it! What a deal!

Last Chance to Purchase Dimes with Coins!

To all Smeeters,

We are writing to inform you that up until Friday is the very last day that you can purchase Dimes with Coins! But fear not! Your chance to earn daily Dimes is still possible by doing tasks while logged into Smeet! We've been seeing some of you in Fireman Outfits to put out that flame in the Green Oasis and with Cell Phones to call the Smeet Police whenever you see that thief trying to rob innocent Smeeters in Shops and Sights!

There are tons of items in the Shop that you can purchase with the simple purchase of Dimes with Coins! Even now, there are exchange rates that are totally worth your buck! Check out some of the latest items in the Shop that can only be purchased exclusively with Dime such as:

- the College Handbag with Documents

- fun lovin' Pets

- and exquisite Furniture for your 3D Home

Has the Summer heat got you in a rather relaxed mood where doing tasks has seemed rather time consuming? Perfect chance to take your Smeet Coins and exchange! After Friday, all Smeeters will be unable to purchase Dimes with Coins! So hurry up if you've been eyeing some goodies in the Shop lately!

H-A-P-P-Y   S-M-E-E-T   U-N-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y W-E-E-K!!! Cool

Dimes are here!

Dimes - It is the official currency in Smeet. Some say it is hard to come by, but have you checked out the Dimes Exchange?!

Many users struggle in getting Dimes, but what they don't know is that they can take their other hard earned points and exchange them! Just simply click on the Dimes icon on your screen or go to Dimex after logging into Smeet! You can exchange all of the points you earn in other rooms for Dimes, and than go ahead! Spend it all in the shop if you like!

For example if you have 7 Space Points, today you can exchange it for 100 Dimes! Remember that Dimex works much like The Stock Market. The rates change daily so make sure to check them often! You can view all of the exchange rates by clicking on the yellow arrow to the right side of the Dimes Exchange window.

If you work hard in your rooms it is a perfect deal to get things for Free! Some of them require only about 20-30 minutes to receive all the points that you can exchange for 100 Dimes!

You don't have a certain Room which gives points available in Dimex? No problem! Just click on the link on the bottom left in the Dimex Exchange widow and it will take you to it! If it is a task room, it will even redirect you to complete the given task in order to receive the room!

Don't forget about other Daily Tasks which give you Free Dimes! Just work hard on your Beauty Salon and get 1000 Dimes per day! Or stop a thief in the Shopping District and earn another 200 Dimes daily! There are many more so be sure to have your eyes open!

Did you know that Dimes will give you access to exclusive items in the Shop? When you go to the Smeet store just check the Dimes icon to view them all!

Who said Dimes can't be free?

Addressing the issue of 10 000 Coins.

Dear Smeet Community!


Let us again express our deepest apologies for the technical error which occurred with the release of the Vault, and its potential reward. The prize was designed for users who would have finished the room. Due to an error, Smeeters who did not complete the Vault received 10.000 Coins. As a first measure of action, we took away the wrongly credited 10.000 Coins from all of the accounts which have gained the prize by mistake. We did this to prevent even bigger damage to our Community and our company!


We have been working very hard to find a technical solution to fix the problem and to be as fair as possible to everyone involved. With this in mind, we have decided to take the following actions:


- Every user will keep all of the items purchased by using the falsely credited 10.000 Coins, regardless of how many Coins they spent.

- Every user’s Coins account balance will be set to the correct amount before the falsely credited transaction of 10.000 Coins took place, and under consideration of potential top-ups / Coins recharges that may have been initiated.


In addition, to serve justice to everyone who worked very hard in the past to reach their level and status, we will do the following:


- Fame Points and Levels, which have been achieved by spending the falsely credited Coins, will be taken away.

- VIP & Gold VIP memberships which have been purchased with the 10.000 Coins will also be taken away.

- All users who signed up for new accounts to willingly take advantage of this error will be deleted.


Nobody has lost anything in relation to their in game status before the falsely credited Coins, but rather everyone will have gained a lot as every affected user will get to keep their new items, and will receive their previous Coins balance.


We do feel very sorry for the frustration and anger we may have caused our users with this technical error.


As a special apology we have an upcoming surprise for you until the end of the weekend! We keep you posted on the Blog!


As all these changes have to be run through our data base, we kindly ask you to be patient until Friday evening before contacting us regarding this matter.


At this point we also would like to thank all the Smeeters that made us aware of this error, and helped us by providing constructive feedback over the situation.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.


Yours faithfully,



Clarification of the technical problem in Smeet

Dear Smeet Community,


We would like to thank you for all of your feedback over the past couple of days. As we experienced technical difficulties a lot of you came forward and shared your opinions and concerns with us.


Over the weekend there has been a major issue with our newly added room, which most of you are aware of. Some users have gained an enormous amount of Coins which was destined to be a prize upon finishing the room. We appreciate you bringing it to our attention, and are thankful for your patience as we solve the problem by restoring your account balance.


At this time we are taking necessary actions in order to address the matter:


-          All of the Coins gained or lost through the technical bug will be credited back. When the room is completed we will reward you with the original prize of 10 000 Coins, as planned initially.


-          Users who have lost more than 10 000 Coins due to the recall will have the difference granted to their account.  


-          In our gesture of apology to users who had their purchased Coins taken away for a period of time, we will grant 100 Coins to your accounts.


-          Please direct your questions and concerns to our Support Service. We are here to address your thoughts and help you solve any further issues you may have.


We would like to assure you that it is our major concern to solve this issue in a timely matter. While we do so we would like to thank you for your patience and loyalty.   




Smeet Communications GmbH

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