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Stein Hats

You'll be the talk of the weekend parties, wearing one of these hats!  Only limited quantities are available!  Buy one before these cool hats sell out!

It's National Checker Day!

Yes, it really is! So how does one celebrate on Smeet?


Decorate a room with a checker theme:







Wear a checker themed tie:





Grab a soccer ball (football):







Share any other ideas you have!

Party on Smars!

If you missed out, you can visit Smars off the Green Oasis. Stop by Smars and check it out!

Missing an item?

Check your inventory!

In order to fix some of the technical problems, items might have disappeared from your rooms.  Have no fear though, the items should be in your inventory!

To access your inventory of items, go to your room and select "Edit Room / Open Shop"

Then click on "My Stuff"

You should find all of your items here, under the different tabs!


Sorry again for any problems you may have encountered.

We're sorry!

Errors on Smeet.

If you are encountering an error, we are sorry.  Please know we are working diligently to correct the problems.  Thanks for your understanding!

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