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Free Gold Fish for your Garden Hotel

Are you having trouble taming your Hotel Garden and moving on to the next Stage of your of Hotel career? If you are then Uncle Smilton has come through for you! A local pet shop is bursting at the seams with too many Gold Fish and would like to find their fish a new home as they have no room. Uncle Smilton knows the Hotel has an empty pond and has volunteered it to house the unwanted fish.

How much work is involved in welcoming the new fish?

As any aquarist will tell you fish are extremely demanding and take a lot of looking after, even gold fish! So much so that you will need a little help from your friends to make sure they are fully settled in their new environment. Once they are relaxed it is just the process of putting them in their new home and reaping the rewards.

What do I for housign these fish?

The Hotel Garden Gold Fish are now available in the shop and free. All they require is 10 Helps from your fellow Smeeters and 10 boosts they are then ready for the pond. Once in the pond they will reward you with 1,000 Fame points and 10,000 Garden Points which will either speed up you’re progress getting to the third Hotel Room or add towards unlocking that final Room.

Gold Fish are now free!: Uncle Smilton has found free gold fish for your hotel garden pondGold Fish are now free!: Uncle Smilton has found free gold fish for your hotel garden pond

Create your own Samurai Warrior Set!!!

Have you ever wanted to create your own Samurai Armor? Now is your chance to become an expert Japanese armor smith!

For a small fee you can build the new Path of the Samurai Room which gives you the chance to become a Japanese Blacksmith and be able to create 5 different wearable armor sets, all ranging in quality and expense. This is a 3d Room you will definitely want to invest time and money in whilst playing in our virtual world!

How does this Room Work?

The most important ingredient, when blacksmithing is Iron of course. First things first you have to mine for Iron Ore luckily the Room is situated right next to an iron mine, so send your Mine Cart on the far left to go and collect some. Once you have mined some ore you can smelt it into Iron Bars using the brand new Forge you just bought from inside the Smeet store. Whilst the bars are being smelted you will need to collect Bamboo as well from the forest just to the right of the blacksmith. With the Bamboo and Iron Bars all you have left to get now is the leather, cloth and gemstones. To acquire leather, cloth and gemstones you need to trade for it. Leather trader Li, fabric trader Bu and gemstone trader Baoshi are willing to do business with you, but they require Yen for their wares. This is where Armor Trader “Chen” comes in. He would like to purchase your excess unfinished blades and armor and is willing to pay a massive 5000 Yen and 100 iron ore. When you have sold your unfinished blades and armor it’s the case of using the Yen you just earnt to purchase the fabric, gemstones and leather. Use the Workbench to turn the materials you have just collected to make unfinished basic armor.

Now you’re producing basic armor, it’s time to turn them into a Japanese Samurai Armor set. Visit the Smeet shop and purchase the Armor you wish to create. The more elegant the armor the more expensive it is though. Then it’s just the case of changing the color of the Gemstones to match the armor set using the Gemstone Color Changer.

With a lot of hard work, time and expense you have finally completed your Samurai Armor Set!!!

How do I complete the Room?

You need to collect 500 medals which are awarded for completing the various Armor Sets and other wearable Japanese blacksmith items available in store. Having collected the 500 medals you will gain a massive amount of Fame Points and of course a Smeet Badge.

How much does this Cost?

The initial cost of the Path of the Samurai Room is a small fee of 69 Coins. Make sure to purchase an Iron Smelter to turn your iron ore into iron bars.  Then it’s just the case of purchasing the various Armour sets all of which vary in price. The most expensive but most extravagant costing 599 Coins. If you have run out of Yen the traders will except Dimes instead.

So log in now and try your hand at being a Japanese Blacksmith.

The Path of Samurai!!!: Make a Samurai Armor inside our 3d worldThe Path of Samurai!!!: Make a Samurai Armor inside our 3d world

Smeet Competition!!

Today, April 16 2014, we have an amazing competition where if you can beat all other Smeeters in one of the three different competitions we are holding you can win a fantastic prize.

What are the three competitions?

Most Interactions

Make the most interactions with other Smeeters and you can choose any avatar item in the shop for free. So send a “Kiss” interaction with the one you love, flirt with the “You are irresistible” interaction or show your appreciation for a funny joke with the “Haha!” interaction.

Most Prestige

The second competition is who can gain the most Prestige. If you are the chatty person who manages to gain the most Prestige you can choose any pet from the Shop for free! Chat with your friends in the online Rooms, click those Smeekiez and of course help those people requesting it. Make sure you check that Leaderboard to see if you are top.

Most Coins Invested

The final competition is who can spend the most Coins. The winner for this can choose any item currently available in the shop absolutely free! So if you ever wanted an excuse to go on a Smeet shopping spree now you have one!

Log in now and make sure you don't miss this wonderful opportunity to win a great prize while you chat with friends.

Good Luck!!!

Please Note: The prizes for the competition are only what is currently available in the shop. Items which cannot be awarded are sold out items and items which are limited to one per person. The competition ends 12.00 a.m. Central European Time.

Smeet Competition!!: Three different competitions to enter so make sure to enter!!!Smeet Competition!!: Three different competitions to enter so make sure to enter!!!

Special Gift for Gold VIP!!!

This month the gift for being Gold VIP is a fabulous Faberge egg for your avatar to hold and carry around.

You are not a Gold VIP yet? Do you want to enjoy the many benefits that it gives you?

• 20% discount on everything
• A VIP badge
• Exclusive accessories and objects
• More styles for your avatar
• You can see who has visited your profile
• Exchange coins with other Smeeters
• Get Fame Points faster
• 1000 coins every month (for subscriptions through PayPal)
• A new gift every month

Do not waste time enhance your friendly virtual world experience and become Gold VIP! How? It's simple: on the top of your screen, next to your username, there is a VIP logo. Click on it and choose the offer "Gold VIP"! Payment is easy just!

Gold VIP on Smeet: Become a Gold VIP and enhance your 3D world experienceGold VIP on Smeet: Become a Gold VIP and enhance your 3D world experience

Your Very Own Hotel By The Sea!

For all of you who have finished your 4 years as a Hotel apprentice it is time to build your very own luxury Hotel by the seaside. It is free, online and available now!

After working your socks off for Uncle Smilton in your apprenticeship you have finally completed the 4 year training program of your Hotel apprenticeship. Making beds, cleaning bathrooms and clearing up after guests in the Hotel Service Room. Getting the Hotel Garden back under control. Slaving away in the Hotel Kitchen making hundreds of guests delicious concoctions. Finally finishing your training by working the front desk of reception and showing your creative side by doing the marketing for the establishment. Now you have graduated and you know the insides and outsides of what it takes to run a Hotel it’s time open up your very own Hotel by the beach.

How do I build my very own virtual paradise?

In order to gain access to this prestigious Room you need to have of course completed the 4 different Hotel Rooms the Service Room, the Garden, the Kitchen and the Lobby you will gain access to Smilton Hotel Plaza a beautiful Hotel by the beach. Simply invest 500,000 boosters in building it from ground up and you will be rewarded a massive 100,000 Fame Points.

So login now to accept your reward for all your hard work!!!

Hotel Smeet: Your new luxury Hotel by the seasideHotel Smeet: Your new luxury Hotel by the seaside

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