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Angels vs Demons


The battle between the forces of good and evil is getting intense day by day. The Angels are still leading by 4% for now, but anything can happen in the coming days ...

Today we offer an element that will help you in the battle. Its the Magic mirror which has the power to double your Angels or Demons, give you lots of Fame Points and let you finish the room in record time.
Quickly get your mirror and make a difference for your side! A little more than a week is left for the final outcome which would decide whether Smeet is a community where the Angels rule or is it where the Demons dominate ...

International Competition in Smeet!

From today we officially enter the International Competition in Smeet, a challenge that consists of 5 rounds to be held in 4 weeks! Today we begin the first round and give little details about the second one:

1 . Get the most number of "Likes" in the Smeet Community Post by tomorrow afternoon (CEST)!

2 . Organize the best celebration of Smeet, i.e. the one with the largest number of users!

In the English Domain, we are planning a great party sometime during this week. Please get in touch with the Info Guides if you have some good ideas about the best time and theme, because remember we have to make sure we give a tough fight. We'll soon update you about the Event!!

We need to unite and show that English server is the best ;)

A weekend for cat lovers!


Did you not participate in our latest contest for dog lovers because you are a cat lover? Now is your chance! All those Smeeters who have 3 cats or more in their 3D home until Monday will win a grand prize consisting of a unique Badge, hundreds of Fame Points and some other surprise.

You have all weekend to fill up your 3D home with the intelligent and cute feline pets.
Please note that: Panthers, tigers and other felines will NOT be counted. MIAUUUUU

Choose your side!


The everlasting rivalry between Angels and Demons makes its way to Smeet - and you are right in the middle of it! After some days thinking about your favorite side, the moment has arrived: Go to the Mall Main Room in Shops and Sights and get the elevator to heaven or to hell. The competition will last 2 weeks. Help your side to win and you will get a great prize!!! (To win the prize you should help your side so you need to create at least one Angel or Demon!).
But which side are you going to choose?
Choose wisely because your decision is permanent!

Halloween Styles by (¯`••»¦λиĢϊϊʦ«••´¯)

Hello dear Smeeters!

Since Halloween isn’t far away, I’m going to give you some hints of creativity when you are getting dressed. Some of the ideas may not be in your taste, but I at least tried and hopefully you will like some of them. I will start with 6 outfits and if I can, I will send in more before Halloween ends!

The prices start at 40 coins & 8500 Dimes, and don't forget - you can Gift varied Halloween items in the Shop giving you more opportunities to mix and match to make your own style.

-  (¯`·•»¦λиĢϊϊʦ«•·´¯)

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