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Help Smek and his friends!

He will reward his Smeet friends with a special gift!

Read all about it here:

Smek needs your help!

It's a long journey back to Smars!

Smek and his friends are heading back to Smars and will not be available in the Shop after Wednesday, October 19th.  It's a long journey back to Smars, so help Smek get there faster and he will reward his Smeet friends with a special gift!   

How can you help?


  • Look for the picture of Smek and his friends and show Smek you want to help by clicking 'LIKE'.


  • If Smek's picture receives 100 Likes, he will reward his friends on Smeet with a gift!



Freaky Friday Special! First Up: Multicolor Modern!

Smeet will be offering you a Freaky Friday special every week! Every weekend, starting on Friday, Smeet will be offering you a new Freaky Friday Room. Each Room has been specially designed and decorated and this week we're presenting the Multicolor Modern! This room is a fun and fresh way to brighten up any 3D Home, and you save 50% off vs. buying all of the included items individually! If you want to take advantage of this Freaky Friday steal, just head to the Shop and click on the Room section. This offer only lasts through Sunday, so act now!

Last Chance - Sale in Paula's Pet Shop Ends Today!

Today is your last chance to save 20% off Pets in Paula's Pet Shop! Head over now!

ZooeyJ's Medieval Masquerade Ball! Update: Winners Announced

Come to the Medieval Castle off of the Green Oasis for a Masquerade Ball! ZooeyJ will be hosting a Ball at 3PM US Eastern Time in the Medieval Castle room, so come in your finest dresses or armor, and bring your most splendid Pets! There will be prizes and fun to be had by all!

Update: Congratulations to Andio, Formalhaut and KillerGoddess for placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Medieval outfit contest! And, our trivia winners Firefox & Tori84!

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