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Secret Santa comes back to Smeet!

Surprise a friend with a Christmas gift!Any good gift ideas, Smeeters?Any good gift ideas, Smeeters?

To celebrate this time of year properly, Secret Santa is an absolute must! Here's how it works!:

1. To participate, give your ID to a Guide by Monday 11th December.

2. The IDs will be mixed in a pot by the admins and you will receive an ID of the user you will have to give a present to! (But don´t tell him/her!).

3. Chose a present (between 50 - 350 Coins, please remember you need to have enough Coins to pay for it!) from the Shop and give the exact name, page and position in the shop to the Guide. You are even free to choose Limited items, but please make sure they are NOT Limited 1! You will have time to give this information to your Guides by December 21st

4. Receive a wonderful present at Christmas!

The Great Glouriams Bake Off!

Add a little magical 'spice' to your Christmas ingredients!There's some hungry-looking students knocking about the academy!There's some hungry-looking students knocking about the academy!

Ohhh can you smell that? The smell of freshly-baked cookies is in the air. It´s that special time of year again - everyone is busy decorating for Christmas, planning menus and baking scrummy Christmas cookies!

There are so many delicious types of Christmas cookies and special cakes that are specifically made at this time of year. Everyone is excited and enjoys the glamour and glitter of the days that are about to arrive. People also enjoy visiting Christmas markets, drinking hot tea and, perhaps most importantly, meeting with their friends and family.

Meanwhile, on Smeet, the smell of fresh cookies is also floating through our beloved community! If you follow it, you seem to end up at Glouriams Academy! The Academy is in full-on Christmas mood and everyone is busy baking 'magical' cookies. Go back and help your house to bake delicious cookies from different ingredients. Give them to the Christmas helpers and they will add a magical touch to it!

Are you hungry yet? Then go back to Glouriams Academy and start baking!

Events on the EN Server this week!

Fancy a party? Then check out this week's schedule!Any of these catch your eye?Any of these catch your eye?

A little later than planned, here is this week's EN events schedule! Make sure you check out as many as you can!


The creator of this schedule is DJ.• Zeιуиα •. (ID: 25415914), who has just been appointed as the new EN Entertainers and DJs Host! Congratulations to her, if you have any questions or suggestions for our events team then please contact her!


Interested in becoming a volunteer on the EN server? Tomorrow (30th November) is the deadline for the latest round of applications! Be sure to check out the callout blog and get your application in by then if you are interested!

Sad News from the Sporting World

Shock in tennis after the death of Jana Novotna

The Association of Professional Athletes (WTA) announced on Monday 20th November that the retired Czech tennis player Jana Novotna, Wimbledon champion 1998, died of 49 years after a long struggle with the disease.

"After a long battle with cancer, Jana died in peace among her family in the Czech Republic," the association said on its official website.

Novotna won the Wimbledon championship in 1998, beating the frenchwoman Nathalie Tauziat in the final. She also played twice in the English Championship, losing to Steffi Graf in 1993 and the Switzerland Martina Hingis in 1997.

Novotna was crowned champion in the doubles with her compatriot Helena Sukova in 1898 and 1990, with Arantcha Sanchez in 1995 and Hingis in 1998.

Novotna, born on October 2 1968, won 24 singles, 76 doubles, and the Fed Cup with Czechoslovakia in 1988. she has been also a member of the Hall of Fame Since 2005.

Steve Simon, the WTA press officer commented "Jana was an inspiration both on and off court to anyone who had the opportunity to know her. Her star will always shine brightly in the history of the WTA" 

Best Regards,


Challenge Special: The Double-Up

This week we have something new: The Double-Up! Instead of having the usual Challenge from friday until next week thursday, we will have two Challenges: One which will run from friday 12 pm until 9 pm on sunday, and one starting the day after (monday) at 12 pm and running until thursday 12 pm (the usual Challenge end).

None of these Challenges will be connected to a room. We can even tell you clearly what they will be: The first one is a Fame Point Challenge as you might have already seen, and the second one a Social Challenge!

For all intents and purposes, these Challenges count not as one but as two distinct Challenges, meaning if your Group wins both, everyone in it will receive Challenge Reward Boxes and Group Coins twice. Another exciting news: The Group Coins won through the Double-Up get a 50% Bonus!

The winners of the Double-Up will receive a unique Badge signifying their victory: Silver Double-Up Badge if you won one of the Challenges and Gold if you won both.

The Double-Up is a special event and will happen rarely. So if you are excited about the Double-Up Badges start getting ready for some exciting competition!

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