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Start anew in 2018!

New year, new resolutions!Got anything you really want to change in 2018?Got anything you really want to change in 2018?

Most people see New Year´s Eve as an opportunity to change something in their life. Sometimes these resolutions are just small things, such as getting in shape or eating healthier food. Some resolutions are a bit bigger, like getting a new job or moving in with a partner. Besides all this, there are more general wishes for the ones we love such as luck, money, love and health!

With the Wishing Well we want to give you the opportunity to earn plenty of good wishes for the New Year! You can put these wishes in different Tokens. From these you will earn Luck, Money, Love and Health, which you can put into different piggy banks. The Ladybug Piggy Bank will reward you with Fame Points, the Ox Piggy Bank with Dimes, the Dove Piggy Bank with Smeets and the Tortoise Piggy Bank will give you Boosts. With all the New Years joy you will be able to light the fireworks, allowing you to celebrate New Year´s Eve with a bang!


Happy new year Smeeters!