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An Interview with a Difference...

“20 Questions with WillKane, by WillKane for WillKane”Once again pushing Smeet journalism to unimaginable new highs...Once again pushing Smeet journalism to unimaginable new highs...

So what made you choose Smeet in the first place, and how long have you been on Smeet? After a long search through the bowels of the web for an interactive community game, I didn’t want a 3D download game again to which I became almost hopelessly addicted. So when I checked out the browser-based community games, Smeet was the only game I found where the avatars weren’t bobbleheads, but perfectly proportioned 2 1/2-dimensional avatars that never grow old. I've been on Smeet since January 2014, although not the whole time. There were days, weeks or even months when I didn't login, whether for reasons in real life, other gaming/community sites online, or just to take a break. I think that’s important to take a step back every so often so you don’t let your mind wander, or your emotions run rampant, or your pants drop to the floor.


If you can narrow it down to the best, most fun times you've had on Smeet, what would they be and who were they with? There are so many, most of which I’ve posted on Facebook groups All Things Smeet and Smeet Union. If you really want to know, then just join the groups and find out! Or you could read the articles on this blog for my past parties at My Tragically Fun Home on Smeet; just Google “WillKane Smeet Ladies Night” or “WillKane Smeet Taskmasters”, for example, and then click on the first result that comes up!


What are your interests and hobbies outside of Smeet? Besides writing creatively, I’ve taken up playing drums as of late. I also like getting on a site that rhymes with hoepox (hopefully none of you out there get that) on a game called The Streets where I casually walk up to unsuspecting hoepoxians and fake stab their avatars to “death” (it resets their character, that’s all) until they start saying things like “this mf”, “noob”, “why” and my personal favorite, “#### ########”.


If you were gay, who would your life partner be? Pat Sajak


If you had to pick only ONE kind of person you like to avoid on Smeet, what type would it be and why? The type of person I avoid is the one that harasses Smeeters and volunteers alike, boots Smeet admin off a Smeet admin-created Facebook group for Smeeters, and then claims it was the other way around. I don’t avoid the idiots because they give me great material with which to troll them.


If you were in charge of Smeet, what ONE thing would you change about it and why? I would have a "Pervert of the Week", a private ranking system broken down into several categories, from which I would publicly announce a random winner's name and ID at week's end for each category. Ranking criteria would include number of verifiable pervy remarks made both in action box and private chat, number of Smeeter reports of said perviness made to myself, innuendo of any sort, whether clever or not, and pervy interactions of any kind, including dances, skimpy clothing, or any combination of the above. Categories would be Actual Perverts, Wannabe Perverts, and Bad English-Speaking Perverts.


If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create? The Hila-Trump, so it can eat the middle and lower class and start WWIII


What is the wisest thing(s) anyone has ever said to you that still stays with you to this day, and how has that impacted your real life? Two things: my first boss said “You’re only stupid once, if you ask,” meaning that it’s better to ask a seemingly stupid question to understand something you’ve never done or been a part of before rather than not say anything and make a stupid mistake later. That advice, simple as it may seem, has helped me greatly in my professional life. The other thing is my old pastor saying “You don’t do right to be right. You do right because you are right.” To me, there are so many people, both in the past and today, who think they have to do things “the right way” in either a conscious or subconscious effort to offset their “dark side.” For me, that can never be good enough, because what is the exact standard for “good” or “good enough?” A true and permanent change has to come from within for someone to really do right, a change that is based on an absolute, true and unmoved Standard. As to what, or more importantly who, that Standard is, I leave that to you, the reader, to find out for yourself.


What part of a person do you physically look at first...and why? Note: this is a change from another similar question someone suggested to me the other day, because I’d rather not be shallow like that. To answer THIS question, the eyes, because I find this somewhat trite expression “The eyes are windows to the soul,” very true. I find MANY people who have a bovine look in their eyes. There is no twinkle or light of any sort in them, and while they may have some kind of personality, they are completely uninteresting to me, like they’re chewing cud and waiting to become hamburgers. On the other side, if I ever see a dark twinkle in someone’s eyes, I would avoid that person if at all possible since to me, no good can come of that interaction. I tend to look for those individuals who have a real light in their eyes, nothing false or deceiving.


What inspires you to write, and what inspires you to write as a Smeet volunteer? I’ve been inspired to write from growing up personally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and for fun. I tend to have my best ideas in the early morning to where I wake up for no reason, but can’t help but write it down while I’m still in that frame of mind. I have written about my personal and spiritual experiences in the past as well as social commentary. What inspires me to write as a Smeet volunteer is you, the Smeeter, and whatever I can do to help you, educate you, whether about Smeet or life in general, or make you laugh, or otherwise whatever else I darn well feel like writing about while linking it back to Smeet enough for admin to print my articles :)


If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be? Are you gonna finish that last bit of applesauce or can I lick it off your wrinkly face?


How do you choose the videos you play in "public" rooms such as the Tavern or Country Music? I choose the videos based on whatever bizarre, unpopular, funny or combination of those things in my brain that I feel like inflicting upon unsuspecting Smeeters at that point, especially when I get both a “WTF” and “LOL” response at the same time.


Your pets have interesting names. What inspired that? When I named my first pet, the hamster “Mr. Richard McFugger,” I wanted it to be not only unique, but weirdly funny and tempting to the point of drawing out a response. Like my second pet, the chipmunk “IEatYourFluffyNuts”, my pony, “RideMyPonyYouWenches,” (a former info even said “I will” once to that name, thus confirming her wenchery) , my discolored gold zebra, “DrankBadWaterWillDie,” my other discolored blue sheep, “ILoveLonelyShepherds,”, my pig “PorkFaggotsTasteGood” (if you don’t know what those are, just ask Captain Slaphead) or my white horse “AreYouHungLikeANoose (a play on words, ha)


Do you consider yourself a troll? Why or why not? Favorite "troll" moment? Yes and no. Yes, as far as counter-trolling idiot trolls or just trolling idiots in a playful, lighthearted way, a casual verbal pimp slap to their shrunken gray matter if you will. But no, in that I draw the line as far as keeping things above-the-belt so to speak and to only those things others do in public on Smeet, and NEVER against their real life loved ones. As to my favorite “troll” moment, I have so many, a lot of which I’ve posted on Facebook at some point. It’s hard to pick one because they’re all my ill-conceived babies. Instead, I’ll post one here that I haven’t posted yet as a pic with this article to answer this question.


If your avatar got stuck in one room for 24 hours and you could not log off, what room would it be and why? Public Toilets, because why not? When my avatar is so full of it, it really needs that beautiful release, and without having to wipe afterward!


What do you wear to bed? I would wear YOU, after I've had most of YOU for dinner.


A James Lipton question: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? I want Rod Roddy, the famed announcer from the old The Price Is Right days with Bob Barker, to announce me as “A new soul!” as a new car rolls out with my Maker at the wheel, saying, “You still need to walk in like everyone else,” then drives away.


When is your next party? This weekend, so stay tuned to Smeet’s Events section (found on the Calendar “12” icon at the bottom of your screen) and Smeet Facebook groups All Things Smeet and Smeet Union for details. Giving away 500 coins again to the winner of whatever my social icebreaker and/or ridiculous contest will be, with 25 coins to all other participants.


Is there anyone you like to shout out to, or anything in particular you'd like to say? No, I prefer not to shout, but talk in a controlled voice, saying “YOU ALL STUPID SUCKS!”


What is your favorite dirty-sounding clean word? Succulent


A special thanks to those Smeeters who happily contributed to these questions (they know who they are). Have fun and happy Smeeting!