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WillKane Interview with Missy Fab!

Missy, this is WillKane from Smeet. As a reminder, feel free to answer these questions as you see fit. Hopefully you'll enjoy this interview, thanks! Hiya Will, I'll answer these questions bit by bit…they’re not easy lol.


1. So what made you choose Smeet in the first place, and how long have you been on Smeet? It was my son who found Smeet and I came on his avi to see what it was all about. I didn't enjoy being a boy so I made my own avi and I've been here since November 2013.


2. If you can narrow it down to the best, most fun times you've had on Smeet, what would they be and who were they with? That's a hard question coz there's been tons of fun times...Nakey Fridays in the Tavern with Jenna, Slappy, Cole, Lushy, David, Jono, Megan, Snickers, Papi, Seren, Pikey…I think even Lolly got nakey once...being thrown out of the Tavern on French server with Lushy for riding our horses naked and shouting out “I am a potato!” coz it was the only thing I could say in French...oooo there seems to be a theme here lmao.


3. If you had to pick up only ONE kind of person you like to avoid on Smeet, what type would it be and why? The type of person to avoid on Smeet are bullies, women pretending to be men and vice versa … oh and any guide if I'm being bad.


4. At a certain point in life, you may or may not want a long-term relationship, but is there something you still want in a man? What things specifically are you looking for, if any, and what things have you learned from past relationships from which you feel others on Smeet or in real life would benefit? The one thing I want from a man is food, so he's gotta be able to cook…everything else I can get for myself. Batteries are cheap and they don't make a mess . Things I've learnt from past relationships...looks aren’t important coz they fade and we're all gonna end up with wrinkly old men that look like Yoda from Star Wars so choose a guy with a great sense of humour that you can share your wobbly bits with.


5. What is the most interesting thing or person you have had your lips touch and what made it so interesting? The most interesting person that my lips touched was a famous actor and what made it so interesting was that he was gay. He wanted to see what it was like to kiss a woman…he enjoyed it but I still couldn't turn him.


6. What are your interests and hobbies outside of Smeet? Hobbies outside Smeet are eating chocolate and anything with cream on it…oh and shaving my toes!


7. As a woman, what ONE thing do you wish a man in real life would do for you both inside and outside the bedroom (ha) to make your life happier and why?

Inside the bedroom, I wish a man would stop throwing my legs over his shoulders…I'm not moaning in ecstasy; I'm screaming in flippin’ pain! To make my life happier, just pull my nightie down when you've finished! Outside of the bedroom, I'd like a man to be a makeup artist and hairdresser so he could get me ready in the mornings...What's not to love about that!


8.What is the wisest thing(s) anyone has ever said to you that still stays with you to this day, and how has that impacted your real life? Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone…so the thing is no matter how down and upset you get, dust yourself off and try and find some laughter somewhere, even if it's only from reading my answers to your bonkers question lol.


9. As we all know, the past couple of years had quite a list of famous people pass on. If you had the chance to bring one of those people back, which one do you think we should have back and why? And which one did you think should have been on the list and why? David Bowie, because he still had so much more to give…he was so innovative, different and talented. A famous person to put on the list? Any of the Kardashians for giving us brainless television.


10. Is there any one you like to shout out to, or anything in particular you like to say? Okay, this might be controversial, but a special shout out goes to Paul AKA 2DamnFilthy...sometimes he can be so naughty but he's inherently good, lots of fun and Smeet has a lot to thank him for, so I know there's quite a few of us who would love to have him back. Final word...enjoy Smeet and have a flippin' laugh...hugssssssssss xxxxx.