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Fortune Cookie Fever with WillKane!

“How About Another Fortune? Oh Yeah, Fortune This!”

Hey all, WillKane here.  If you’ve been to a Chinese restaurant, you probably get those darn cookies that taste ok, but really you wait for that little message inside.  Usually it’s either something sort of inspirational but others are too Mr. Obvious or just…no (a few of them can be funny though).  So sometimes I just can’t help myself but to “edit” these fortunes for my gain and amusement, as you will see below.


I never understood why the blind can’t help the blind.  Then this fortune gave me the perfect setup to put my thought on paper:

Seems a bit drastic.Seems a bit drastic.Oh. Maybe Not.Oh. Maybe Not.





















On a side note, unless there is money to be won, lucky numbers picked at random aren’t so lucky to me.


I realize it’s important to work together with others in business and everyday life.  I remember when I was in my fourth year of college taking an operations management course where we compared cooperation vs. competition in a classwork exercise.  While the consensus was that cooperation was “better” than competition, I tended to disagree, and this fortune helped me articulate my views on the matter:

Classic 'take over the world' mentality here.Classic 'take over the world' mentality here.














For my most recent “fortune”, I had no room on it to share everything that I wanted, so I’m going to do that after this pic of it:

Seems like a sound strategy.Seems like a sound strategy.














Even though I’ve been in my prime since I was a zygote, my only question for the above is this: what if you couldn’t get to be in your prime until after you croak?  It’s not like all of us can be a Tupac and have 10 years’ worth of hits after taking a long dirt nap, or have a statue of yourself or abundance of wealth to pass on to posterity.  After thinking long and hard about this, if I hypothetically never had my prime in life, here’s how I could have it.  I would choose to have my unstiffened body bent into a perfect circle where my hands would go behind my back to touch my toes before being placed in a circular coffin.  There are a few advantages to this: I wouldn’t feel a thing, the people digging my future grave wouldn’t have to dig as long a hole, and given how anti-flexible I am in real life, achieving that kind of flexibility after I would pass on would really be the highlight of my demise.


So hopefully, each of you Smeeters can have the kind of “fortune” that I’ve had, or at least make the best of it.  Or even better yet, make your own fortune.  Until next time, have fun and Happy Smeeting!