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It's time to 'Trick or Treat?' in the Halloween Village!

Try and keep these demanding kids happy!That's a whole lotta candy...That's a whole lotta candy...

Trick or Treat?! You are a citizen of a spooky Halloween Village. Every year you invite children from all the around the world to spend an All Hallows´ Eve in your small village. Glorious.

This year, as always, you and the rest of the villagers have collected loads of Halloween accessories which the children can now use to get dressed up for their tour. It´s not Halloween without candy, of course, so you've also prepared all kinds of sweets!

At the end of these extensive preparations, however, one of the elderly women in the village expressed concern about all the sugar and decided to add something healthy to the buckets. Madness!

Unfortunately, it´s way too complicated to sort out the small candy bars, candies and lollipops. So you just have to hope that the kids will like the added Tofu Candy and don´t play vicious tricks on the houses they get it from! What could go wrong?

Aside from this, we have another little surprise for you - since Halloween is candy time, you now have the chance to collect as much candy as you can and earn extra Fame Points! The 20 users that have filled the most Halloween Buckets by 31st October will get a special Halloween reward...and the domain that has filled the most buckets will also earn 1 Point for the Smeet Halloween Games!

So grab the buckets and ready...set...go!