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Oversee the Rise of Avanthea!

Turn a fledgling settlement into a powerful kingdom!Pretty swanky castle you've got there sir.Pretty swanky castle you've got there sir.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming Lord of your own kingdom?

For a while now you've been ruling Avanthea, a nice, peaceful little settlement situated in a pleasant green land with glistering lakes, beautiful woods and mountains. The natural landscape protects you from threats from other settlements, but you have this constant feeling that you are destined for bigger and better things...

Now you have the chance to become a more powerful force! The natural resources around Avanthea have everything you could want for expansion. It´s the ideal place to build a bigger settlement.

Build farm houses, mines, quarries, lumbermills and barracks to plunder different resources and enable you to care for your ever-expanding population, as well as building your own impressive castle! Beware, though, of your adversary Lord Wolfkin. He's looking down from his castle up in the mountains and isn't likely to simply allow the rise of Avanthea without a fight! He's bound to be intent on destroying your settlement and seizing your resources for himself...

Defeat him and solve a number of other tasks and earn a truckload of Fame Points!