The Santa Plata Presidential Election is here!

Three different candidates are vying for your vote!Politicians. Who'd trust 'em?Politicians. Who'd trust 'em?

You may already be aware that the island republic of Santa Plata has the small matter of a presidential election coming up this weekend! Somehow all Smeeters have found their way onto the electoral register, so you have a say in the future of this beach paradise!

Today you will receive a ballot with which you can vote for your favourite candidate! The candidates are as follows:

António Ranchero: 'Equality, fraternity, freedom, these are the pillars of a functioning state. If you vote for me, I will bring all these important values back to Santa Plata.'

Héctor "Daddy Loco" Batista: 'Party and Fun! that´s what life is all about. If you have enjoyment in your life everything is better! Vote for me and the fun will never stop!'

Maria Militia: 'Santa Plata needs a strong leader. Someone that values its potential and guides it into a brighter future! Vote for me and I will be a strong leader for a strong nation!'


Choose the voting booth of your favourite candidate from the Shop (available on Saturday) and vote with your ballot for him or her. You can also purchase more ballots if you feel really strongly!

You can vote until 10th July, and don´t get confused - you will be able to see all the candidates in the Shop too but you won´t be able to buy them! After we've counted all the votes, we will activate only the new president of Santa Plata. If you voted correctly and your candidate won the election, you will be able to purchase the candidate (for Dimes) with your vote!

So take part in the election this weekend and decide on the future of Santa Plata!