Make the Oriental Bazaar the place to be!

It needs a bit of a refurbishment to ensure business continues to grow!Add some oriental flair to enhance the customers' experience!Add some oriental flair to enhance the customers' experience!

A bazaar can be a very puzzling place, with the hustle and bustle of everyday business sometimes hiding the exotic side of a desert town market. You can often find a wide variety of goods in a bazaar - spices, colourful fabrics, food, jewelry - pretty much anything your heart desires!

The word bazaar means “the place of prices” and has a long tradition, especially in the Middle East. The first historical records documenting the concept of a bazaar stem from 3000 BC. They were built along trade routes to ensure they always had easy access to the freshest and newest goods.

Our Oriental Bazaar is also a nice looking, exotic marketplace, but we think it could really use a bit more oriental flair! The mountebank will help you entice more costumers, which is important for your market stalls. Guide the customers to the correct market stall so they can purchase the item they are after. In return, you will earn Dinars.

Invest these Dinars in your bazaar and give it a bit of a makeover. This includes raising some banners to help with advertising and make your Oriental Bazaar the most famous in Smeet!