Restore the Museum of Mosaics and Tiles!

The grand hall in this legendary museum has been left in a sorry state...that's where you come in!The end result will make all your hard work well worth it!The end result will make all your hard work well worth it!

Mosaics have a very long history. They have long been, and still are, used as decorative art or as interior decoration. Most are made of small, flat, roughly square, pieces of stone or coloured glass. The technique looks amazing, but it also makes it very difficult to maintain and restore.

Most ancient mosaics show a specific person or scene. Some of the most famous mosaics depict gladiatorial contests, animal hunts and other scenes from everyday life. They help historians and archeologists understand how people used live.

Now take a look at this beautiful old hall, part of Smeet City's legendary Museum of Mosaics and Tiles. It´s such a pity that it has been abandoned for years, but that's where you come in Smeeters! It looks like it's going to be a lot of work to restore the old room, but if you take a closer look at all the mosaics you will see that it´s absolutely worth your time!

So pick up the new room, grab your restoration utensils and let´s get to work!