Barista needed at the Milk and Sugar Coffee Shop!

It's a caffeine challenge like no other!Coffee beans, donuts, cakes...WE'RE HUNGRY!Coffee beans, donuts, cakes...WE'RE HUNGRY!

Most people like coffee. With or without milk, with sugar or without, or maybe even adding different flavours. The variations are endless and each one is as tasty as the other!

Making good coffee also requires a good Barista. The word “Barista” is actually an Italian word and means “bartender”. He or she is the one preparing the coffee and responsible for the grinding of the beans, the extracting of the coffee and the frothing and pouring of the milk. Making good coffee, especially without a machine, is a challenge and the Barista has to know a lot about the coffee beans, the grinding methods, the roasting and the whole brewing process to ensure that he or she gets the desired result!

Baristas from all over the world also have the opportunity to show their skills at the World Barista Championships. They have to compete against other Baristas from their own country first, before taking their skills onto the world stage!

This Championship is held annually at varied international locations. Today you will need to recruit a Barista of your own for your new business, the 'Milk and Sugar Coffee Shop'! Get coffee beans, milk and different coffee machines and brew the different types of coffee your customers desire.

Don't forget - coffee usually comes with cake or something sweet! Make sure you can offer your customers donuts, cakes and biscuits to order with their coffee.

Ready to run your own café? Then get the new room and start brewing the best coffee in Smeet City!