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Good plane fun at Hangar S30!

Those magnificent men in their flying machines!Sick plane that is mate.Sick plane that is mate.

Most people love flying. It´s an awesome feeling to be in the sky, looking down on the world around you. If you look down, everything seems so small, the clouds look like puffy candy floss and if you fly in the morning you can witness the most beautiful sunrises. Absolutely lavish.

Flying is fascinating, but the planes that make it possible are too! Their complexity and their power are often shown off in airshows which delight huge crowds of people. To maintain planes takes a lot of work but can also be a lot of fun.

Are there any budding handymen out there? We've got some fun in store for you this week. Just outside of Smeet City there is a small airfield where two-seated planes can land. There are also a few small hangars to service planes.

Hangar S30 is one of the oldest, and a dream for every plane lover. There is an old and shabby-looking plane knocking around just waiting for some care and attention! Nobody has looked at it in a long time but there is a real gem hidden under that shabby surface.

So take a look around the old hangar and pack everything you need in your toolbox. Then start with your inspection. We are sure you will need some new airplane components as the old ones are broken or already too old. You will also need something to fix the holes in the plane. So you need some aluminum sheets to repair it.

Got everything you need? Let´s get to work then! Have fun, Smeeters!