Restore the color to Blub Village!

Some rascal has drained this beautiful place of its bright facade!I enjoy a White Party as much as the next man, but this is ridiculous...I enjoy a White Party as much as the next man, but this is ridiculous...

Colors play a very important part in our lives, even if we often don´t take the time to appreciate them. They help us separate things from each other, keep us safe (on traffic lights, for example), and can influence our mood or be used to describe a certain feeling. Pretty useful stuff.

A short way out of Smeet City sits a beautiful small village populated by friendly creatures known as the Blubs. Right now, however, our colorful friends are having a bit of trouble - someone has sabotaged the Source Crystal that gives Blub Village its vibrant, bright colours, stripping it down to a white wasteland! It's all a little plain and boring. NOT COOL.

The Blubs have never been known for their ability to remain calm in a crisis, and have become rather sad and afraid that they will never get their beautiful colors back. So it's down to muggins (that's you) to lift them out their funk!

If you can motivate the Blubs with Fuchsia Berries, they will give you some basic colors. Using these you will be able to create all the different missing colors and use them to paint the different parts of the village. Job. Done.

Or not! There is still one question left! Who sabotaged the Source Crystal? The pesky villain left colored footprints around the Smeet world. Follow them, track down the culprit and you will be well rewarded!

Good luck, Smeeters!