It's time to jive on down to the Beehive!

Get to work with the bees and produce as much sweet, sweet honey as you can!Good job these bees are friendly or it would be quite a sticky situation...Good job these bees are friendly or it would be quite a sticky situation...

Loads of people are afraid of bees. The poor things have garnered quite the negative reputation, but these little helpers don't really set out to hurt anyone! What's more, they are actually very important - they don't just produce delicious honey, they also take care of the pollination of different flowers.

But do you know how a beehive works? There are different kinds of bees: worker bees, drones and the queen bee. Worker bees have various tasks. They clean the honeycombs, feed the Bee Larvae and produce wax to build more honeycombs. When they are old enough they work as guards at the beehive. In this period of time they make their first trips through the surrounding environment of the hive. This helps them to find their way through the meadows when they are ready to collect nectar. They also make sure that the drones and the queen bees are always comfortable and have enough to eat. It's an aristocracy, I tell ya!

The only purpose of the queen bee and the drones is to make sure that there are enough offspring to keep the beehive alive. Bit boring really, no?

So are you curious to experience the inside of a beehive? It is now possible on Smeet - purchase the new room, bring it to life and produce as much delicious honey as you can!