The Great Glouriams Bake Off!

Add a little magical 'spice' to your Christmas ingredients!There's some hungry-looking students knocking about the academy!There's some hungry-looking students knocking about the academy!

Ohhh can you smell that? The smell of freshly-baked cookies is in the air. It´s that special time of year again - everyone is busy decorating for Christmas, planning menus and baking scrummy Christmas cookies!

There are so many delicious types of Christmas cookies and special cakes that are specifically made at this time of year. Everyone is excited and enjoys the glamour and glitter of the days that are about to arrive. People also enjoy visiting Christmas markets, drinking hot tea and, perhaps most importantly, meeting with their friends and family.

Meanwhile, on Smeet, the smell of fresh cookies is also floating through our beloved community! If you follow it, you seem to end up at Glouriams Academy! The Academy is in full-on Christmas mood and everyone is busy baking 'magical' cookies. Go back and help your house to bake delicious cookies from different ingredients. Give them to the Christmas helpers and they will add a magical touch to it!

Are you hungry yet? Then go back to Glouriams Academy and start baking!