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Challenge Special: The Double-Up

This week we have something new: The Double-Up! Instead of having the usual Challenge from friday until next week thursday, we will have two Challenges: One which will run from friday 12 pm until 9 pm on sunday, and one starting the day after (monday) at 12 pm and running until thursday 12 pm (the usual Challenge end).

None of these Challenges will be connected to a room. We can even tell you clearly what they will be: The first one is a Fame Point Challenge as you might have already seen, and the second one a Social Challenge!

For all intents and purposes, these Challenges count not as one but as two distinct Challenges, meaning if your Group wins both, everyone in it will receive Challenge Reward Boxes and Group Coins twice. Another exciting news: The Group Coins won through the Double-Up get a 50% Bonus!

The winners of the Double-Up will receive a unique Badge signifying their victory: Silver Double-Up Badge if you won one of the Challenges and Gold if you won both.

The Double-Up is a special event and will happen rarely. So if you are excited about the Double-Up Badges start getting ready for some exciting competition!