International Dance Contest!

International Dance Contest!

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International Dance Contest!

With all the cool dance styles in Smeet we have been seeing a lot of you rock out and shake it! This calls for a Dance Competition!

Rules: 8-10 people create a choreography with each of the past five dances released in Smeet. Every contestant should be dressed according to the dance they are representing, and of course needs to have the same dance style the group agreed upon. Then you just need to film all the hot moves of your group and send it to us by May 14th, 10 pm CEST (Barcelona time).

Please join the group on Facebook where you can submit your videos concursointernacionaldebaile/


The winner will be announced on May 16th, 2013 on our Blog and Zielo Radio. The winning group takes it all:

8000 Dimes

30 Days VIP


A personalized blog post



So gather up your friends and get shakin'!