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Budding Music Producers...Check out the Sound Studio!

The latest room in Smeet gives you the creative freedom to mix your own sick track!It might not be Abbey Road, but the Smeet Sound Studio is ready to host some musical legends of its own!It might not be Abbey Road, but the Smeet Sound Studio is ready to host some musical legends of its own!

Every musical genius, no matter how extraordinary they are, needs a top-notch producer to bring their musical talents to fruition. The keyboard, drums and the microphone are all waiting for you in the Sound Studio to record your own mix!

Just by using melodies, vocals and beats that you can receive from the sound production items on the recording tools, you can earn yourself a cheeky 1,500,000 Fame Points! Nice little earner there!

The sound production items also reward you with Dimes, Boosts or additional Fame Points, depending on which type of items you decide to use! So c'mon, what are you waiting for? Free Dimes daily, an epic amount of Fame Points, and a unique musical badge are all waiting to become yours!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, by Silky Smooth

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

According to the American Cancer Society, every 2 minutes a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer, but did you know that men also get breast cancer?  Regardless of your age or sex you should always do self breast exams (chest for men) to detect the disease in its early stages. 

You should alert your health care professional if there is any change to how your breast or nipples feel.  Look for -

  • Nipple tenderness
  • A lump or thickening in or near the breast or underarm area
  • A change in the skin texture or an enlargement of pores in the skin of the breast

Any kind of lump in your breast is important to bring up to your doctors.

Also, if you family has a history of breast cancer, then you should have a discussion with doctor of what kind of preventive measurements you should take. It is very important that you discuss any kind of concerns with your doctor.

Smeeters came together for the cause last year!Smeeters came together for the cause last year!


I was 7 months pregnant with my son when I found a lump in my breast.

I told my Doctor about it and he said it might be because I was pregnant.  But I insisted that he have it examined and tested, and I am very glad I did because week later he told me I had Stage 3 breast cancer.


It was very shocking to get the news.  Here I am expecting to deliver my child in a couple of months and I get told this.  My first words were "Will my son be ok?"


I met with a breast cancer doctor and an oncologist right away.  My medical team decided it would be safer if I was induced a month early, so as to allow me to start chemotherapy earlier.  After my son was born in October, healthy and handsome, I started chemo right away to reduce the size of my tumor. 


After 3 months I had to have 2 modified radical mastectomies.  This involved the removal of the entire breast, including the breast tissue, areola, nipple and most of the underarm lymph nodes.  It felt like I was hit by a Mack truck.  I stayed in the hospital for almost a week, while my hubby took care of our new born son.


I went on to get almost 2 years of chemo, reconstructive surgery, and a month of radiation.  It was not easy at all, doing all this, while raising a newborn, laundry, making meals, etc, while my hubby worked nights.  Our family lived to far to come and help me.  I had lot of ups and downs during the years. 


Even after everything was done, I still had complications where I had to go back to the hospital for checkups and treatment.


Through it all it was my online friends that were there for me to give emotional support, and a few of them I met on Smeet.  So never let anyone tell you that you don’t become close to people on Smeet, that they are just pixels.  I had a few who proved this wrong.  When I stayed at the hospital a couple of years ago due to some complications, I received flowers from couple of my Smeet friends.  One of them was our very own Heaven Sent. 


So this is my story. Hope you learnt something from all this.

A team effort!A team effort!

A brave fight.A brave fight.

New Announcements for Smeet Groups!

Read on for news about Group League items, Group League badges and more!

Sirs and madams, it is of vital importance that your finest bling is on show. For real.Sirs and madams, it is of vital importance that your finest bling is on show. For real.


Some breaking news from Smeet Groups...the new Group League items have arrived! These rewards can be obtained using Group Coins, but only once you reach the league associated with that reward. And yes...the numbers you see in the game are correct! Reaching the higher leagues is a grand accomplishment, so the rewards reflect the difficulty. In fact, we thought it was perhaps a bit too hard and so have rebalanced the score change that takes place upon a win or loss. The higher leagues are now definitely within reach should you keep up a good win-rate!

Oh, and by the way, the Group League badges represent feats of such magnitude that we did not want them to be placed in the 'Badge' section on your profile after all the other badges you may have (many of our experienced users have collected a not-insignificant number over the years!). Consequently, these six badges will display right at the start of your 'Badge' section and will tell everyone who looks at your profile what you've accomplished!

Finally, remember that we have a new challenge up and running right now! Log on to Smeet and check out how your group is doing in collecting the Carpentry Points! Prove to all the other groups that your group is a tough nut to crack and the one deserving the top spots and therefore the most exclusive items in Smeet!

Get Hands-on in the Brand New Carpentry!

It's time to put those DIY skills to the test in your bid to become a professional carpenter! Start your own carpentry workshop by simply buying the brand new room available in the Shop for only 15 Coins!Loads of work to be done, but the rewards could be very profitable indeed!Loads of work to be done, but the rewards could be very profitable indeed! 


Who remembers woodwork class at school? The poor teacher often struggled desperately in vain as they tried to get 30 rowdy 13 year-olds to construct something as simple as a mirror frame. Then the class clown usually took a prank too far and an unlucky classmate ended up with a nail in their hand, wood chippings in their eye, or something else potentially nasty that all the other kids nonetheless still found hilarious. Children. Gotta love 'em haven't you?

Well you can now recreate these fond memories with the brand new Carpentry room on Smeet! Once you step inside you will suddenly feel surrounded by a magical autumn atmosphere, the perfect feel to accompany the sound of your woodwork. The first goal is to accomplish providing yourself with a proper carpenters outfit and tools to carve and shape wood. Once you have enough of them you can get your own production started!

Using the boards (you will find them already inside the carpentry when you buy the room) you will be able to develop three different pieces of furniture that allow you to prove yourself as a Master Carpenter. Style, innovation and practicability will be all you need to create your own furniture collection, although a bit of sweat on your brow might also be required! The authentic pieces of furniture you make can then be used for the interior design of your 3D home! On top of that, your hard work will be rewarded with 3,500,000 Fame Points, all included in the room upon initial purchase!!! Last but not least, completing the tasks will also mean 3 legendary carpenter badges will adorn your profile, to remind everyone of the dedication and effort you showed!

What are you waiting for? Become a talented Smeet Master Carpenter and level up on Smeet!

Tombola Results!

The results of last week's Tombola are here! Did you end up rising to the top of the pile?Didn't win this time around? Brush yourself off, dust yourself down and come back stronger next time!Didn't win this time around? Brush yourself off, dust yourself down and come back stronger next time!


Find out below!:


1st)  sokolataki71 (ID: 26743145) - Gold Tombola Badge! PLUS 2000 Coins and 50,000 Fame Points!

2nd) Maïa (ID: 26126151) - Silver Tombola Badge! PLUS 1500 Coins and 30,000 Fame Points!

3rd) japheth (ID: 16295016) - Bronze Tombola Badge! PLUS 1000 Coins and 15,000 Fame Points!

4th) JohnnySplash (ID: 23248784) - Wooden Tombola Badge! PLUS 500 Coins and 10,000 Fame Points!

5th) Moon Frogner (ID: 6603173) - 250 Coins and 5000 Fame Points!

HUGE congratulations to you, your prizes should be with you now!

And as usual, there is something for everyone who participated - 300 Boosts, 300 Dimes and 300 Fame Points!


Thanks again to you all for taking part, and we hope to see you on the winners board for the next tombola!

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