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Smeetovision Tombola Winners!

Who stole the glory, and who ended up with 'nil point'?Smeetovision Winners - Turkey. Eurovision Winners - Sweden. Tombola Winners - YOU?Smeetovision Winners - Turkey. Eurovision Winners - Sweden. Tombola Winners - YOU?

So the excitement is over, and we can all go back to listening to normal music again. BOOOOOO

Anyway, congratulations to TURKEY on their fantastic Smeetovision win, but also to nice24 who represented the EN server with absolute aplomb! Great job!

Anyway, the results of the Smeetovision Tombola are now in, so without further ado, here are the top 3!:


1st)  Berrinchuda (ID: 25839695) - Gold Tombola Badge! PLUS 2,000 Coins.

2nd) Joanne (ID: 8554185) - Silver Tombola Badge! PLUS 800 Coins.

3rd) Walker (ID: 25780461) - Bronze Tombola Badge! PLUS 200 Coins.


HUGE congratulations to you, your prizes should be with you now!

And as usual, positions 4th-24th take home a Wood Tombola Badge and 3000 Fame Points each! PLUS For everyone who participated, there is the Wood Tombola Badge, 300 Fame Points, 500 Boosts and 1000 Dimes - so unlike Germany and Austria at Eurovision 2015, nobody goes home empty handed!


Thanks again to you all for taking part, and we hope to see you on the winners board for the next tombola!

Italian Fashion Contest!

From Rome to Milan, Italy is one well-dressed nation!That gold and brown outfit is SUPERB. Just. Superb.That gold and brown outfit is SUPERB. Just. Superb.

A new exclusive collection has just arrived in Smeet, not only giving you the chance to dress up in some of the classiest and most elegant clothing we have ever produced, but also the chance to win a voucher for items from the Shop worth 1,000 Coins!

To take part, simply choose your favorite 3 items from the Italian Fashion collection and combine them in an outfit, along with any other items from your wardrobe that you think make you look EXTRA 'GRANDE'! Then get the FREE White Digicam, that can also be found in the Shop, take a picture of your awesome Italiano-style look and send it to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com! You have until Sunday 31st May to send your entry in, and hopefully you will become one of the 5 winners who will receive the following!:

1) 1,000 Coin Voucher for items from the Shop (except for limited 1 items)
2) 800 Coin Voucher for items from the Shop (except for limited 1 items)
3) 500 Coin Voucher for items from the Shop (except for limited 1 items)
4) 200 Coin Voucher for items from the Shop (except for limited 1 items)
5) 100 Coin Voucher for items from the Shop (except for limited 1 items)

Last but not least, every winner and every participant that sends us his/her look will get the Mister or Miss Italy badge!!! HOLY POMODORO!!! Just make sure you don't miss out!

Smeetovision is here!!!!

The event we have all been waiting for takes place tonight!Get behind the singer representing YOUR domain!Get behind the singer representing YOUR domain!


The stage is set, the crowds are buzzing and the hosts have ironed their best clothes - the Smeetovision Song Contest 2015 is about to begin!

The final will be tonight (Friday, 22nd May), at 18:00 CET in the Polish server DJ Battle Arena! You can reach the room really easily - just follow your Admin (Wild Rover, ID: 26483800) or just click on the link below!

Either way, get ready to support the EN domain, (maybe dress up in the colours of your country!) and to have a great time at this wonderful celebration of music and culture!

Not a singer? The Tombola is your chance to win!

The Tombola accompanying the singing contest of the year is kicking off!Conchita Wurst point blank refused to perform in our casino. What. A. Diva.Conchita Wurst point blank refused to perform in our casino. What. A. Diva.

Aaahhhh Eurovision. How we love you. An annual gathering of the weird, wonderful, wacky and at times, frankly, deeply concerning elements of European music and culture.

Cheesy pop songs sung by stunningly blonde Scandanavians, off-key dirges sung by middle-aged men straight from the forests of Eastern Europe (he's a superstar at home, honest!), the horrendousness of whichever poor soul has been convinced to represent the U.K. ('why don't Oasis just enter? I don't get it!' - one of the great mysteries of my childhood) and, of course, the act that is so hilariously obscure that it instantly becomes a viral internet sensation. And trust me. There is always one.

Plus, appearing for the first time this year, a contestant from Australia!? Logic behind that one on a postcard to me please...


Anyway, you may have seen us running our very own (and far superior, obviously) talent contest right here on Smeet, in the form of Smeetovision 2015 (happening this Friday 22nd May, 18:00 CET in the DJ Battle Arena on the PL server). However, if your singing is so bad that your cat actually runs away from home for a week after hearing your rendition of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, but you still want a chance to win big in Smeetovision week, we have just the thing for you. A new round of our EPIC Tombola!

We have a great list of prizes ready to be claimed by Smeeters, as detailed below. Plus, we are launching the Tombola with a special offer ONLY FOR TODAY: Tickets will cost 5 coins, before returning to the normal price of 10 Coins from tomorrow!

1st)  Gold Tombola Badge! PLUS 2,000 Coins.

2nd) Silver Tombola Badge! PLUS 800 Coins.

3rd)  Bronze Tombola Badge! PLUS 200 Coins.

4th-24th) Wood Tombola Badge! PLUS 3,000 Fame

FINALLY a consolation prize, for all participants, of the Wood Tombola Badge, 300 Fame Points, 500 Boosts and 1000 Dimes!


So get yourselves involved! And, for those that are Eurovision inclined, enjoy the show. Obviously, I was just joking before about all the music making me want to bury my head in the sand. I love it.


I'd lock the cat in the bathroom though...


Horoscopes with Hexen_Tanz88, our new Astrologer!

2015 It's a year full of fire and passion, and we get to choose how that passion is applied. If we don't participate, the world won't wait around for us. This year, we get to zero in on our personal passions and bring them closer to fulfillment. Let’s get started and pick each zodiac in full depth and let’s talk about love.

What's in store for you this month?What's in store for you this month?

Aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18: There's a lot of magic at home this month, Aquarius. An almost severe sense of responsibility and drive to take care of practical business could cause strain early in the year, but this will gradually dissipate as you remember how easy it is to work together as you always had. Your trust for one another will greatly increase. Like magic, you'll both see eye to eye and nearly read each other's thoughts. You'll have no secrets from one another, nor want any. This is the month of trust and responsibility for Aquarius. You’re summer will be fun and exciting as lots of parties will be given if not perhaps a much needed one on one vacation is in order to get the guest list ready or start planning that vacation. I recommend a nice tropical cruise for the ultimate relaxation. Aquarius gets along with most all signs of the zodiac but its best match is Gemini. Once these two are together, they may never part. You both enjoy planning and designing methods to achieve success. Shared view-points, common interests and social activities are the key elements in this relationship.

Pisces Feb 19 - Mar 20: If you've ever dreamed of taking a leap to further yourself, than this is your month! Fresh, unexpected opportunities are everywhere, and doors will magically open for you. Luck is coming your way so don’t forget that all most important “Thank You” for all the luck coming your way this month. This is your month Pisces so be the best you and let everyone grieve in envy as they will strive to become what you are but most unfortunately will not get to your success. Friends and Family will gather around this month to celebrate all you have accomplished and they like you, will take great pride in your achievements. Pisces match greatly with Taurus. Romantically in-tune, they’re in love paradise. This relationship is on the boil all the time due to the strong physical attraction between the two. This can lead to some fast and furious pursuits of each other

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19: You bring a lot of passion and drive to any relationship, but this year you’re most penetrating desires and needs may be hard to express openly. Complicated situations early in the year might result in confused feelings and it's not always clear how to voice your concerns. Don't worry - you're not losing your edge or passion. Rather, you're getting a glimpse deeper than usual into the emotional jungle that is a part of everyone's life. You and your partner may experience something of a breakthrough or progress toward even greater intimacy and commitment, or simply more honesty, with the September 27 Lunar Eclipse. Sometimes it's the bonding of souls; sometimes it's merely putting the toothbrush back in its holder or changing the toilet paper on an old roll. Regardless, and however long you've been together, know that you both are learning deep, important lessons in love this year and will strive towards greatness. Aries has a wide compatibility range especially with one another. An Aries-Aries relationship can be spice full yet fulfilling. This month will be a great month for the love department so don’t be discouraged you will not be neglected.

Taurus Apr 20 - May 20: These two months are a great year for Taurus to begin something new and maybe choose a new direction for some part of your life. Mentally, you may have been preparing, some may not, but now's the time. Maybe that promotion at the office you always wanted will take effect. Be bold, confident, and take charge of your life. This is the month for you to succeed and overcome all obstacles thrown your way. Don’t let your guard down if a “NO” is shouted at you. You will not take no for an answer and will strive until that all important Yes is given. Taurus is best matched with Cancer. Bravo a complete match a winning formula they can fall in love and be happy ever after with minimal fights as they both love, love.

Gemini May 21 - Jun 20: These are the two months alright and it’s an exciting two months at that, Gemini, when relationships blossom, opportunities for personal growth and maturity thrive, and friends and family become more cherished.  As blazing and energetic as the month begins, you have plenty of built in pauses to stay on track and take care of all those people and things you love. Gemini will be extra social these next moths and perhaps if we have a single Gemini among us they will find their significant other by being this social. You will look back on past commitment and realize what you have done wrong and do whatever you can to rectify your wrong doings. You will rely on your friends and family and they will re-instate how important you really are. When Aries partners with Gemini they get into a passionate love affair both physically and emotionally. What a perfect match for love.

Cancer Jun 21 - Jul 22: It's a highly passionate two when tempers could flare and/or deeper, stronger bonds could be formed. For newer couples, look forward to a greater desire for peace and harmony, and find new ways to support one another and work together as quarrels are most likely to happen. However, even if there is a lover’s quarrel, you know many coping mechanisms to get over them and repair your romance. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your romance. Let yourselves be swept off your feet as you once were when you first met. Cancer is best matched with Taurus as love will explode with one another. Yes love is in the air with these two signs so watch out world when a Taurus and Cancer are together there is no stopping the love.

Leo Jul 23 - Aug 22: You have a well-balanced month ahead of you. All the Earth’s elements at your fingertips. You will be tested in July when it comes to a major decision whether it be a new house, or a new car you will work together as a team to achieve what you desire. A well needed and deserved vacation is in order for you so be prepared for anything. Time to put in for that week off at work and kick back on the couch and relax, visit some friends and have a few nights out at the bar. Of course save a drink for me! Kidding, but all aside you are in need of a vacation and one shall come to you. Just a short one nothing to big and fancy. Leo is best matched with Libra because you are both in love with love. Lovers of the world and each other Libra and Leo will make a perfect match. However it doesn’t stop there Leo and Gemini also are lovers of love. Hmmm this should prove to be an interesting month for all Leo signs. Please keep in contact with me and let me know how your life is this month.

Virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22: This is a big month for Virgo. Loved by their partner I would send gifts to each other little ones handmade or small self-bought to show how much you truly love each other. In the end it will lead to a much bigger picture and will have a big impact on your future. Gifts can be as simple as a hand written note to a picture or drawing to a simple night out on the town. Just don’t forget the big picture ahead of you. You have it in you to last a lifetime with your partner tell them thank you and show your love for them. Virgo is best matched with Capricorn as you will automatically see your similarities come out with each other. You will notice you have much in common and that will make the bond grow stronger. Virgo will also share similarities in a Taurus. Alert steer clear of Sagittarius as it’s the most difficult to get along with and you will repel each other every chance you can get.

Libra Sep 23 - Oct 22: You'll be there for each other in all the ways that count most in a relationship. Nurture and be nurtured by your loved one. Libra are abundantly honest and will talk about anything and share a laugh over it. Yes Libra has a good month ahead of them. However get into a routine, start eating healthier, exercising, getting out and being active all of this will be beneficial and you will be rewarded spiritually. Virgo will help you along the way on maintaining a strict schedule that one needs. Just keep a low stress on one’s self and pamper each other and you will turn out just fine. Libra is best matched with Taurus, Leo and Virgo as you all love all things with love and pampering.

Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 21: Words and actions may carry equal weight this year, Scorpio. Confusion and misunderstandings between you and your partner may be more frequent than usual. The secret to happiness is to ask for more clarity, make fewer assumptions, and especially don't overreact. Scorpio’s go slow and protect themselves from harm. They are lovers but don’t open their heart easily. Change is coming though in a positive way. When it comes to your heart it’s all or nothing to your partner and they know it! Keep the romance alive. Best matched with Cancer and Libra as friendship and love means most to you and you would do just about anything to please your friends and family.

Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21: Love is red hot and strong this month, and there will also be plenty of space for individual opinions, decisions, and activities for Sagittarius. This month a change in work is happening for you. Whether you are planning a career advancement or changing careers something big is about to happen with your life in the work field. Be careful though and consider your thoughts rationally and don’t take what’s first given. Put everything on the drawing board and take it from there and you will come out shining like a star. With all this work business there will still be plenty of time for intimacy and love in the relationship. Best matched with Aries as you both fall in love so quickly you are able to hit it off with a bang.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19: Getting along on a daily basis is easy this month you lucky Capricorns. Routines and schedules should weave nicely and making plans cause no anxieties. Emotional demands may be greater, though, and you both may long for deeper understanding and commitment. People may put unreasonable demands on you this month that may or may not interfere with love but it’s all up to how the ball is hit. Play the field safely and love will stay with you. Run fast though as you will be bombarded by friends for advice. Best matched with Taurus and Scorpio.

I hope you enjoy this month’s romance horoscope. If you have any questions about anything or want to learn more about your sign please feel free to contact me below using my id.

Hexen_Tanz88 EN Astrologer ID:22686525

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