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Performance Problemes

Dear Smeeters, you informed us that there are performance problems, especially when you use Firefox to play Smeet. Unfortunately the browser has some small technical problems at the moment. The following steps should help to fix the problem:

1. Start FireFox. 2. Type in 'about:config' in the adress bar and press enter/return.

3. Search for 'dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled' via the search bar.

4. Double-click on the entry in order to change it to 'false'.

5. Visit Smeet and login / reload the page.


The Smeet TeamThe Smeet Team

Challenge Extension Time

Due to technical issues this week's Group Challenge has been extended!Be sure to double-check the ending time in your time zone!Be sure to double-check the ending time in your time zone!

Dear Smeeters, we had an issue in the Shop where not everybody could buy items. To be fair to you guys we are ending the Challenge today at 20:00 British Summer Time (15:00 Eastern Daylight Time) instead of the usual 11:00 BST (06:00 EDT).

Some of you may see that the Challenge has ended, even though it has not, due to this data being cached in your browser. Please do not worry about this, the Dimes Challenge will end at 20:00 BST (15:00 EDT) for everybody.

Thank you for your patience!

Grandpa’s Vivacious Monster Burger Recipe!

All you need to celebrate Halloween in style!The Food Hygeine Officers sent to check this place out have mysteriously disappeared...The Food Hygeine Officers sent to check this place out have mysteriously disappeared...

Ingredients: 1 Fast Food Joint, a whole lot of Murder, 1 dirty Cook of Pestilence,1 Bucket of Slime, a few Fly Eggs, some Wrapping Paper and 1 pinch of Halloween ( maybe 2 if you like it a bit scarier).


Perparation: Go to the kitchen in the Diner to prepare the Monster Burger. To do so, you need to get some meat (we know the perfect place to order some, or else you can send out the psycho from the kitchen and see what he comes back with...he may need some time though!) Pass the meat on to the Slime Monster for some good old sliming.

At the same time you´ll have to get your eggs from the Flyman. Your Cook of Pestilence will put it all together and prepare the contaminated Monster Burger for you. Now your burger is ready to get packed! Wrapping paper is required to keep it fresh, and this is no problem, the Mummy will help you out and wrap the burgers with its bandages!

Open your diner and send out your delivery boy to contaminate, not just your city, but the whole world!


Huge Paella Callback!

Something went wrong in the kitchen...Apologies for any inconvenience caused!Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

Unfortunately, we found a problem with our Paellas from last week! We will have to substract any Fame Points or Social Points taken from these items. If you haven't activated any of them yet, no points will be taken away! 

Please don´t worry, the cook has already been reprimanded and the Coins you spent on the Paella will also be given back to you!! The two products as they were intended to be can be found in the Shop right now.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this technical issue.

Kind regards, your Smeet Team

Do You Believe?

EN Smeet journalist •†•†ê Ämð Mï Ämðr•†• (ID: 27595187) brings us a scary Halloween story...

Don't read this one just before going to sleep!Don't read this one just before going to sleep!


The untold story...

Of a young man named Mathias who lived for 4 years in South Asia on the island of Pochang, in a really rural town. He was teaching U.S. history there, and he lived in an apartment complex with 12 other history teachers and a handful of Asian families. All of their apartments were 2 stories, townhouse style. Mathias' apartment was the newest of the bunch, and before him there had been only one other history teacher that had lived there for 4 years. Before her, as far as he'd been told, the apartment had been empty. He first moved in at the beginning of August, a brutally hot and humid time of year in Asia. Literally, it was so humid that papers inside his apartment got wet and curled, as did his wallpaper. To top it off, there was only air-conditioning downstairs, not in the bedrooms upstairs. Truly unpleasant. From the time he moved in until about October that first year, Mathias had to sleep downstairs to avoid melting in his bedroom...and that is where everything started!


One day he came home to find his backdoor, which was a sliding glass door, wide open. Before he left for school, he had bolted it. The front door was locked as well. At first, he thought maybe someone had broken in, except that nothing had been touched or taken. Not a single thing was out of place. And he would have known at this point, since he had very few posessions due to just moving in with nothing but 2 suitcases full of clothes. One of his friends came over and looked everywhere with him, and they found nothing out of place. Strange, he thought, but probably no big deal. Probably just curious kids who thought it would be fun to come in and look at what a foreigner's house was like.


Fast forward to that night. Mathias was downstairs, and he had just laid down on his quilted mattress to go to sleep. Suddenly, he heard footsteps upstairs. At first, it sounded like someone pacing back forth between the 2 bedrooms. And then they suddenly stopped. At this point, Mathias was shaking on his mattress, holding his breathe, terrified that whoever broke in managed to hide upstairs in the crawl space. After about a minute of silence, he heard an incredibly loud bang, as though something huge and heavy had just hit the floor above him. This caused him to run out of his apartment to his neighbor’s house! His neighbour came over and went upstairs but found nothing.


This continued to happen every night. One night Mathias was at the local bar with one of the other history teachers, the resident veteran who had lived there for 6 years. He started telling him about this and how he hadn't been able to sleep because it kept happening, every night, like clockwork. At this point the veteran told him, "well, there is a reason for that. Before your predecessor, that apartment was empty because a women hung herself upstairs after her husband left her. Asian people wouldn't rent it because they thought the place was cursed, so it was empty until our Board of Education decided to rent it."


Mathias thought at the time he was kidding with him just to keep him scared, as that was his sense of humor. But one day he asked his boss about it and he, no joke, turned white and said that his friend shouldn't be telling him things like that. But he would neither confirm or deny it. One day, while Mathias was cleaning upstairs, he noticed that someone had carved on the underside of the windowsill (which was wooden and jutted from the wall) "try to smile" in Asian, about 20 times. Mathias blood literally ran cold at that moment.


Mathias never actually found out what happened in that apartment but, every night during the summer, until he would start sleeping upstairs again, those noises happened without fail.

I hope you have enjoyed this story of Mathias, who knows if it's true or not, you'll never know. One thing is certain, it can happen to anyone, even you.


Have a topic you want me to discuss? Feel free to message me any time!


Have a scary but safe Halloween everyone!

•†•†ê Ämð Mï Ämðr•†•  (Papi) EN Journalist: ID: 27595187

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