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Tombola Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the Winners!Congratulations to the Winners!
The winners of this week's tombola are Joanne, Cheeky11 and Berrinchuda! They were rewarded with 2000, 800 and 200 Coins respectively. Congratulations to them and the other 22 Smeeters who won 3,000 Fame Points!

Welcome to Wasteland week! PLUS more Survivor Contest info!

The topic of this week is Wasteland, and we have loads of interesting stuff planned for our Smeeters!

But first things first, some more information about this week's Survivor contest!

We have now selected 10 Survivors - 5 for the Roaring Reds Team and 5 for Team Green Machine!

5 Smeeters have also been allocated to our Survivor Contest Jury. All participants have been contacted individually by an admin in Smeet.


The set will be 2 "Jungle" rooms, found in the admin Wild Rover's house - the rooms go by the name of 'Roaring Reds Base' and 'Green Machine Base'.

Everyday from Tuesday to Saturday there will be a challenge at 21:00 EST (15:00 EST) done by our entarteiners.

The schedule for the week's challenges is as follows:

Tuesday - Best Choreography
Wednesday - Catastrophic Quiz! Test your knowledge of disasters...
Thursday - More clicks on the counter
Friday - Fastest pet development
Saturday - Theater in the room: Best Movie Screen reproduced with avatars

Each member of the winning team will be rewarded with 200 COINS, 10,000 Fame Points and the exclusive "Smeet Survivor Winner" badge!
The second-placed team members will win: 10,000 Dimes, 5,000 Fame Points and the "Smeet Survivors Participant" badge.
Last but not least, members of the jury will also get 5,000 Fame Points and the exclusive "Smeet Survivors Judge" badge!


Prepare yourselves for a dramatic week in Smeet!


Wasteland weekWasteland week

This week's Smeet to the end!

Hey everyone, it’s WillKane. This week’s Smeeter interview is with hexen_tanz88...

The Smeeter getting grilled by WillKane this week...The Smeeter getting grilled by WillKane this week...

So where are you from, how old are you, and how long have you been on Smeet?

I am 26 years young, originally born in Zürich, Switzerland where I was raised for a few years. Then we came to the USA when my father had gotten a job offer he couldn’t refuse. I have been Smeeting 2 years since last November and just love it.


Who are your best friends on Smeet? And do you also see some of them in real life?

My best friends on Smeet are Smugglediamonds, Hershall, Collette, CajunQueen, JodiBeans, and Maike. Unfortunately I have not seen any up close and personal in real life, but I have Skyped with some and talked on the phone with some as well as text, and we always keep in touch. Seen or not, we always keep in touch everyday and always talk. I find it crucial to keep in touch with the ones you love most and, just because I can’t see them, does not mean they are not a real friend. The people listed here are like family to me and I love them all very much.


If you can narrow it down to the best, most fun times you've had on Smeet, what would they be and who were they with?

My best times would be with Smugglediamonds and Hershall always going to the Country Bar to dance, petting Smeekiez during the holidays and having fun in general with those two. That is my most favorite and most memorable. I really wish time could turn back to the days where the three of us Smeeted everyday all day having our fun helping each other out. I still hope and wish for it to happen again. I also love the rush of finishing a room and gaining that special badge and all the goodies it comes with. Those are my most favorite Smeet moments.


What do you like to do in your spare time besides Smeet?

On my spare time I love watching movies of all kinds, but mainly suspense and thriller and also comedy. I am a huge movie fan and belong to a ton of groups dedicated to certain genres. I love going out to eat to various restaurants upstate and in NYC and spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy going for walks on the nature trail and Walkway over the Hudson which is a 6 mile restored bridge that you walk, run, cycle, and skate across, and has a great variety of vendors as well. Perfect historical site. I also love to play video games, but I do not think I was meant to play them as I am horrible at them. There is no describing it; I am the worst video gamer out there. I am lucky I can walk in a game, let alone finish a task lol.


So we’ve talked about your education and work background, but for those of us who don’t know, please explain what you went to college for and how that’s gotten you to where you’re at today.

Ever since I was a little kid, the mind always fascinated me. I always loved helping people and giving people advice.  It actually came to a point where people would always come to me for advice. So during High School, I started taking college classes and afterward, I went to Marist College in 2006, graduating in the class of 2011 with a degree as a Physicians Assistant, now holding a title of RPA-C, MPAS in English that stands for Registered Physicians Assistant-Certified, Master of Physician Assistant Studies. My focus and practice is Psychiatry where I work with a wide variety of cases at Mid Hudson Regional Hospital of the Hudson Valley. Upon completion of my studies and working and doing an internship, I have learned and gained so much confidence in what I do and feel that there is nothing I can’t overcome.


I know you have a strong desire to help others, whether on Smeet or in real life. Where do you think that comes from?

This answer will be something no one knows about me. At the age of 11, I was actively involved in my local church as a Teachers Assistant and also working during mass. I did this for 3 years. Two days a week, I would assist a teacher in teaching Religious Education to a wide variety of 3rd graders. It was here that I learned and noticed my passion to help people in all ways. Be it with working with the students with their school work, to problems with school, teaching and helping people understand about love and prayer, to teaching a young boy to tie his shoes, there wasn’t anything that would stand in my way of helping everyone and anyone who needed me. That was then and still goes today! Not a day goes by where at least one person is not helped by me. I try so hard to help all others around me, especially those less fortunate than I.


Someone calls you and legitimately offers you a choice between having a recurring role on American Horror Story and playing guitar for The Cranberries (you cannot do both). What do you say?

Well, you know how to hit a guy hard when he’s down. I would have to pick a recurring role on American Horror Story as The Cranberries are always on hiatus and not always together. I feel having a recurring role on American Horror Story would give me a bigger outlook on life, and I would find more friendship and bonding that would last a lifetime. It also would be a great opportunity to star in the type of films that used to terrify me as a kid. What a rush that would be. Also test out the ol’ acting skills and see how good I am, though probably be a flop.


I also see you speak a few languages. What languages are they, and can you talk about a time or two that being multilingual has come in handy for you?

Though I wasn’t fully raised in Switzerland, I was raised with the rules they entail, and that is to be a master of multiple languages…not just know the basics, but master them. So I am fluent in German, Swiss German also known as (Schwyzerdütsch), Spanish, Finnish, as well as some Mandarin and very little Korean, just enough to hold a short conversation if ever needed.

One time while I was in school, I was working in Retail Management, and one night I heard a page for a translator needed at the customer service counter. I responded, and when I went up, there was an elderly Asian couple who needed help with a television. I could tell and understand by their voice that they were Chinese, so I started to speak Mandarin to them and the look on their face was priceless. It was a look of like OMG someone can talk our language. We kept it brief, they got their T.V. and walked out happy, and I got a hug for it! This happened quite a few times, but I had to speak Spanish. I have yet to come across a situation other than home where I had to speak German! Of course at home, you will hear me screaming in my native language.


I can tell from your Facebook and Twitter that you’ve had several meaningful connections/romantic interests. Is there any one special in your life now, and if so, who is she and how did you first come to know her?

I do love Twitter and am obsessed with certain celebrities. I love my Grey’s Anatomy cast, my American Horror Story cast and Food Network crew. I have been tweeted by Roseanne Barr, Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli (twice and while at her restaurant she came out to sign her book for me), Valerie Bertinelli as well as countless others. I do love those celebrities who actually take time to tweet their fans. I have had many relationships in my life. Well, not many, but I am about to pour my heart out! My last ex Ariel was the love of my life. We/I always posted pictures of us on our Facebook accounts daily. We were madly in love and were together constantly. She had introduced me to the world of Twitter and Instagram (which I still do not have yet).


The more people get to know you, the more they can see that you have several ideas about things. What kinds of ideas do you have for Smeet, and for real life in general (or if you have something specific in mind, feel free to discuss)?

Oh wow, hmm ideas for Smeet. My number one pet peeve for that is that Smeet took away the home value points with all the new rooms they keep giving us. I really look forward to the home value, and when a new room comes, it’s just fame points and no home value. I would love to see that change if possible. Also, I really, really wish the clothing selection for the guys was equal to the girls as our clothing selection is horrible, just absolutely horrible. Well maybe not horrible, but it can definitely be improved since we don’t get much to choose from. I do like the weekly/monthly games and get-together events that the volunteers have been holding. I think it’s a great way to socialize, and I have met some great new people through it. Ideas in real life: well, the ones who know me best know I am an animal rights activist. However, I am still trying to find a solution, but I work with the ASPCA to one day find it!


As I know, you have a particularly funny love/playful hate relationship with Smugglediamonds. How did all that start up?

I found Smuggs in the Daily Buzz just sitting there one day doing her normal nothing, and that is when the friendship started. The fun stuff started, not right away, as we got to know each other and her husband, but I would say about almost half a year later is when we started the fun stuff back and forth. She is a ROYAL pita, but you have to love her because she has a heart of gold. Everyday we joke around, play our games on each other and always fall for each other’s jokes and pranks. It is like we were meant to be best friends. We do go back and forth with our bickering and sometimes the teasing gets out of hand, but at the end of the day we go to sleep knowing our best friend is happy and safe. That is all that matters in the end.


Is there any one you’d like to shout out to, or anything particular you’d like to say (words of wisdom, funny or random thing that comes to mind, etc.)?

A big shout out to Sayuri (Aloha!), and my good friend Mia who throws the most incredible parties. I feel like a VIP when I am at her parties. Mia, I cannot thank you enough for all you have introduced me to! Smugglediamonds, hi Gumman no more feet. AMP and KMA. That should get her happy, and she knows she has to decipher one of them and she knows she NEVER will hahaha. I do have some words of wisdom for Smuggs and that is, “don’t start none, won’t be none!”


Special Announcement:

“It Pays to Read the Blog” Weekly Coin Giveaway

I will have a 500-coin giveaway each week (yes, 500 coins, transferred from my account per admin to the winner) to the first person from ANY SERVER who PRIVATE MESSAGES me on Smeet to my ID 24453995 (NOT action box, PRIVATE MESSAGE ONLY) the answer I am looking for in ANY article that I do on EN server in a given week; any future articles I may do on another server do NOT count, only EN server articles that I write. Any one who wants to participate has exactly 1 week from the time at the end of the article I choose for the week gets published; this announcement will ALWAYS be at the end of the article of my choosing. If there is no winner after the 1 week has passed, those coins will roll over to the next giveaway, so that giveaway prize will be 500 coins bigger.


Please note that the winner MUST have a confirmed, legit Smeet account (NO ALTS), and NO CURRENT BADGE HOLDERS are eligible to win, only Smeeters who are not volunteers. Also, there is NO limit to how many times or how often a Smeeter can win this weekly contest. Finally, spelling counts! Any misspellings or typos will result in AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION of your entry, and you will have to submit a new answer with correct spelling and no typos. I wish all of you eligible Smeeters the best, and now, this week’s giveaway question (2-part question):


“Name TWO celebrities who have tweeted hexen_tanz88, AND name THREE of his best friends on Smeet.”


Until next time, have fun and happy Smeeting!

Can YOU survive this week's Sunday Suprise?

A Smeet Survivors contest is about to start in our community!Take on the challenge and you could win BIG!Take on the challenge and you could win BIG!

You might have noticed special items in our shop yesterday, an SOS-sign and a jury table. Wondered what these were about?

Here's the deal...

We will select 10 Smeet Survivors and 5 members to be on a jury. The participants will be chosen from those Smeeters who bought the said items. Participants will be split into 2 teams, and each team will be hosted in a survival room that you will find in our Admin's (Wild Rover) 3D Home. Everyday from Monday to Friday, at 8pm CET for one team and at 9pm CET for the other team, some hard challenges will take place! Only the best team will win the reward of 200 Coins for each participant!

Smeet Survivor begins this week, be prepared!

Time to Party with the Smeet Admins!

What a way to end the working week...Come and join us in the German Domain at 18:00 CET!Come and join us in the German Domain at 18:00 CET!

Do you want to take part in the best and most unique Smeet party ever?

Then prepare yourself, because today (27 Feb) from 18:00 to 19:00 CET (12:00-13:00 EST) in the DJ Battle area of the German Domain you will see all the Smeet admins going LIVE for you! It's sure to be a fantastic way to kick off your weekend!

Pure fun and a lot of extra prizes on top will make your Friday! So come and join us, and who knows what will happen...don't miss it!

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