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Smeet Groups Launches! Check out our new feature!

We are very proud to present to you a brand new, exciting feature: Smeet Groups! Join a team and take part in different challenges every week on Smeet!Scout out the perfect team to fight for victory each week!Scout out the perfect team to fight for victory each week!

It's finally here! The hotly-anticipated Smeet Groups feature is now live, allowing you to create your own group and acquire new, talented members in order to defeat other groups in the weekly group challenges!

Every Friday at 12pm CEST (18pm EDT), a new challenge with a new objective will be announced. The challenge will last 6 days, ending on the following Thursday (also 12pm). Whichever group wins the challenge will be rewarded with valuable Group Coins, in addition to climbing up the ranking system! With this new currency you can buy very exclusive items from a specific category in the Shop just for Smeet Groups!

Every user can start their own Group with just 100 Coins (80 for VIPs) and choose the group members. Once the group leader sends out invitations, the other participants can join the group by accepting the request. Keep in mind though that you can only be part of ONE group at a time!

Inside the group there are different roles: Member, Officiant, Co-Leader and Leader. Each position has different rights, while only the leader and co-leader can include, promote and kick out members.

Don't miss the chance to show the world that you and your friends are the best in Smeet! The first exciting challenge is starting TOMORROW, so prepare yourself by organizing your Group today!

Will your Group become the strongest, most popular and most feared in all of Smeet? Get on it Smeeters!

Advice from Sayuri!


Need advice from the heart for the heart? Ask Sayuri!Need advice from the heart for the heart? Ask Sayuri!

Many Smeeters have asked me:  Why is there deception in relationships?   Deception plays a role in all relationships, whether online Smeet or in real life.   However, most people do not like to acknowledge it.  Why is there lying and deception in relationships?  There is an interdependence in relationships.  When the interdependence is low, everything seems to be okay.  However, when interdependence is high, deception usually arises.  Why?  Because partners expect and demand a lot from each other.  Telling the truth caries more risk.  Telling the truth in  some  close relationships  can lead to increased conflict and negativity, depending on how the other partner reacts when told the truth.

Why do people lie?   Many individuals are more likely to lie when romantic partners/spouses ask a lot of pointed questions,  set unrealistic expectations, or react poorly to the truth.   Thus, it makes it easier to lie instead of saying the truth.   Reacting poorly to the truth,   such as:  yelling, screaming and making a scene- -- causes more lies.

When partners respond poorly to the truth, partners will stop telling the truth.  Thus, now we are experiencing deception/lies in the relationship.    In other words, the more you over react to your partner telling you something  you do not want to hear, the more likely your partner will lie to you in the future.    It is a difficult thing for many of us, to try and remain calm and positive when given an explanation from a loved one on a pointed question. 

For example, have you ever noticed how in your own family settings, people who deal poorly with unpleasant information are usually the last to find out what is really going on?    Therefore, one must practice to be more calm, positive  and non judgmental, when a partner wants to answer a pointed question,  especially  when  he or she is telling the truth.   The only way this can be done is to show love, understanding and not being  judgmental,  or  critical to what is being told by your significant other.   It is most difficult to do this many times given certain situations at hand.  One must have the temperament or one must practice not to re-act or  cause a scene by yelling or screaming  at  your partner.

Sometimes, the other person in the relationship being asked pointed questions  will feel it is much easier to lie than tell the truth.   Always sit down and communicate with your heart to your partner instead of demanding an  answer to your question.   All relationships will experience disagreements, differences in the perception  of  things--- for we are all very unique individuals and no two people are alike.   However,  if the love between two individuals is true, genuine, and strong and there is trust,  honesty,  loyalty and respect for one another,  they will be able to overcome, forgive and continue to be in that relationship for a long time.   Communication with each other based on love from the heart,  never fails.

So keep smiling, keep dancing, keep falling in love,  and enjoying Smeet!!   Until the next time:  Happy Smeeting all!!   <3

If you see me around on Smeet, please do not hesitate to send me a message with your specific relationship questions.   I will be sure to answer them in my relationship column.    If you prefer to send me your question in an email, please email me at:   sayuri [dot] smeet [at] gmail [dot] com

SAYURI, EN  Journalist,  ID#13520497

Discover Metamons!

EN Sports Journalist Joscri discusses Metamons, the new battle game from the makers of Smeet!Work on your skills as a trainer in the world of Metamons!Work on your skills as a trainer in the world of Metamons!

Smeeters! Here comes back the crazy writer, Joscri. Today I want to talk about the new game that has been launched, Metamons!

When you start in Metamons, you have to choose between two teams, Prime or Evo. Later, you can change your team if you want. If you choose to fight with Prime, you’ll have to cure the Metamons, and if you choose Evo you’ll have to give them a virus.

To get more Metamons for your team, you can purchase them or cure/give a virus whilst you are fighting against them. If you succeed, you’ll have more Metamons in your team.

In addition you can fight with your Metamons against other trainers, and the more you earn, the more you go up in the ranking to rise and change your league. The better the league, the better the reward!

To train your Metamons you need food (Metamite), which you can buy or win in the fights. As you increase in level, you can extend your limit in order to get more food more quickly.

Remember that each Metamon is unique, and follow the in-game advice about the elements of the Metamons.

Follow the page of Metamons in Facebook and find out everything. Soon there will be many surprises, and new levels and abilities.

Smeeters, let’s be the best trainers!


Clear-Out Sale on Smeet!

Every day this week there are loads of clothing items available at discounted prices, right before they are removed from the Shop permanently! Check it out!

It's the last-chance saloon to get your hands on loads of items, so don't miss out!It's the last-chance saloon to get your hands on loads of items, so don't miss out!

Take this opportunity to add some more awesome items to your inventory!

Throughout this whole week we will be cleaning out our shelves with a huge Fashion Sale. Each day, different clothing articles and accessories will be available with discounts ranging from 20% to 90%. The next day they will be taken out of the Shop and gone forever from Smeet!

Be sure to check every day before something you always wanted but never quite had the cash for is removed from the Shop. This is a chance to acquire some items that will soon be limited editions in Smeet, at great affordable prices!

EN Journalist †Mσσηℓιgнт Aηgєℓ on Cyber Bullying

Smeet’s new journalist writes on the ever-growing crime of cyber bullying.

An important message for all internet users.An important message for all internet users.

Do you honestly think that any kind of bullying is okay? No, I don't think it is, because of the fact it's not cool. Cyber bullying to me, is honestly the worst type of bullying. They make people hate themselves. There have been instances where people have taken their own lives because of Internet bullies. I used to bully people on the Internet when I was younger because I thought it was cool. Then, I found out the hard way that it wasn't and if anyone bullies people on the internet, that is extremely low. You don't know who these people are behind the screen and you don't know their background stories. You have no idea how sensitive they are and how their going to react to your hurtful comments. So I suggest any of you who are currently bullying people on this site or any other knock it off because it’s not cool, it's not funny and most of all its mean. So, if your one of those people who think bullying is going to give you street credit, you’re so wrong because in the long run you might be making someone self-harm themselves or worse, take their lives because of your poor behavior and attitude towards life. Don't be someone who wants to put everyone else down because your life has problems. Please keep your baggage off of smeet.  I hope you enjoyed this article.  

 †Mσσηℓιgнт Aηgєℓ ID:26716578

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