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Black Friday Sale on Smeet!

You've seen the manic pictures on TV - now you can join in the fun, without having to wait in line with the masses!80%! That's, like, SO much percent!80%! That's, like, SO much percent!

Ah, America. How we cherish thee. In your short history you have given so much to the world that we love. Hot Dogs. American Football. Hollywood. But I have to say that the most mind-boggling, over-the-top and simply OUTSTANDING contibution you have made may well be the introduction of the one and only Black Friday.

This is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the U.S. when, at a time when the people of other nations would be recovering from one of the biggest national holiday's of the year, a large hoard of Americans can think of nothing better than waiting in line for hours and then making a mad dash to finally get their hands on the toaster, TV or games console that they have been pining after. The reason? Discounts, baby, DISCOUNTS!

After years of great bargains in the U.S., Black Friday has become the biggest sale campaign of the year. It's been slowly catching on in the rest of the world too, so you can now see Black Friday Sale actions in other countries as well!

In light of this, we wanted to surprise you with a Black Friday Sale of our own and, in the spirit of the event, the discount is not just 20% or 30%. It is a whopping 80%, knocked off around 100 clothing articles and accessories! Check it out and you are almost guaranteed to find a great bargain for yourself. The sale will last for one day only, so don't miss out!

Celebrate the Day of the Dead!

Celebrate living the Mexican way in the beautiful new 'Dia de los Muertos' Chapel!

Skeletons creep us out to be honest. But anything for the Fame Points, y'know.Skeletons creep us out to be honest. But anything for the Fame Points, y'know.

Have you seen the new James Bond film? The opening scene takes place in the midst of the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico City, a crazy party in which people remember those who have passed away in the most positive way possible! Oh, and James Bond fights a man in a helicopter. But we're not sure that is part of the tradition...

The Day of the Dead as it exists in the Mexican tradition is a celebration of life. People remember those who are no longer with us and give offerings to show their respect, but also celebrate life!

The beautiful "Dia de los Muertos" Chapel can now be found in the Shop for just 28 Coins. The room gives out 1,000,000 Fame Points, which can be earnt by completing the offerings for the different altars. If you want to obtain the favor of the skeleton "La Catrina", you can certainly do so too, but it will take you some time so be prepared for the long-haul! You can find her in the Shop too, and she will give you an additional 750,000 Fame Points once completed! The whole room also has a special bonus - the beautiful altars that you decorate will add extra Value for your 3D Home!


Best of luck guys! Try not to make as much mess as 007 did...

Do you dare enter the Temple of Frozen Souls? Read the background story here!

A winter adventure in Smeet is starting! If you've got the courage and tenacity to face the cold darkness in the Temple of Frozen Souls, read on...Winter's coming, if you needed reminding!Winter's coming, if you needed reminding!

It all starts with a princess, like most good fairytales. The princess, with the prettiest face in the realm and of cheerful character, brought joy to the hearts of the king and the queen. She grew up together with the children of the servants at the palace. The children of the royals were all too anxious to get in the princess' good grace and as a result she never felt comfortable around them. The king frowned at the princess' naïveté and what he perceived as lack of responsibility, while the queen only smiled, remembering her own youth.

Out of all the servant children the stable boy was the princess' best friend. He taught her how to ride a horse and they spent a lot of time together, mostly riding in the hunting grounds around the king's palace.

It all changed, when the princess arrived at the age of 14, and got a single flower as a gift from the stable boy. It was the Frost Orchid, the rarest of all the flowers in the realm. The boy had found it near the ancient Temple high-up on the Everwinter Mountain. It had taken him three days to ride there and three days for the way back.

The princess was in love.

The king was furious.

The teenage princess was old enough to understand that they had to run, if they wanted to stay together. However, the queen knew of the plans, she was the princess' confidante after all. That proved to be the doom of the young lovers, as after debating with herself for a day, the queen told the plans of the two to the king.

The king ordered them both captured before the escape plan was set in motion. He got the stable boy executed in front of the princess. She was supposed to see it with her own eyes, so she would never make the same mistake again.

The princess, when the tears were gone, withdrew from the world. Her joy died, the smiles she would bring to the faces of the palace denizens were gone and did not come back. She stopped talking completely, and all she did every day was to stare at the Frozen Orchid, from morning till evening.

The king and the queen were sad. Upon the advice of his consultants, the king decided to send the princess to the Temple of Frost high upon the Everwinter Mountain. There lived the so-called Frozen Monks, well respected ascetics said to possess grand wisdom in worldly matters. They were supposed to cure her illness.

If we had seen what they had done with the princess today, we would not approve. But in those times, people knew less, and they made the world a tough place. The monks made the princess go through the harshest routines, to make the ""lust"" leave her body. She was put on to freezing snow naked for hours, was not given food for days, even whipped, so her soul would become pure enough that no worldly desire can dwell within.

The princess, instead of becoming holy, became bitter. Bitter at the monks, at her father, at her mother, at the cruelty of the world. Day by day her heart froze, and only hate remained in the end. What was once an intrinsic love for everything in the world became spite and envy of what she could not have.

She woke up one day, went out to the mountains and looked for a Frost Orchid. The rarest, and most beautiful flower in the realm was also the most poisonous one, and be it coincidence or fate, the beautiful but deadly flower was staring at her right as she left the Temple. She put chunks of the orchid into the meal of the monks she was preparing. All the monks died in minutes, cursing and spitting blood.

She was alone in the Temple now. She had no desire to leave it. This place was frozen, just like her heart. Her inner and outer world became one. Cold. Lifeless.

As far as people say, she never left the Temple. The Temple, an ancient druidic structure of the antique age, became her self-chosen prison, and eventually her tomb.

So the question now is, do you have the courage to find out if this story is true? The temple still stands, but the entrance is locked, as only the Frozen Monks knew how to enter it. The first chapter of this story begins with the Frost Ruins which are just outside the Temple. Try removing the Seal of the Inner Temple with the help of the ancient frost powers, and step inside!

Art Contest Results and More!

•ж•¥•Jüήèÿ·ε·GáήJá•¥•ж• takes the first place with Día de los Muertos skull, Good idea, and great execution, enjoy the 1000 Coins Juney!

Morbidly beautifulMorbidly beautiful 


Beautiful. Good job, Irina (Ирина8376), you win the second place prize of 500 Coins! And finally Info Bella wins the third place prize of 250 Coins with her cheeky fruit pie! Those who did not place in the first 3 were sent 10.000 Fame Points directly on their accounts. Sadly we can have only so many winners but we had other good applications as well! 

Now that's real art!Now that's real art!


   Extra points for the math!Extra points for the math!


And what about the Gothic vs Baroque Contest?  Which box was more popular? Gothic won with 227 vs 195, so gratz to the goth chicks! Barockers, better luck next time! :) The reward badges are on the way!

So bloody a battle never has taken place before! Well at least inside the borders of Smeet City.So bloody a battle never has taken place before! Well at least inside the borders of Smeet City.


Let's mention last week's Tombola winners while we are at it. The prizes are still bombastic, and we don't have as many participants as we would like, so start trying out your luck with a ticket and get rewarded while there are still not so many Tombola players!

1st)  Grace - Gold Tombola Badge! PLUS 2000 Coins and 50,000 Fame Points!

2nd) Mrs T Lee Foxrach - Silver Tombola Badge! PLUS 1500 Coins and 30,000 Fame Points!

3rd) .Rody.. - Bronze Tombola Badge! PLUS 1000 Coins and 15,000 Fame Points!

4th) JohnnySplash - Wooden Tombola Badge! PLUS 500 Coins and 10,000 Fame Points!

5th) Blonde Cowgirl - 250 Coins and 5000 Fame Points!


See you at the next contests!

Fast-Paced Chaos in the Freeway Pursuit!

Naughty Smeeters watch out, the po-po are on your tail!

Lights, Mirrors, Gear sti....ah screw it, just accelerate!Lights, Mirrors, Gear sti....ah screw it, just accelerate!

Another week, another mini-game launched for you to enjoy on Smeet! This week you can feel the thrill of a police chase without actually getting yourself involved in a real police chase (which, naturally, we are not suggesting you should do).

That's right, Freeway Pursuit is now out and, just like the last mini-game we released, it's completely free!

You are on the highway, with the police right on your tail. We have no idea what they want to speak to you about, but we can presume it's something serious because if it was simply a broken headlight we'd recommend just stopping and taking the fine, to be honest.

But that would be boring, so let's pretend you are a hardened crim and you need to get your fugitive behind outta here. So don't crash, don't cause damage to others, don't stop for donuts (even if you're really hungry) and, most importantly, don't get caught! You can collect the 'Racing Skills' up to 3 times a day, and these will help you with your Race Car Research Facility as you invest them into car keys from the Shop for lots of Fame Points! That doesn't mean you can't play it the rest of the time though, as you can run from the police as often as you want (although crime is BAD, so don't overdo it yeah).

As with all our mini-games, it gets harder as you get better! A badge is also a part of the deal at some point. Let's just make sure it's not a police badge. That would mean trouble!

Give it a try! The adrenaline is real. :)

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