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Are you a Mage of Light or a Mage of Shadows? The battle has started!

Are you a Mage of Light or a Mage of Shadows? The battle has started! The brave Mages of Light want to protect the Tree of Life! The relentless Mages of Shadows however made it

their destiny to poison the tree and therefore limit the power of the Mages of Light.

Which side are you on? There will be a witch waiting for you at the Oktoberfest's Fair, who is awaiting your choice. Decide wisely because you may only choose once!

You have till the 6th of November to help your side to win an amazing prize... What are you waiting for? Help your team win and... get thousands of Fame Points! 


Choose your sideChoose your side


Are you ready for Halloween party madness? Well get ready to have some fun, because this year Smeet is having its very first Halloween Spooktacular! Come to DJ Throw Down today for good music, fun games, great gifts, there’s 2500 to be given away in coin prizes! The fun starts at: 2PM PST Los Angeles, CA, 5PM EST New York, NY, 16:00 CDT Mexico City, Mexico, 22:00 BST London, England, 23:00 CEST Berlin, Germany, 23:00 CEST Paris, France, 23:00 CEST Rome, Italy and 23:00 CEST Warsaw, Poland.

The scheduled events are as follows:

22:00 BST -  ĒΧÞĽłĊїŧ’s Monster Mash! It’s the mo-mo-monster mash! Explicit is kicking off this great Spooktacular with some classic Halloween music. Let’s all throw on our costumes, and put on our best scary dances!

22:15 BST -  ·÷±‡±•¢αρтαιη_αмєяι¢α•±‡±÷·’ s Spooky Hangman! Ready to win some coins? Here are the Spooky Hang man rules: You will guess a letter and then have a have a chance to guess the correct word. Each person can only guess one time. Each word correctly guessed is worth 50 coins.

22:30 BST - ®®•●[ѕσυℓ¢яєαм™]●•®®’s music! We all love the great tunes our newest DJ Soul Cream plays, so let’s turn on those screens and get to dancing!

22:45 BST - Collette’s Trick or Treat! Who doesn’t love trick or treating? Well, this time the treat is a free gift! Here are the rules: you must find Collette and post in her stream trick or treat. The first 15 to post will be receiving the gifts. 

23:00 BST - .·ч·._Ж• Pяιηgℓєѕ •Ж_.·ч·.’s Music! Are you ready to dance your pants off once more with great music? Henzo is ready to show off his great taste in music, so let’s be ready to dance!

23:15 BST •º€º•xXRockyXx•ТнЄvїlJокёя$•º€º•’s Monster Face! Monster face rules: there will be faces of celebrities that have been made into monster faces. You have to guess the Monster face celeb name. Each correct guess will be worth 50 coins

23:30 BST -  ĒΧÞĽłĊїŧ’s Monster Mash! Ready for round two of the mo-mo-monster mash?

23:45 BST - ¤¤ нι ωв ту уω ¤¤ ‘s Costume Contest! All those spooky Halloween costumes are coming in handy now! Ready to enter the Costume Contest?  There will be 3 prizes awarded for the Costume Contest for best male, best female and best couple. You can only enter one category and win one time. To be able to enter, you must be in the even from 15 minutes of the starting time until the costume contest starts at the end of the event. Anyone leaving other than to refresh will be disqualified. You must dress in costume, but any costume will do (anything you put together in your Smeet closet is fine).  The prizes are 500 coins male, 500 coins female and 500 coins couple.
A special thanks to *Mia*, ™† Info. Mr Clown †, MrsBlueLove, ®®•сяуѕтαℓ•κиıgнτ™•®® and •●Aησмαℓу●Aяιѕєη●•™ for helping organize this massive event!

Happy Halloween Smeeters! Enjoy all your gifts and coins.

               Your Smeet Volunteers

 Halloween in the En ServerHalloween in the En Server


Halloween Curiosities! Check it out!

Dear Smeeters! Today we would like to tell you some fun facts about towns with Halloween names! There are many cities, lakes and towns all over the world that remind us of this scary event...

For example, in the Netherlands we have a town called Monster...  The tiny village of Frankenstein in Missouri seems not to be related with Mary Shelleys' novel...

Let's remain in the US. The small town of Scary in West Virginia wasn't frightening enough, because they named Scary Road the main street and guess what? Another street is called Big Scary Road!

And what about the lovely pumpkin heads? Well, in South Carolina and in Tennesse we could find Pumpkintown!

Michigan! Never heard of Witch Lake? Just head to the north-west to find the Bat Lake...


Happy Halloween and happy Smeeting to everyone of you!

Halloween CuriositiesHalloween Curiosities

Week 8 Smeet NFL Pick the Winner Contest

Starting next week, each week the new contest will come out on Friday. The deadline to enter will be the following Thursday. Winners will be posted on Tuesday mornings along with the week in review. This should give everyone a little more time to make their picks for the upcoming NFL games.

Click below to enter week 8 Smeet NFL pick-the-winner contest. Deadline for entry is Thursday, October 23, at 2 pm central standard time. Enter now before it’s too late!



Any Questions or Comments please contact *Mia* ID # 20571398

Week 8Week 8

Gold VIP of October!

Gold VIP of October!

Enjoy the gift of this month + All the advantages of becoming a Gold VIP!

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