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Become a hair stylist and make your own hair!

Grab the hairdresser's kit from the shop and start working on some of the classic hairstyles of the punk subculture. Once you finish doing the model, you will receive the hairstyle you've just created and will be able to wear it on your avatar, in addition to the Fame Points and the unique Hairdresser badge!


Which one is your choice, egg white or hair spray?Which one is your choice, egg white or hair spray?

Grab the hairdresser's kit from the shop and start working on some of the classic hairstyles of the punk subculture. Once you finish doing the model, you will receive the hairstyle you've just created and will be able to wear it on your avatar, in addition to the Fame Points and the unique Hairdresser badge!

We also have news for archeology enthusiasts. A box containing some of the best treasures of from the Excavation Site just got shipped in! Be it that elusive red key you never captured, or the armor pieces that you always seem to miss, this box presents you a way to get those rare pieces without having to dig!

Oh and before we forget let's mention last week's tombola winners:

PetriK, Cheeky11, Blonde Cowgirl, -LIZZA and Berrinchuda, Congrats!

You won't believe this room!

Aligning with the theme of the Good Mood Week this week's task room is also designed to make you smile.

Holi Moli! The Fame Points Festival is in town!Holi Moli! The Fame Points Festival is in town!

The Holi-Festival-Room is one of our best rooms so far in several aspects. You will find this one very fair, for one it is free. There is a level limit but such is life, you have to work (and play!) to get the great things :). Second, it has the potential to give an incredible amount of fame Points! To be exact, about...


In this indian-style room you will have to simulate the Holi Festival. Mix some colorful drinks, turn up the music and make your guests go wild! You can also make good use of your Dimes here.

Without spending any Coins AT ALL you will get 500.000 Fame Points from this room if you work dilligently at making the best Festival of Colors. What are you waiting for, click on the room, click on "build room" and you are set for the adventure!

We've got more news for those who like to work in the Observatory:

Mercurian Madness!

The UFOs from Mercury have arrived! The little hot planet gives birth to spaceships of equal temperament. With the insane amount of 1 million fame Points these interstellar beauties are hotter than hot! Their price is small enough and as such they present an incredible deal.

These UFOs are limited and they might sell out quickly, so don't miss the opportunity if you were working on gaining lots of levels!

Good news everyone!

Do you wonder what your gifts are?Do you wonder what your gifts are?

Summer is at its peak. Even though many of us still have to work, we think this season should be a time of relaxation and getting away from the worries of daily life. You play Smeet to help you do that, and we think we can help you even more at getting rid of your stress.

Hence we begin with the Good Mood Week. Beginning today, each day you enter Smeet there will be a gift waiting for you, this for a whole 7 days. We don't mean just smeekiez either.;) From profile poses to arcade machines, several different goodies are on schedule.

The purpose of this is to put a smile on your face whenever you log in, at least for a week. Let the good times begin! :)

Aesthetics and Levels both in one package!

Become an artist and win Fame Points!Become an artist and win Fame Points!

Ebru (also referred to as paper marbling) is a unique traditional artform developed mainly in Turkey and Persia. You let the different colors drip on water and manipulate the emerging motifs gently with a brush, eventually imprint the final pattern on a piece of paper. The resulting pieces are some of the most stunning artworks you will witness that use the beauty of intertwining colors.

We have some water marbling sets in the shop right now. Not only will you get Fame Points, but you will also finish a unique Ebru painting to hang on your wall. These paintings will gift your 3D-home with a mystic atmosphere and a colorful visage!

EN Server Callout for Guides/Super Guides

Help out your Community!Send your application in via e-mail!Send your application in via e-mail!


Smeet is looking for more users to become Guides in the EN Server! If you think you have the temperament, experience and know-how to become a Guide, you can send an application now to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com.


Guides need to be mature and responsible when on Smeet at all times. Please also only apply Guide if you meet the following criteria:

-Level  80 or above.

-Clean behavioral record on Smeet.

-You MUST be a regular user of Smeet, as Guides are required to log in frequently to help moderate.



Please submit you application to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com, detailing your Smeet name, ID and a brief explanation of why you would be a good Guide.

Please also explain what you would do in the following scenarios:

1) A Smeeter comes to you and says, “Please come here and kick this person, he/she is trolling the action box! You go to the Room and see that a Smeeter is trolling the action box with swear words. What do you do next?

2) A Smeeter whispers you saying, “Please kick this person, she is harassing me in whisper!” How do you respond to the situation?

3) A Smeeter is having technical issues with Smeet. What should you advise them to do?



Only Smeeters who are CURRENTLY WORKING AS GUIDES will be considered for the role of Super Guide. If you have an interest in becoming a Super Guide, please write to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com explaining why you want the role and why you would be good at it.


IMPORTANT – after you submit an application, you will receive a response confirming it has been received. The EN admins will then make a decision and inform ONLY those users who have been chosen as Guide. If you receive no further response, it means you have not been chosen this time around.

The deadline for applications is MONDAY 10TH AUGUST, giving you plenty of time to consider whether you want to apply or not!

Thanks in advance to all those applying, and good luck!

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