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Choosing a Dance for Your Avatar: The Cossack Dance

Hi, my name is WillKane and I want to share with you a little something behind one of my favorite dances as a Smeeter in the English server, and a couple of helpful tips to pick out the best dance you want when you style your avi.

I'll start with the Cossack dance, a very fun dance that a lot of people may not think about until they see it. When you think of dancing Cossacks you may first think of some bearded Russian guy crossing his arms squatting and kicking out his legs on the dance floor for a long time. And you'd be right...sort of. It's really called the Hopak, the national dance of Ukraine. It started a few centuries ago when a military group of southern Russians and Ukrainians called the Cossacks celebrated with this victory dance after winning a battle. They re-enacted the battle with the swords and other weapons they used, set to music before their community (kind of like a U. S. Civil War reenactment, only not boring to most anyone I have ever met). These soldiers did all sorts of acrobatic stunts, too, including the squats you see as part of the Smeet dance.

They called this dance the Hopak which comes from the Ukrainian word "hopaty" meaning to jump. In TV and movies, you see this dance from The Three Stooges to The Muppet Show and even in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (you know, the one you probably forgot about because it was just that bad).

So whenever you see this dance in Smeet, just know that your avi doesn't have to look Russian. My avi's Style 2 does this dance. You can't miss it; you can ask Kegomelain whenever you see her in Tavern because she goes crazy every time she sees the dance (just mention WillKane the fu man chu guy and she'll know what you're talking about). All you have to do is pick the clothes and other stuff that makes your avi style cool, confident, and fun. That's the idea for picking any dance for your avatar.

Well, hopefully this helps any of you wondering what kind of dance works for your avi. It's all about what you want your style to be. Google a dance if you want to know more about it before you buy it. Also, watch other Smeeters dancing and ask any of them why they pick a dance. People on Smeet dance literally anywhere at any time, so don't be shy. Just dance, dance, dance!

Until next time, this is WillKane wishing you happy Smeeting!

Cossack DanceCossack Dance

Rooms It

Room Items sale! Find the best items for the best price!! So grab your choice NOW because they will go out of the shop! The most interesting furniture items will be in the SALES section of our shop, be sure not to miss this great offer on Smeet! Let's start the bargain hunting and have fun!

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Cashback DayCashback Day

Summer Sale in Smeet: Go bargain hunting now!

Time for a new room, new furniture or a different outfit? You want it to be inexpensive, but also exclusive? Then we have the perfect solution for you: The Summer Sale in Smeet!

Because on the next three weekends (starting on Friday the 18th of July) we want to clean up the Shop to make room for new collections!

We are starting with the sale today and give you 20 PERCENT ON ALL ROOMS IN SALE! Tomorrow we will even give you 30 PERCENT off and on Sunday incredible 50 PERCENT! But do not wait too long to buy your favorite room, because the number of rooms is limited and they will be removed from the Room Shop completely after the sale is over!

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Smeet Summer SaleSmeet Summer Sale

Public Rooms on Smeet!

We have heard from some of you that it was a bit difficult to find some of the tasks because the rooms were hidden, so we have decided to put them back again on the menu of Public rooms, so you can find them easier. We hope this helps you with our firemen or thief tasks!

  1. All the Shopping Mall Rooms, that could only be accessed via the shopping mall are now again accessable via the worlds-overview/hangouts.
  2. Same with the Artkis and Afrika Room which were only accessible via the Green Oasis lately --> Back in the World-Overview/Hangouts.
  3. Removed: Burbs: Two over 30 Rooms (Over 30 Cafe and Relax Bar are being kept).
  4. Removed: Quiz (Burbs), Quiz-Hangout (below 18 area), BUT the quizrooms were just put together.
  5. Moved elsewhere: Beach Club and Swimming Pool in the Burbs/below 18 Rooms were put together and moved to the Green Oasis.

Enjoy Smeet!

Public RoomsPublic Rooms

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