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Another Coins Happy Hour is here!!!

Today (21st July, 2017) from 1pm to 4pm EDT (USA East Coast Time Zone), which is 6pm to 9pm BST (UK Time Zone), you will receive bonus Coins when purchasing Coins with credit or debit card, PayPal, PaySafeCard or Skrill!!

The more you top up, the more free Coins you will get, so make sure you take full advantage of this fantastic offer. The exact time schedule is as follows:

- 1-2pm EDT: 75% more Coins

- 2-3pm EDT: 50% more Coins

- 3-4pm EDT: 25% more Coins 

Paypal Issues Solved

The issue with some PayPal payments not triggering the crediting of Coins has been solved. At the current moment all PayPal payments are being processed with full reliability. If you were one of the few users affected by this issue, we have sent you the Coins you bought for as well as a 10% bonus on top. If you have issued a claim to PayPal for a refund, we have refunded your payment.

If you were affected by this issue and haven't received your Coins yet and haven't asked for a refund through Paypal, please write to our support and we will send you the Coins you paid for as well as the 10% Bonus as soon as possible.

Thank you for bearing with us through this issue and Happy Smeeting!

A new tidy Inventory and Group improvements

Dear Smeeters, You might have suddenly realized that the pages of your inventory shrunk by a lot. #

That´s because we summarized the same items in your inventory under one title. As a result your inventory should be much more manageable now.

If you want to delete ALL copies of one item, you just have to click the “X” in the right corner of the main title. Currently to be able to do this you have to be in a public room. If you want to delete them one by one, just click on the main item to get to the overview. Here you can see every single item and you are able to delete them one by one.

By the way, maybe you tried to buy a group slot and it didn´t work. This is not a bug, we are currently working on an improvement for the Groups.

We hope you like the new tidy inventory! :)

Your Smeet Team


Smeet TeamSmeet Team

Occasional Issues with Paypal Transactions

Since the 13.7. we have detected occasional issues with PayPal transactions. In these cases while we are receiving the payment, due to a technical error the crediting of Coins is not being triggered automatically as it should.

We assure you that everyone who's been affected by this issue will receive their Coins that they paid for. We are working together with PayPal to solve this issue as soon as possible. This problem so far only affects a small percentage of payments via PayPal.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Smeet Team


Smeet TeamSmeet Team

Castle Garden Contest Winners!

It was a tough call, but here are the prize-winning entries!

Starlight (24958609) did a fantastic job here!Starlight (24958609) did a fantastic job here!So we received a load of fantastic gardens! You were all wonderfully creative with your designs and it was, as usual, really difficult to choose a winner. So here is the top three, as decided by our admins - Starlight's winning entry is shown here!

1st: Starlight (24958609) - 1000 Coins, 500,000 Fame Points, 3 months GoldVIP and the Golden Landscape Architect badge.

2nd: INFO ●†●Gσтђιc●†●™ (23702678) - 500 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points and 2 months GoldVIP.

3rd: •Joѕcяι ∂є Cяιs (CўJ)• (8397269) - 250 Coins, 75,000 Fame Points and 1 month GoldVIP.

Congratulations, your gardens are really amazing!

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