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Fame Points Happy Hour is about to start!

Dear Smeeters,

Today (17.12.2014) from 14:00 CET (5 am PST) on for every item you buy from the shop, you will get five times the usual amount of fame points, meaning instead of receiving  10 Fame Points for each Coin spent, you will get 50.

The Happy Hour will end at 24:00 CET (3 pm PST). Don't skip this opportunity!

Attention: The promotion includes only coins spent to buy items in the regular shop. Gift shop, casino coins, pay to skip coins or any other way of spending coins will not benefit from the Happy Hour. You will receive the extra fame points that you earned tomorrow on the 18th.

Get free Fame Points in the 3D Chat Smeet!Get free Fame Points in the 3D Chat Smeet!

Calendar Week!

Dear smeeters, we are here once again with awesome events just for you! This time we've got so many special novelties. This weekend Sunday we are having a real cool event with Christmas theme and we are gonna hold five contests so be sure to don't miss out this opportunity to win something because there will be many winners and you could be one of them!

 So are you ready for this?


Calendar Week!Calendar Week!

Santa Doll Issue Fixed!

Dear Smeeters,

There was a lot of confusion due to a faulty item that was put into the store on December the 14th. We are refunding the coins that were spent to buy the different versions of the item, as well as the boosts used to activate them. The fame points received unfairly by activating this item will also be taken back to keep the competition in Smeet fair for all parties.

We hope to complete the whole procedure by tomorrow evening (16.12.) CET.

We wish to sincerely apologize to all of you for this inconvenience and let you know that we are preparing a gift as a compensation for the unpleasentness!

Smeet taking actionSmeet taking action

Get MILLIONS of Fame Points for Christmas!

Here we are dear Smeeters with an incredible surprise for the ones that absolutely  love TO LEVEL UP FAST!

Christmas is coming so we created a special collection just for you.

An amazing UFO coming from far away is landing to Smeet,  a super fancy car is going around our community looking for a driver , while an exclusive Christmas Dragon is flying around looking for an owner. All of them can reward  you with MILLIONS of Fame Points!!!

So what are you waiting for?  Don’t miss this great chance to increase your level and choose your favorite one before new year…New, amazing surprises will be then ready for you!

May you have a merry Smeet Christmas!

Xmas CollectionXmas Collection


Interview with Tony Cross and Smeet Union

So where are you from, how old are you, and how long have you been on Smeet?

I was born in Virginia Beach, VA but currently reside in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I'm 26 years old and I've been on Smeet since January 2013.

What do you like to do in your spare time besides Smeet?

Long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, etc, lol jk. I love Chicago nightlife, bar hopping, eating out and going to different clubs throughout downtown. I love going to concerts and catching my favorite TV shows on Netflix. I help a buddy run a production company. Helping him run that is very neat; we've shot videos for a few well-known artists.

We know you're a real, positive and fun guy to be around on Smeet. Any specific words of wisdom or positivity you wanna share with us?

There are a lot of good people on this virtual social networking site. You're bound to run into someone who you will become real tight with. Lifelong friendships will be built.

I know from talking with you that you're into being creative in different ways. What are some projects you're working on or have done along that front?

I'm working on a mixtape. As of right now I'm gathering graphic artists to create the visuals for my cover art. I'm also working with producers to lease the songs that I want, and pretty soon, I'll be in the studio to record them. Distribution will be handled through my friends' company. Rocket Boys, Inc.™ in association with my sub-division, TxXx Entertainment which just got approved for a business license. With that being said, our professional network will expand greatly and we'll be in a position to make major moves come 2015.

So I've seen your relationship status go from single to taken and back again. If you do come off the market so to speak, what do you want to be different this time?

You're a good interviewer Will, lmao. My girlfriend and I at the time came to a mutual agreement to part ways. We felt like a long distance relationship was not what she and I wanted. I still and always will have the utmost respect for Jodi. I have never come across anyone on Smeet with a bigger heart than her and she's so genuine. In terms of a future possible relationship, I look for two things in women: someone who's trustworthy and open-minded. If she knows how to cook good, that's always a plus lol.

Who are your best friends on Smeet? And do you also see some of them in real life?

®®•сяуѕтαℓ•κиıgнτ™•®®, ®®●◊•Êℓ•Ĵεƒз•◊●®®, ®®• нŏℓℓу™ •®®, ®®¨·©ħıŦøωη·Ġ·¨®® and Kegomelain, Haven't seen them in real life yet, but it's only a matter of time.

If you can narrow it down to the best, most fun times you've had on Smeet, what would they be and who were they with?

I can't pick just one. Anytime I'm trapped in a room with these three knuckleheads, "Crystal, Jefe, and Chi G," there's bound to be a riot. I can't count how many times those goofballs have had me on the floor dying of laughter lol.

You also started a Facebook group called "Smeet Union." What caused you to start the group and what's it all about?

I wanted to provide an outlet where Smeeters could voice their opinions on anything relating to Smeet in a respectful yet effective manner, as well as talk about anything Smeet related. The purpose of any union in general, is for a vast majority to come together and demand change.

What are some of the things you think are most important when a Smeeter on Facebook wants to be in a Smeet-related group?

Respect is key. Differences of opinions can always be resolved with both parties by sharing some form of mutual respect for each other.

What are some things you want to see happen in Smeet Union?

I want every Smeeter with a Facebook to join SU. And I would love for Smeet Administration to become actively involved. It'll take the consumers (us) and Smeet staff working together to help reach its full potential.

We all know you were a sick DJ on Smeet back in the day. Any chance you'll come out of retirement?

As stated in Smeet Union a few months ago, that's always a possibility, but first my stipulations would have to be met. I would have to see this social network headed in the right direction, mainly in terms of the EN Server.

Got any shout outs to any one?

DJ DR4GON, DJ Pringles, DJ Annoula, DJ Soulcream, Crystal aka Cryspy Creme, Mahmouskiii, Holly, Chitown G, Keeeeeeena and her bald-headed saxophone playing boyfriend pmsl, everyone in ®® and the administrators of Smeet Union!


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